Chapter 6

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===006 The Light of the Universe 1.0===

As for having a younger brother or sister, Su Hao’s parents also agreed. As for when they will be able to meet, that remains unknown.

Su Hao had his reasons for making this request.

He realized that what he pursues is different from others. He may not necessarily be a qualified son in the future, and he doesn’t know how to fake being a true son. So, in order to make up for the regret of not having time to accompany his parents in the future, he made the request for his parents to have another child.

Now, the family has a lot of savings, so there are no financial difficulties. The only concern is whether the parents are willing to raise another child.

In reality, Su Hao overthought the situation. His parents have wanted a second child for a long time. However, because Su Hao has always been clingy since he was young, his parents took his feelings into consideration and did not bring up the idea of having a second child, gradually not mentioning it anymore.

Giving birth to a genius like Su Hao has given his parents a strange confidence in their genes. Having more children will undoubtedly contribute to the construction of the motherland, benefiting society and humanity.

After mastering a sufficient amount of basic scientific knowledge, Su Hao immersed himself in the compilation of the two-dimensional system language. He wanted to learn as quickly as possible and start writing a system for his pinball space.

One year later, at the age of 12, Su Hao successfully encoded the messy information in the pinball space and then classified it.

A series of categories such as “mathematics,” “physics,” “chemistry,” “biology,” “information technology,” “industrial manufacturing,” “agriculture,” “astronomy,” “art,” “weapons,” etc. were established. This simple functionality was called “The Light of the Universe 1.0,” or “Xiaoguang” for short.

At the same time, Su Hao gained a chubby baby brother, Luo Chaoxin, who was only two months old.

“Pride and Prejudice” was published and became a bestseller.

Another year passed, Su Hao, at the age of 13, successfully compiled a search system within the pinball space, allowing for quick searches of necessary information. The system was upgraded to “The Light of the Universe 1.1.”

The adapted version of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” was published and became a sensation. The piano piece “Forest Fantasia” went online. The name of genius became unrivaled.

One year later, Su Hao was 14 years old. The “Universe Light” realized the function of recording information anytime and anywhere, automatically encoding, classifying, and storing it, and also achieved the interaction of information under different categories. It successfully compiled a timetable in the pinball space. Upgraded to “Universe Light 1.2”.

Su Hao’s younger brother, Luo Chaoxin, has become a mischievous child. He looks silly, but his parents insist that it is a sign of cleverness. This silly cleverness has been recognized by the people nationwide.

Su Hao couldn’t help but feel sorry for this foolish little boy. Growing up under the shadow of his superstar older brother, life for him was an absolute nightmare. He could never catch up to his brother’s footsteps in this lifetime, constantly being compared to him and then denied. How pitiful.

In the same year, an adapted version of “Water Margin” was published and sold well. Su Hao became the most undisputed contemporary master of Chinese studies and a writer. He was also the vice chairman of the literary association.

The new piano piece “Autumn Whisper” was released and became popular worldwide, making Su Hao an emerging musician. Topics about Su Hao remained popular.

Time passed as Su Hao continued to study and experiment. One year later, Su Hao turned 15 years old. The pinball space became more abundant. Su Hao connected all the information using “Universe Light 1.3”, categorizing it neatly and tidily. He could record new information through his senses at any time, automatically analyze and compare it, classify and store it, waiting for Su Hao to access it whenever he needed.

In this year, Su Hao had turned into a charming and wealthy young man, with a handsome appearance, extensive knowledge, talent, and excellent physical condition. He became the dream lover of many old aunties.

Meanwhile, Su Hao’s younger brother, Luo Chaoxin, was now 3 years old, becoming their parents’ new favorite. Luo Chaoxin became a little devil in the family, thinking that he held the highest and unique position in the family.

However, he was wrong. In front of Su Hao, he had to behave obediently.

While Su Hao was coding in his room in the pinball space, Luo Chaoxin unexpectedly rode his shabby tricycle, carrying a bunch of little monster toys, and rushed into Su Hao’s room, aiming a toy gun at Su Hao and pretending to shoot “du du du”.

Then Su Hao grabbed him by one foot, dragged him like a mop, and threw him out of the room, before turning back and throwing out everything, including the tricycle, little monsters, and toy guns.

Luo Chaoxin cried and called out to the heavens and the earth, tears streaming down his face as he looked at his parents, seeking help. But his parents pretended not to see, not even giving a fart. It was at that moment Luo Chaoxin realized who reigned supreme in this family.

Over the years, Su Hao’s research on various disciplines became increasingly profound. Because of this, he understood the brilliance of human civilization and how deeply it had researched this world. He admired the great scientists who dedicated their lives to exploring this world. The more he learned, the more he felt the vastness and mystery of this world, and the more he felt his own insignificance.

He also understood how incredible it was for his consciousness to inhabit a small wormhole.

Recently, Su Hao had been studying the topic of “big data”. The end of big data was intelligence. Currently, big data was limited by computational power and still far from reaching the level of artificial intelligence. However, even so, the changes that big data brought to life were starting to show a glimpse.

As time passed, the information accumulated in the pinball space became more and more abundant. Through the system compiled by Su Hao, these data could be connected, allowing him to foresee a distant future where the “Universe Light” of the pinball space would undoubtedly become a super artificial intelligence. And this was also one of Su Hao’s goals.

Su Hao’s consciousness entered the pinball space.

At this moment, the pinball space was no longer desolate but filled with a sense of technology, like the control room of a future spaceship. The surrounding area was densely packed with floating displays, constantly showing various data. There was an electronic clock above, ticking away since its inception.

The displayed time was 1 year, 3 months, 20 days, 15 hours, 21 minutes, and 25 seconds. It indicated that the clock had been running for 1 year and 3 months, and the numbers on it kept changing, passing by second by second.

The main screen was not categorized by subjects, but resembled a log page. Su Hao could check recent information from the log.”On March 19th, 1 year, 3 months, 19 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds,

‘The Light of the Universe 1.3’ update completed, search system optimized, speed increased by 0.01%;

‘Sensor Technology’ has been included, learning schedule arranged, current learning progress at 0.1%;

Doctoral thesis ‘Applications and Future Development Trends of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Practice’ has been formatted and ready for download and publication.

Invitation from Professor Gao for ‘Research on Quantum Communication Device Design’ has expired and will be automatically deleted in three days.

Comparison of the room reveals that the computer’s mainframe is 1 millimeter off, the trash can is 3 centimeters off, and the water cup lid has been rotated 3 degrees counterclockwise… Conclusion: Luo Chaoxin entered the room, hit the mainframe, bumped into the trash can, and opened the water cup lid.

Statistics: ‘Journey to the West’ has sold a total of 10,235,467 copies; ‘Water Margin’ has sold a total of 231,656 copies;

Scrolling further back, you can see the log from the previous day.

“On March 18th, 1 year, 3 months, 18 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds,

‘The Light of the Universe 1.3’ update completed, automatic recognition system optimized, database refined, comparison accuracy increased by 1.2%;

‘Sensor Technology’ has been included, learning schedule arranged, current learning progress at 0%;

Doctoral thesis ‘Applications and Future Development Trends of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Practice’ added to the formatting task, estimated time of completion is 10 seconds.

Invitation from Professor Gao for ‘Research on Quantum Communication Device Design’ is about to expire, please handle it in a timely manner.

Comparison of the room reveals an unidentified liquid on the floor… Conclusion: Luo Chaoxin was blowing his nose on the floor.

Statistics: ‘Journey to the West’ has sold a total of 10,235,315 copies; ‘Water Margin’ has sold a total of 231,539 copies;

Events that happened on the same day do not need to be recorded by Su Hao; The Light of the Universe will automatically select and add information to form the log. Everything is clear at a glance.

“Not bad!” Su Hao smiled.

Then he casually picked up a broom, pushed open the door, and said, “Luo Chaoxin deserves another beating.”

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