Chapter 6 – Crocodile skin products

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5 attribute points, allocated as Agility 2 and Strength 3.

Rayne’s Agility and Stamina were raised to 9 each, which was already within the limit range of approaching a normal person.

The limit for a normal person is 10 points, and two 9 points are already very strong.

The addition of points like this also makes Rayne’s bow and arrow damage stronger.

After adding points, he first checked his surroundings through the virtual map to make sure no other beasts were nearby.

Then create a wooden pickaxe to crush the sandstone cube at his feet and return to the ground to pick up a stone knife to collect the crocodile carcass.

[System] You have gotten 30 raw meat!

[System] You have gotten crocodile skin!

[System] You’ve gotten 60 crocodile teeth!

[System] You’ve gotten crocodile bones!

[System] You’ve gotten 30 pieces of raw meat!

[System] You’ve gotten crocodile skin!

[System] You have 76 crocodile teeth!

[System] You have obtained crocodile bones!

Two crocodiles donated 60 raw meat, two crocodile skins, two crocodile bones, and 136 crocodile teeth, it’s a great harvest!

The raw meat is huge, one piece is enough for one meal, 60 pieces is enough for Rayne to eat for 20 days, two crocodiles solve the food problem.

After killing the crocodile, it is much safer to collect clay and take water on this side, as long as he does not step into the territory of other predators and try to be careful.

At first Rayne was worried that getting food would not be easy, but it turned out that the system was so powerful.

Even the poisoned crocodile was normal raw meat after collecting, so he didn’t have to worry about poisoning himself.

I guess because it was collected immediately and the poison hadn’t spread yet?

The materials collected from the crocodile can be used to make many things, and Rayne is in no hurry; his main purpose right now is still to collect water.

Once the crocodiles were removed, it was much easier to dig up the clay in the waterhole, dig up everything that could be collected without getting too close to the territory of the other beasts, and then rush back to make clay bowls from all the clay that had been dug up in the temporary shelter.

A small bonfire was made from twigs found along the way. Two twigs, two pieces of wood, and a scrap of cloth were used to make a drill for the fire, which was lit and the bowl roasted in the campfire.

Once cooled, the bowl is the most basic container for water and food.

Had clay not been so scarce, it would have been better to make large pots.

He couldn’t ask for too much in the desert, so he just had to make do with what he had.

With the clay bowl in hand, Rayne headed to the waterhole again, filled everything up and returned to the basement to cook over the campfire, choosing the boiling water icon and coincidentally roasting all the raw meat in his virtual backpack together.

When the first bowl of water, snake meat and the first piece of roasted crocodile meat was finished, he couldn’t wait to take it out and was in no hurry to eat it, but took out a sea buckthorn fruit and crushed it and spread it all over the roasted snake and crocodile meat before enjoying his first meal since crossing over.

It is unknown if it was because he was so hungry, but the snake and crocodile meat he tasted for the first time tasted better than anything he had eaten before he crossed over.

Eating grilled meat and drinking water at the same time is really fun!

The water had been cooked and was surprisingly clear and free of any impurities, it was hard to imagine that it was drawn from such a murky pool of water.

It seems that the cooking function of this system is able to purify both food and water.

After eating and drinking enough, Rayne added wood to the campfire to keep it burning and grilled the raw meat.

Then he took out the crocodile skin and thought about what to do with it.

The linen shoes he found earlier were very worn and wouldn’t last long, so a pair of crocodile skin shoes would be essential.

The crocodile skin shoes would provide better insulation and help him get out of the desert!

Secondly, even though there was plenty of food, he couldn’t carry that much water in just five clay bowls. So all the remaining crocodile skins were made into crocodile skin water bottles, filled with enough cold cooking water was a must.

Although it was impossible for ordinary people to make crocodile skin shoes and crocodile skin bottles under such conditions, Rayne was able to use the system to synthesize them directly.

Of course, a needle and thread are needed to make these two items.
Bone needles can be made from crocodile bone parts, and linen cloth can be disassembled into linen thread.

The process is very simple, take a crocodile bone and select it to make a bone needle, which turns into a sharp needle tool directly in his hand.

Linen is also transformed directly into linen thread.

With these two tools, the crocodile skin is then taken and the choice to make crocodile skin shoes and crocodile skin bottles is selected, quickly resulting in a pair of nice-looking tall crocodile skin boots and five rather large crocodile skin bottles.

The crocodile leather shoes feel quite comfortable to wear, completely wrapping around the feet and even warding off attacks from poisonous snakes and insects.

Carrying his newly made crocodile skin bottles while it was still not dark, Rayne went to the waterhole again and filled them all up.

When he returned, he discovered a problem: The five bowls couldn’t even hold half of the bottled water and it couldn’t be boiled directly in the crocodile skin bottle.

And the cloudy raw water was not immediately drinkable either.

After thinking about it, he decided to test whether it was possible to build a water pool directly from cubes and store it inside, just like in the game.

There were many sandstone boxes available to create a small three-by-three square pool.

Once the pond was completed, he took out a water bottle from the crocodile skin and poured it into it.

The water did not seep down and stayed inside the pond.

The crocodile skin bottle was taken back after pouring and not a single drop was lost.

“Good!” exclaimed Rayne, clenching his fist in excitement.

He then poured all the water he took home from the five crocodile skin bottles into the pond, then took the clay bowl and put it on the campfire to boil, transferring it from the clay bowl back to the bottles when it was done.

This goes back and forth and by the time all the raw meat has been turned into roast meat, the crocodile skin bottles are filled with drinkable water.

It was evening and the temperature outside had dropped considerably.

The basement was not affected, and with the campfire, it was even quite warm.

With such an easy solution to the food and water problem, Rayne was glad that he knew enough about game features.

The next step was to get himself back into tip-top shape with a good rest and then hit the road.

A full day of hard work had left him exhausted, especially after eating and drinking enough to doze off in warmth and comfort.

Lying by the campfire, he soon fell asleep, the first deep sleep since the crossing, and dreamed until daybreak.

In the morning he woke up refreshed and checked his personal attributes to see that his head wound would take another two days to fully heal.

So, he would stay behind for the next two days to recuperate.

After all, head wounds have a huge impact and it is often dangerous if he gets dizzy while he is on the road, so he needs to heal before he can travel.

The other is that it is rare to find such an oasis, although there are not many resources, it is always correct to bring more when recuperating, after all, it is not known where the next oasis is, it is not clear when it will come out of the desert, there is darkness everywhere, and the original owner of this body has no information about the Desert of Despair, so he is not willing to take risks without being fully prepared.

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Table of Content
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