Chapter 61

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===Chapter 061 Fierce Battle===

Su Hao finally understood why the killer, despite having his chest cut open, could still move around so easily. It turned out to be Jin Datong’s blood qi runestone; it seemed to be the “Heal” runestone.

He hadn’t expected the “Heal” runestone to be so twisted.

At this moment, Su Hao was contemplating one question.

Should he continue fighting?

From the previous battle, he was confident he could kill the opponent, but it would take some time to create an opportunity for a decisive blow.

After all, it was useless to just injure the opponent, considering their insane healing ability.

Moreover, they were currently in the enemy’s stronghold, and it was difficult to say if anyone would come to support Jin Datong.

Compared to Jin Datong, Su Hao, the masked small figure, seemed more suspicious. Even if the guards arrived, they would surely prioritize attacking him.

“Let’s retreat! But not now.” Su Hao glanced at the unconscious little girl, Xiaomei, on the side, and immediately made a decision. Since the objective had been achieved, there was no need to fight to the death with the opponent.

However, if he just left like this, this little girl would likely end up silenced. Su Hao raised the wide and thick long knife in his hand and casually waved it twice, making a “woo-woo” sound in the air.

The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. This knife was now his.

The weight and length were just right, very handy. Moreover, this knife was very strong, he could swing it freely without worrying about it breaking.

Su Hao took a deep breath and suddenly burst out, rushing towards Jin Datong, swinging the knife from the upper left to the lower right.

“Jumping beheading!”

Blood surged out with a powerful force.

Jin Datong raised his fist to block.


Jin Datong felt a strong force coming at him, and he couldn’t control himself as he retreated several steps, leaving deep footprints on the floor.

“Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!”

Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to attack, Su Hao suddenly turned around and ran to the little girl’s side, lifted her up, and effortlessly slashed open the window with a knife, then jumped out and escaped.

Jin Datong reacted and immediately shouted angrily, “You thief, don’t think you can escape!”

After saying that, he stepped heavily and chased after him, each step leaving a big pit on the floor.

Xiao Mei being carried on his shoulder did not slow down Su Hao’s speed, but Jin Datong also ran fast and was not much slower. For a while, he couldn’t get rid of him.

Su Hao’s eyes gradually turned cold. Since the other party was relentlessly pursuing him, he would find a way to directly eliminate the threat, forever ending the trouble.

He had already beheaded the head of the other party’s brother with a sword, creating an irreconcilable hatred. The remaining fight would basically be a fight to the death.

Su Hao made up his mind, changed direction, and ran straight towards the city outskirts.

He couldn’t go all-out in the city, worried about causing accidental harm and concerned about the possibility of reinforcements. But outside the city, it was different. He could fight however he wanted.

When passing through a dense thicket, Su Hao raised his hand and threw the little girl off his shoulder, rolling into the undergrowth and disappearing without a trace.

Then he changed direction again and headed straight for the city wall.

The forty-odd meter high city wall posed no obstacle for Su Hao. He chose a location without guards, made a sudden jump, leaped onto a twenty-odd meter height, used his feet against the wall for support, and rose again, nimbly flipping over the city wall.

Jin Datong followed closely behind, tightly biting onto Su Hao and not letting go.

His anger had gradually cooled, but it didn’t mean that he would give up on avenging his younger brother’s death. His determination was unusually firm – no matter where the other party fled to, he would definitely catch up and kill him.

Among the masters of martial arts, he had never feared anyone. He had a strong belief that he wouldn’t be defeated among the masters.

However, anger alone wouldn’t help him win. Only calm thinking could.

He knew that the short guy in front of him wasn’t easy to deal with. His blood strength even surpassed his own by far, so he had to be careful.

Moreover, although the stab wound from the long knife had healed, the internal injuries to his organs couldn’t recover quickly.

It seemed that the advantage was on the other side, but…

Jin Datong clenched his fist tightly. “I can kill him too!”

Su Hao arrived at an open area and stopped to wait for Jin Datong to catch up.In an open area, it is advantageous for Su Hao, who excels in agility and speed. He can freely unleash his skills without worrying about tripping over things.

The night was filled with the sound of insects and a cool breeze that came and went.

The massive silver moon was mostly hidden behind thin clouds, with its light appearing sparse.

The two stood facing each other. In the moonlight, their silhouettes were barely visible – one tall and one short.

Suddenly, both of them moved at the same time, rushing towards each other, wielding their swords and throwing punches.

“Ding ding ding~”

The sound of fists and long swords clashing echoed in the wilderness, even causing the surrounding insect noises to fade.

Su Hao and Jin Datong exchanged blows for dozens of rounds in a short period of time, yet neither of them gained an advantage.

Although Su Hao was fast and could freely unleash his skills, Jin Datong also made use of his advantage in size and strength.

“Clang!” Su Hao’s long sword clashed with Jin Datong’s fist, sparking a burst of light. Both of them exerted force, then stepped back and faced each other again.

Su Hao observed his opponent, searching for weaknesses and openings.

His short-range maneuverability was faster, and his physical strength was stronger. He had a certain advantage in face-to-face confrontation. However, Jin Datong had an advantage in size and weight, and his fists were also quite agile. Su Hao found it difficult to find an opportunity for a decisive blow. Furthermore, Jin Datong was not afraid of getting injured; he could heal himself anytime during the fight. He preferred to exchange injuries for a chance to kill.

Therefore, Su Hao’s key to victory was to take advantage of opportunities and aim for a decisive blow.

Jin Datong was also looking for Su Hao’s weaknesses, contemplating how to lure Su Hao into revealing an opening.

Jin Datong said, “Shorty, you are the most formidable opponent I’ve encountered. However, unfortunately, you will die here tonight. I will smash your body to pieces with a single punch.”

Verbal attacks were useless against Su Hao, and he had no intention of responding.

He was afraid that if he said anything, the opponent would recognize him.

While Su Hao was contemplating, he prepared his runes – one for “Strong Light” and one for “Barrier”.

“Strong Light” could catch the opponent off guard, but the opponent probably already had defenses in place, so its usefulness was limited. “Barrier” could be used to protect himself in critical moments or exchange injuries with the opponent.

At the same time, he walked slowly from side to side, seemingly searching for an attacking angle.

The moment the runes were ready, Su Hao made a move.

Almost at the same time, Jin Datong also launched an attack on Su Hao.

Su Hao’s sword swung with immense force, forcing Jin Datong to step back two steps before he immediately jumped away from his original position.

He changed his angle, took a few steps, and launched another attack.

After going back and forth like this for dozens of rounds, Su Hao’s mouth curled with a smirk, and the battlefield was set.

Suddenly, Su Hao stopped, scanning his surroundings with the corner of his eyes, taking in the environment. With both hands holding his sword, he took a deep breath.


The ground beneath his feet cracked as Su Hao shot forward like a cannonball.”Jump and slash!”

With immense strength, a powerful slash was delivered.

Jin Datong blocked with his left hand, and in the instant the gauntlet and the blade intersected, he shouted loudly and threw a punch with his left fist.

To Su Hao’s surprise, his long knife was slightly deflected and slid down along his forearm, sparking countless sparks. Immediately after, Jin Datong swung his other fist in response.

Su Hao’s pupils constricted. Faced with this punch, his hair stood on end and he immediately released his left hand, transitioning from holding the knife with both hands to holding it with his right hand.



The runes ‘Barrier’ and ‘Flash’ were simultaneously activated. At the same time, the handle of the right-handed long knife tilted outward and the tip of the knife hooked at an angle, sliding down accordingly.



Su Hao was hit directly in the chest with a punch, and he was thrown backward. Although most of the force was blocked by the ‘hardness’, the powerful shock still made his chest feel stuffy and a trace of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth.

Jin Datong’s left arm was severed at the root and fell to the ground.

An arm for a punch.

Both of them were seriously injured but remarkably silent.

Su Hao flipped and jumped up, holding his chest and staggering, pretending to be seriously injured and on the verge of dying. At the same time, he began to draw the second ‘Barrier’ rune.

Jin Datong’s punch hit the ‘Barrier’, but Su Hao was unsure whether the other party was aware of this detail, so he acted out this way just in case. If the opponent thought he was seriously injured, it would be an advantage.

Using ‘Barrier’ and ‘Flash’ simultaneously, Su Hao’s intention was to use ‘Flash’ to block the opponent’s vision and conceal the faint red light that appeared when ‘Barrier’ was activated.

“Barrier?” Jin Datong first glanced at his severed arm with blood gushing out, then frowned and watched Su Hao’s performance, showing a moment of hesitation.

He didn’t know how many times he had experienced that feeling of attacking the ‘Barrier’. He wouldn’t sense it wrong, but it seemed like the other party was seriously injured.

Jin Datong hooked his foot and caught the severed arm with his right hand, aligning the severed ends.


In no time, it miraculously healed. However, the flesh and blood were fused together, but the tendons and bones were still in a broken state. His left hand wouldn’t be usable for a while, just hanging limply by his side.

Su Hao saw that the opponent was not attacking immediately, knowing that the other party would not be easily deceived.

But it didn’t matter. From the beginning, it was Jin Datong relentlessly pursuing him. As long as he ran, Jin Datong would surely chase after him.

So Su Hao held his chest, stumbled and turned around in a disheveled manner, drastically reducing his speed.

Jin Datong immediately shouted angrily, “You think you can run, you fucker!”

He immediately gave chase and quickly caught up with Su Hao.. The enormous body pressed forward, as the right fist swung out with an immense force.

This dwarf’s toughness had already been used once, it was impossible to have it again! This time, a punch filled with anger exploded on the opponent.

Su Hao turned his head, with a calm and cold gaze in his exposed eyes.

At this moment, Su Hao’s and Jin Datong’s gazes collided.

The looks in their eyes towards each other were like looking at a dead person.

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