Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: In the scorching summer, all the beauties in the country wear super short skirts!

Even the little princess couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Lin Beifan, could you stop this? They’re guests, and you emptied their pockets!”

Lin Beifan felt very innocent: “It was Prince Hamu who said that if you like something, don’t be polite to him. Otherwise, we couldn’t be friends! If we can’t be friends, what will happen to the peace negotiations between our two countries? I’m doing this for the country, why don’t you understand me?”

The little princess was so angry that she rolled her eyes: “You’re doing this for yourself, not for the country. Prince Hamu has paid nearly ten thousand taels. You should take it as a courtesy!”

Lin Beifan looked more innocent: “Yes! To me, this kind of money is nothing as a corrupt official!”

The little princess: “…”

“Hmph! I can’t argue with you! If things go wrong, wait to be scolded by the Empress Sister!”

At this point, Lin Beifan presented a pair of exquisite bracelets to the little princess.

“What are you doing?” The little princess was puzzled.

Lin Beifan smiled: “I noticed that you liked these bracelets just now, so I bought them from Prince Hamu and gave them to you! Try them on quickly!”

The little princess’s heart was beating faster.

She looked up at Lin Beifan’s brilliant smile, and her face turned slightly red.

She didn’t expect this guy…

He was really considerate!

She just glanced at them, and he remembered.

Lin Beifan shook the bracelets: “Do you want them? If you don’t, I’ll give them to my teacher!”

“I want them!”

The little princess snatched the bracelets and happily put them on her hands.

So that’s how it happened, the little princess was bribed.

Unwittingly, they played until nightfall.

Prince Hamu smiled: “Mr. Lin, it’s time for dinner! I have already reserved the best restaurant in the capital city, and there will be some entertainment! For example, inviting some lovely ladies to come over and add to the fun!”

Lin Beifan became excited: “It’s just like in the scorching summer, all the beauties in the country wear super short skirts!”

Everyone was puzzled: “What do you mean?”

Lin Beifan laughed, “It’s just what I like!”

“Hahaha…” Everyone laughed knowingly.

Only the little princess behind them cursed silently, “Men are all scoundrels.”

They all went enthusiastically to the restaurant.

“By the way, which restaurant did you book?”

“Hundred Flowers Brothel!”

Lin Beifan stopped in his tracks.

“Mr. Lin, why don’t you continue?”

Lin Beifan hesitated: “To be honest, as a representative of the Imperial Academy, it’s not appropriate for me to visit a brothel. Moreover, I once promised Her Majesty and the officials that I would never step into a brothel again, so…”

“What? So what should we do?”

“All the ladies I invited are inside!”

Everyone was confused.

“This is simple!” Lin Beifan laughed. “We’ll rent out a proper restaurant and invite them over. Isn’t that easy?”

“Great idea, we’ll do it just like Mr. Lin suggested!” Prince Hamu exclaimed loudly.

Not long after, everyone sat inside a luxurious restaurant, enjoying rare delicacies and fine wine, watching the performances of the Hundred Flowers district’s girls.

Additionally, each person was waited on by a young, beautiful woman who poured their wine – it was more than pleasant.
However, something unexpected happened to Lin Beifan.
All the waitresses who came to pour him wine were chased away by the little princess.

“Lin Beifan, you said you weren’t interested in women, so I helped you get rid of them. You don’t have to thank me!” The little princess was extremely pleased with herself.

“Mr. Lin, it’s not like I’m unwilling to help you, I’m just helpless,” one of the guests said.

“Otherwise, we’d have to offend the little princess!”

“We can only enjoy these beauties for ourselves. Please bear with us!” Everyone laughed and joked.

Their laughter drifted over.

Lin Beifan sighed, looking at the little princess’s sulking face.

“Little princess, have I ever made you feel wronged in these past few days? Why are you seeking revenge?”

Under Lin Beifan’s melancholy gaze, the little princess felt guilty.

In these past few days, Lin Beifan had indeed been treating her well, taking her out to eat, drink, and play, giving her gifts that made her incredibly happy.

“Alright, I’ll pour you wine, is that okay?”

Saying this, the little princess sat down next to Lin Beifan, pouring him wine with the utmost respect. “Sir, please enjoy it slowly!”

This time, envy arose in the hearts of the crowd.

Which woman present was more beautiful than the little princess? Which one had a higher status than the little princess?

The fact that the little princess was pouring wine for Lin Beifan personally was such a great honor and enjoyment!

Looking at the women around them, they suddenly felt mediocre and vulgar.

In contrast, Lin Beifan’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

Although this girl, the little princess, often caused him trouble, she gave him face when it mattered, which was very thoughtful!

So Lin Beifan raised the wine glass that the little princess had personally poured for him and said with a smile, “Let me toast everyone!”

They played until midnight when the little princess went home and Hamu Prince sent off the dancers.

Only Lin Beifan and the emissaries from Darro country remained at the scene.

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