Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The Shocking Li Zhoujun

Murong Xue narrowed her eyes, ignoring the arrogant Li Zhoujun at the moment, and turned her head to look at Su Nan. In a soft tone, she said, “Have you thought it through? If you follow the Yunju Mountain master, your life will be ruined.”

“My father often said, even if it means kneeling, one must finish the road they’ve chosen”‘ Su Nan replied.

“You foolish girl, your father’s words indeed have some truth, but things can be flexible. You must learn to adapt.” Murong Xue sighed, feeling both angry and increasingly fond of this young girl. After all, most people in Su Nan’s position would have already abandoned the master they just worshipped.

On the other hand, Li Zhoujun was speechless. This woman was blatantly trying to woo Su Nan, completely disregarding his presence.

[Ding: The system has detected that Murong Xue completely looks down on the host. It’s time for you to show your strength!]

[Ding: The system has issued a task: Fight against Murong Xue, intimidate the petty people! After completing the task, you will receive a great reward!]

Looking at the task issued by the system, Li Zhoujun was shocked. He thought, “System, can I really rely on you? Murong Xue is a ruthless person!”

[Ding: Whether the system is reliable or not, the host will know if you give it a try, right?]

Li Zhoujun wanted to cry but had no tears, saying, “Damn it, I’m afraid that trying will lead to my death!”

Although that’s the case, Li Zhoujun’s gaze still fell on Murong Xue. He smiled and said, “Murong Xue, if you really want to undermine me, then defeat me. If I lose, it proves that my skills are inferior to yours, and Su Nan naturally can practice under your guidance. But if you lose, don’t try to undermine me again.”

“What? Are you serious? Did I hear it wrong? This useless Li actually wants to challenge Mountain Master Murong?”

“How dare he!”

“Even Liu Yan, who has achieved the perfect stage of Reversal Void Realm, was beaten by Mountain Master Murong crying for mercy. If I’m not mistaken, Mountain Master Murong has already broken through the Reversal Void Realm and reached the Unity stage!”

“Indeed, this useless Li, a mere mortal with no cultivation at all, dares to challenge a powerful Unity Realm cultivator. Isn’t he just fooling around?”

After Li Zhoujun said this, the Mountain Masters were shocked and couldn’t help but discuss it.

Only Liu Yan had a black face.

You can say that Murong Xue is very powerful, but can you stop using me as a comparison?

With you like this, I really have no face!

At this moment, Murong Xue narrowed her beautiful eyes and asked Li Zhoujun, “Are you serious?”

“Of course.” Li Zhoujun nodded.

“What? Master, you just said that no one can take away your disciple, and now you’re using me as a stake in a battle. Is this really okay?”

Su Nan covered her mouth, tears welling up in her eyes as she looked at Li Zhoujun.

Li Zhoujun grinned. “I have been low-key for too long. It’s time for others to know that Yunju Mountain is not something anyone can look down on.”

Su Nan was stunned, stuttering, “Ma-Master, are you really a hidden powerhouse? You’re not tricking me, right?”

Li Zhoujun smiled and remained silent.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Masters, after hearing Li Zhoujun’s words, all showed expressions as if they were watching a clown.

They were ready to see how Mountain Master Murong would deal with this stubborn guy.

At the same time, Li Zhoujun looked at Murong Xue and said with a smile, “Make your move.”

“Alright.” Murong Xue couldn’t understand why Li Zhoujun, someone who couldn’t cultivate, had the courage today to provoke her.

But since Li Zhoujun was looking for trouble, she would grant his wish.

So without wasting words, Murong Xue, sitting on the Mountain Master’s seat, lifted a clean and white hand and lightly tapped the air with her fingertip.

In the next moment, translucent ice spikes formed in front of Murong Xue.

“Go.” Murong Xue lightly opened her vermilion lips.

As her voice fell, the ice thorns that had formed in front of her flew towards Li Zhoujun like a torrential rain of pear blossoms.

Li Zhoujun looked at the densely packed ice thorns flying towards him and felt a bit scared.

But he clenched his fist, gritted his teeth, and swung a punch.


A loud noise.

Li Zhoujun’s seemingly ordinary punch actually shattered the void, emitting a deafening sound. And at that moment, all the ice thorns formed by Murong Xue dissipated into thin air.

“How is this possible!”

The mountain masters looked at the scene in front of them, stood up from their seats in astonishment, and looked at Li Zhoujun, who was still in his punching position, with disbelief.

Mu Taiyu looked at the scene in front of him, feeling surprised and nodded, acknowledging Li Zhoujun’s strength.

“This Yunju Mountain Master was supposed to be a waste in cultivation, right?”

“Yeah, that’s how it was spread. Moreover, Murong Mountain Master’s attack seemed casual, but without the ability to return to emptiness, it couldn’t be blocked. This Yunju Mountain Master is really hiding his true strength!”

“Not only that, when this Yunju Mountain Master made a move, there was no fluctuation of spiritual energy. Could it be that he followed the path of ancient times, of those body-refining cultivators?”

“It’s highly possible…”

At this moment, the various mountain masters were discussing among themselves.

And those newly recruited disciples didn’t even dare to breathe, the residual aura of the mountain master-level experts’ attacks, even if the sect’s top experts tried to resist, the scene itself still shocked them because it was too strong!

“Now what?” Li Zhoujun slowly calmed down, still feeling a bit shocked.

This 50-50 ability of the system is really amazing!

“You actually managed to take my attack, it seems that you have been hiding yourself for all these years.” Murong Xue looked at Li Zhoujun and spoke at this time.

Originally, she just wanted to scare Li Zhoujun a little, and she would naturally stop when the time was right.

But she didn’t expect things to exceed her expectations. This guy, Li Zhoujun, turned out to be not as simple as he seems.

“It seems that I don’t have to worry about anything, let’s determine the victory with one move.” Murong Xue said to Li Zhoujun.

“I’m more than happy to.” Li Zhoujun was full of confidence at this time. After all, with the 50-50 ability to overpower everything in the world, no one could beat him.

So Murong Xue at most could only tie with him, it was impossible for her to defeat him.

“Tianluo Feixue, Swordless!” Murong Xue softly exclaimed, and a sword light burst out from her fingertip, heading straight towards Li Zhoujun.

And with the appearance of this sword light, the entire Ascension Platform was unexpectedly filled with flying snow.

“It’s actually Murong Mountain Master’s Flying Sword technique!”

“What incredible speed!”

“The Murong Mountain Master’s cultivation has indeed reached the state of unity!”

“If this sword is aimed at me, I’m afraid my head will already be on the ground by the time I come to my senses!”

At this moment, the various mountain masters looked at the snow flying in the sky, shocked, and also looked towards Li Zhoujun. They didn’t know if this hidden Li Mountain Master could withstand Murong Mountain Master’s sword technique.

Immediately after, they saw Li Zhoujun stretch out a hand in front of him and slowly make a ‘thumbs up’ gesture, and then Murong Xue’s astonishing sword strike was caught between Li Zhoujun’s hands.

“How is this possible!”

“It was caught just like that?!”

“The cultivation of this Yunju Mountain Master must have also reached the state of unity!”

The mountain masters were in awe at this scene.

At the same time, they saw Li Zhoujun smiling on his face, waving the hand with the sword in it.

The flying sword fell back into Murong Xue’s hand.

Li Zhoujun looked at Murong Xue, who was holding the sword, and smiled, “Murong Mountain Master, what do you say?”

“I have lost.” Murong Xue put away the sword, with a complicated expression.

Although Li Zhoujun didn’t make a move, he was able to easily fend off her strongest sword technique. This indicated that Li Zhoujun’s strength surpassed hers.

“Little girl, continue to cultivate with your master. I was wrong before. Your master is indeed capable of teaching disciples. But if he dares to bully you in the future, come to Lingxue Mountain and I’ll help you vent your anger.”

At this moment, Murong Xue suddenly looked at a dazed Su Nan, with a smile on her face.

“Don’t forget to thank Master Murong,” Li Zhoujun smiled. It was clear that Murong Xue had a fondness for Su Nan, this young girl.

“Ah, thank you, Master Murong!” Su Nan, reminded by her master, hurriedly bowed to Murong Xue.

At the same time, Su Nan was also ecstatic because her master was really a super powerhouse!

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