Chapter 6 – The Footsteps of Decline (Viscount 2)

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The following morning, there was a loud bang as a jar shattered.

“Why did you break it?” asked the butler.

“Huh? You told me to cast a Water Ball on the jar, didn’t you?” replied the adventurer.

The butler Yesman was having an argument with a supposedly excellent wizard whom he had called from the adventurer’s guild.

He wanted to call that mage but was refused.

“What I asked for was a Water Ball, which means filling the jar with basic magic. Please use common sense.”

“Hmph, why don’t you say it clearly then? You nobles always use luxury in a way that’s beyond common sense, even though you’re not in a dungeon where you can’t resupply! Water Ball!”

This time, the jar was filled with water as ordered.

The wizard looked satisfied after completing the job, but the butler was annoyed.

“Ugh… Do I have to explain everything from 1 to 10 to newbies? Just keep casting it like a spring. Otherwise, we can’t use it.”


The veteran wizard’s eyes widened.

The butler was confused by the unexpected response.

“Um, excuse me. Can’t you do that? You just need to do it within a year.”

“Huh, that’s impossible.”

The butler sighed, noticing the wizard’s panic.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do if you couldn’t use that basic magic after all. It’s my mistake. For now, it’s fine if you can do it in a week. Even a wizard can do this much, right?”

“Haah! Are you serious, Butler? I have no idea what you’re talking about, but even Water Lance of advanced magic doesn’t last for more than 5 seconds.”

The butler was shocked by this valid point.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m serious. I wouldn’t lie about something as basic as this.”

The butler started to feel uneasy.

“Well, if you can’t do it, I’ll have to consider the request a failure. Even Aix, the defective mage, could do it. Your rank might go down if you keep this attitude.”

“Oh, okay. It’s okay if it fails. Your words are so ridiculous that I don’t want to be involved. I’ll report this to the Magic Master’s Hermitage.”

The butler Yesman made a threat as usual, but the veteran wizard, unlike Aix, immediately responded to the unreasonable demand. It was inevitable that bad reviews would spread if things continued like this. The butler realized his mistake and tried to smooth things over.

“Um, could you keep this incident confidential? I said too much earlier. I’ll consider the request a success.”

“Oh, it’s okay if it fails, butler-san. After all, I’m just a failed wizard who couldn’t even do a basic magic “

The wizard grinned and left, flaunting his A-rank plate.

“Wait, please.”

“You’re mocking me, you know that? This will make for a good story at the pub.”

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