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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Honey, have some porridge to replenish your fluids.

The next day.

When a ray of sunlight shone on Jing Ni’s face, she suddenly opened her eyes.

Her sharp gaze was like a sharp sword, making the air in the room instantly cold.

After so many years of walking on the edge of life and death, she had already made herself exceptionally vigilant.

To exaggerate a bit, she would even sleep with one eye open.

Any slight movement would immediately wake her up.

But this time, she actually slept so deeply!

After a brief alertness, the sharpness in her eyes gradually receded.

She had forgotten again, she was no longer the net assassin.

Just a normal married woman.

Last night… was a bit exhausting, so she slept deeply.


And it’s safe here because no one knows her.

Her husband is just an ordinary person.

Although blind, he is quite handsome.

Thinking about the well-defined muscles on Li Mo’s body, Jing Ni couldn’t help but blush.

There was no sign of Li Mo on the bed anymore.

Jing Ni sat up with her sore waist, the blanket slipping off, instantly brightening the room.

Peach blossoms bloomed in the air, beautiful!

Folded clothes were neatly placed on the low table at the head of the bed, and embroidered shoes were placed neatly by the bedside.

Touching the clothes Li Mo had prepared for her, Jing Ni’s eyes softened with affection.

As gentle as a spring breeze, able to melt the snow and ice in the depths of winter.

When Li Mo entered with a bowl of porridge and side dishes, Jing Ni was already dressed and bending over to tidy the bed.

The blanket she soaked in water last night was naturally taken out by Li Mo to wash and hang.

“Why are you up? You should rest more today, leave it, I’ll clean up.”

Li Mo placed the bowl on the table and walked over quickly.

With his Heavenly Eye, he moved freely.

Since she had married him, he would take good care of her from now on.

Last night he didn’t hold back, so Honey should be struggling today.

Moreover, she sweated so much, ah, sweat!

So Li Mo got up early to make porridge for Jing Ni.

Let her replenish her fluids!

Jing Ni turned around, listening to his caring words, and couldn’t help but slightly raise the corner of her mouth, revealing a gentle smile.

“Where do I look so delicate and frail, you… husband doesn’t need to worry too much.”

She still wasn’t used to being called a wife.

But she still said it!

For a top assassin, this kind of “internal injury” was nothing!

Just adjusted a bit, and now it’s much better.

Li Mo was instantly stunned by her smile, despite not being able to see with his eyes, he could sense it.

A smile that charms a city!

What Reba, Bebe, and Zana, all have to stand aside in front of his wife.

After having breakfast together in the room, Li Mo forcefully took the bowl and chopsticks from Jing Ni’s hand to wash up.

Just a meal would see her rubbing her waist several times, isn’t it too inhuman to let her wash the dishes!

Jing Ni sat on the chair in the yard that could sway.

Her long jade legs bent in front of her, elbows resting on her knees, hands supporting her chin, looking gently at Li Mo busy by the well.

Li Mo’s eyes were covered with a black cloth, but he could accurately throw the bucket into the well, bring up a bucket of clear well water.

In essence, when it came down to it, her husband wasn’t much different from a normal person, just with a cloth over his face.

Instead, it added a sense of mystery to him! It looks better the more you look at it!

Unconsciously, a smile tugged at the corner of Jing Ni’s mouth.

Li Mo’s washing paused. Although he had his back to Jing Ni, his senses were 360 degrees.

Smile to charm a country!

“Honey should smile more, you look beautiful when you smile.”

Jing Ni was surprised and asked, “You saw me smile?” How is that possible!

Even if he could see, his eyes were blindfolded, and he was facing away from her! Li Mo turned around and smiled, “My heart can see.”

Jing Ni blinked, then couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Husband also knows how to coax people?”

She thought Li Mo was just trying to make her happy, so she didn’t think much of it. After putting the dishes back in the kitchen, Li Mo came out with a bamboo pole in hand.

He tapped the ground and approached Jing Ni, saying, “Honey, rest well at home. I need to go to Xinzhen. I will be back after dark.”


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