Chapter 6: I can kill you with ease!

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Yang Huan, who was once clinging to Lin Pingzhi’s back, now jumped around energetically. He lifted Lin Pingzhi up and said with a smile, “Sorry, Junior Brother Lin, I didn’t expect your martial arts to be so lousy. I hit you a bit too hard, forgive me forgive me…”

“Yang…Senior Brother Yang, we…we have no grudges or enmity between us, why…why are you doing this?”

Why? What do you think?” Yang Huan sneered. “Ever since you came to Huashan Sect, Senior Sister’s heart has been on you. Why do you think that is?”

“I see…” Lin Pingzhi immediately understood his situation, and with Ning Zhongzhi’s words in mind, he realized what was going on.

He thought to himself, “Could it be that Yang Huan wanted to kill me from the beginning?”

But Yang Huan said at this moment, “I can kill you with ease. Not just here, but also on Huashan Mountain.”

“But between you and me, there is no deep grudges. I don’t need to kill you.”

“As long as you do as I say, not only will I not kill you, but I can also help you get back the Bi Xie Sword Manual that belongs to you.”

“What do you say, Junior Brother Lin?”

Upon hearing this, Lin Pingzhi immediately became excited.

Finding the Bi Xie Sword Manual, learning the martial arts inside, and seeking revenge were his only obsessions.

Faced with this temptation, he couldn’t resist: “Is it… is it true?”

“I don’t have time to lie to you.” Yang Huan replied.

“What do you want me to do?” Lin Pingzhi asked immediately, regardless of his injuries.

“You just need to stay away from Sister, and the rest…I’ll tell you when I get the Bi Xie Sword Manual.”

After speaking, Yang Huan let go of Lin Pingzhi and walked out of the alley.

In Yang Huan’s opinion, killing Lin Pingzhi could certainly bring him a rich reward. But keeping him alive might have even greater use.

He didn’t have to kill Lin Pingzhi specifically. Killing anyone else would work just as well.

After taking Lin Pingzhi to a doctor and getting some medicine, they left the medical clinic.

Then, they went to the meeting place where they met Ning Zhongzhi and Yue Lingshan.

The two had already bought the cloth and were planning to return to the mountain.

But Yang Huan held onto Ning Zhongzhi and said, “Madam, this disciple finally got a chance to go down the mountain, but we haven’t even had anything to eat yet. It’s such a shame to go back like this…”

As a transmigrator, Yang Huan was quite skilled at acting spoiled.

In addition, Yang Huan is a fair and handsome young man with bright eyes and white teeth. When he acts cute, he has an extremely powerful charm over women.

As she looked at Yang Huan in front of her, Ning Zhongzhi felt increasingly uneasy. Unlike ordinary people, her disciple had a mind that was too deep, and she had two completely different faces in public and in private. It was extremely terrifying!

But now, Ning Zhongzhi regretted it. There was nothing she could do to resist Yang Huan, and could only let things take their course.

“You, how old are you and you’re still greedy!” she scolded him.

“Alright, alright, since we came out, let’s go eat something good,” she relented in the end, taking the three of them out to eat.

Tongfu Inn.

Seeing the name of this inn, Yang Huan was stunned. Then he whispered to Lin Pingzhi, “What’s the name of this town?”

“It’s Seven Heroes Town, don’t you know, Senior Brother?” Lin Pingzhi asked in response.

To this, Yang Huan did not answer, but went inside.

Just as they entered, a handsome man came up to them and said, “Welcome, would you like to have a meal or stay the night, four guests?”

Looking at the shop assistant, Yang Huan thought to himself: “It’s really you, Bai Zhantang!”

From here on, Yang Huan could be sure. This world is not only the world in the novel “Smiling Proud Wanderer” but also various other wuxia novels. Not just with Jin Gu, Wen Liang and others, but also with other martial arts characters.

Under the warm hospitality of Bai Zhantang, the four of them sat down.

However, Yang Huan’s eyes remained fixed on Bai Zhantang.

This world was too unfamiliar to him. After learning the true situation of this world, he felt a sense of crisis rising in his heart once again.

The most crucial thing was that he himself did not have a clear idea of his current martial arts level. He felt that he should find an opportunity to test himself.

But who to test with?

Yue Buqun?

If he couldn’t win, then he would be done for.

Therefore, he felt that the former thief saint in front of him would be a good candidate. First, his martial arts had low killing power, and he was decent at controlling the enemy, but weak at killing them. Second, he was living in seclusion here and probably didn’t want to cause trouble. Even if Yang Huan couldn’t beat him, he wouldn’t necessarily try to kill him.

Yang Huan had been pondering over this matter all along and had not enjoyed the food properly.

However, Yang Huan could tell that the food was only average. After all, this world did not have technology and exquisite craftsmanship, so it was normal for the taste to be mediocre. Of course, it could also be that Yang Huan was used to technology and craftsmanship, and now that they were gone, he wasn’t used to it.

After dinner, the four of them returned to Huashan.


Yang Huan’s courtyard.

Ning Zhongzhi came to Yang Huan’s courtyard again, but found that there was no light in the house. When she went inside, she found that Yang Huan was not there, and couldn’t help but frown and mutter to herself, “It’s so late, where did Huan’er go?”

1. Bai Zhantang is a character from the series My Own Swordsman

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