Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: He’s Pretending, Hit Him Hard!

Meanwhile, Ye Xingchen was desperately holding on.

Facing eight experts alone was indeed challenging, but for him, it wasn’t a big problem at the moment. Though he couldn’t defeat them, holding on for four or five minutes shouldn’t be an issue.

After four or five minutes, Lin Beifan would arrive, and they could team up to deal with all of them.

It was this strong belief that sustained him through the struggle.

Then, at this moment, he suddenly received an elbow strike.

Someone hit his ribs under his armpit with their elbow.

Intense pain surged through him, stimulating his nerves, and tears welled up from the agony!

Many curses filled his mind, but in the end, he managed only one simple and widely used expletive.

“What the f*ck!”

However, before he could digest the pain, he was kicked in the thigh.

The kick landed fiercely on his thigh, sending a powerful surge of pain shooting through him like a high-speed train to his brain.

“What the f*ck!”

At that moment, the pain was so excruciating that he didn’t even recognize himself!

The pain was so intense that his reactions slowed down, allowing two people to successfully ambush him—one hitting his ribs, and the other striking his stomach.

In that moment, he forgot even who he was!

Every organ inside him seemed to be in pain!

His entire body was in agony!

Every inch of his skin hurt!

He screamed out in pain, “What the f*ck! These people… These people were actually hiding their strength!”

He understood everything now!

Turns out, these people were toying with him by concealing their true power earlier!

Otherwise, why did the punches not hurt much before, but now they felt life-threateningly painful!

Each punch felt as if it hit him right in the heart!

Ye Xingchen was overwhelmed with a profound sense of crisis!

However, the black-clothed individuals at this moment were utterly confused.

“Why is this guy shouting?”

“We barely hit him, and he’s screaming like this?”

“He didn’t make a sound before, and now he’s making a fuss?”

“Seems like he’s crying like a chicken!”

Finally, one leader among them noticed the clues and said, “Don’t be fooled, he might be pretending! Let’s not underestimate him and take advantage of the opportunity to escape! So, stay vigilant and hit him hard! Use as much force as you can!”

As a result, this group of people, the black-clothed individuals, hit even harder and more vigorously.

Every punch and kick landed on Ye Xingchen’s body.

Due to the unbearable pain all over his body, his reactions slowed down significantly, and he took every hit.

A slap landed on his face, quickly swelling it up like a bean bag.

A punch to his chest resulted in a cracking sound as his ribs broke.

A kick on his leg caused severe muscle strain.

The screams of agony continued!

In the end, with no strength left to fight back, he could only collapse on the ground, curling up and protecting his head.

The black-clothed people surrounded him in a circle and started stomping on him forcefully.

It was as if they were trampling on a sack of hemp.

Ye Xingchen felt extremely aggrieved. How had he, the mighty War God, fallen to this state?

Even in his past life, when he was defeated by Lin Beifan, it was never this miserable!

Now, he was being beaten up by a group of unknown assailants?

You all wait for me!

I will seek revenge for this someday!

Now, only one thought kept him going.

“Lin Beifan, please come quickly! If you don’t come soon… I won’t hold on much longer!”

After an unknown amount of time, the black-clothed individuals suddenly ran away.

Ye Xingchen felt his body loosen up. He weakly raised his head and finally saw a familiar figure approaching with two policemen.

The person was indeed Lin Beifan, who hurriedly came to Ye Xingchen’s side, helping him up in his unrecognizable state. Lin Beifan asked with concern, “Brother Ye, how are you? Are you alright?”

Ye Xingchen couldn’t say a word and directly passed out.

When he woke up again, he found himself lying on a hospital bed.

His whole body was wrapped in white gauze, like a mummy, with only his eyes exposed.

Moving even slightly brought intense pain.

Then, the pain spread throughout his entire body.

“Brother Ye, are you feeling any better now?” Lin Beifan asked with concern.

Ye Xingchen replied with effort, “My whole body hurts…”

Lin Beifan sighed, “Of course, it hurts. When I arrived, you were in a terrible state! After a hospital examination, you have a mild concussion, five broken ribs, and torn muscles in both your arms and legs… It can be said that your whole body is injured! If you weren’t tough due to your training, you might have already met the King of Hell!”

Ye Xingchen nodded slightly, feeling the severity of his injuries.

This was undoubtedly the most miserable he had been since becoming a mercenary!

So, he hated that group of black-clothed people even more!

And the one behind them!

“Who are those people, and why did they attack you?” Lin Beifan asked.

Ye Xingchen replied intermittently, “I don’t know… I was just walking on the road… and they suddenly attacked me without any reason… and they were very strong… very strong…”

Lin Beifan sighed again, “You just focus on resting and recovering. Don’t worry about the rest; I’ll handle it for you!”

Ye Xingchen’s eyes flickered slightly, “Thank you… Boss Lin…”

Lin Beifan smiled faintly, “We’re brothers; there’s no need to thank me for that!”

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