Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: What? You Want to Play the White-robed Sword God?

Lin Beifan took the script from her and earnestly began reading it.

Bai Yu Luo watched Lin Beifan’s delighted expression, a hint of triumph on her face as she introduced, “This play is called ‘Female War God.’ It tells the story of an emperor’s illegitimate daughter who suffered persecution from a young age in the palace and was forced to escape!”

“Then, outside the palace, she conceals her identity, endures hardships, and ultimately becomes a skilled martial artist, returning to the imperial court for vengeance!”

“This play has already started filming, and most of the main roles have been cast. However, there are still some minor roles to be decided, and we plan to cast them as we go!”

“All these undecided roles are in the script. Don’t underestimate these minor roles; if played well, they can still leave a deep impression on the audience!”

“For example…”

Bai Yu Luo’s finger landed on the first page of the script.

“This character, Little Guizi, is a eunuch who helps the Female War God, Wu Qingmei, escape from the palace!”

“Although this role has fewer scenes, it is endearing in its own way. If you perform well, the audience will definitely love it. By doing so, you’ll become familiar to the audience, and your acting opportunities will expand!”

“This role is excellent!” Lin Beifan nodded repeatedly.

Bai Yu Luo smiled faintly and moved her finger to the second page.

“This character is not bad either!”

“He is a scholar who Female War God encounters while she is fleeing. Although he is physically weak, he is very loyal and courageous, assisting Female War God in her escape!”

“This role suits your image perfectly and is the most suitable for you to portray with your own style!”

“This role is also great!” Lin Beifan nodded again.

“Also, this role is suitable for you. He is a small swindler but is extremely loyal and willing to sacrifice himself to become a eunuch in the palace. In the end, he assists the Female War God in overthrowing this corrupt dynasty!”

“Very good, all of them are great!”

Bai Yu Luo then introduced several other roles.

Each role had a considerable amount of screen time and was exceptionally suitable for Lin Beifan.

It can be said that the other party put a lot of thought into it.

After finishing her words, Bai Yu Luo felt a bit thirsty and took a sip of water before smiling faintly, “Mr. Landlord, I wonder which role you would like to play? I am the lead actress in this play and also one of the investors. I can help you get the role if your acting skills are not too bad!”

“I’m quite confident about it.”

She said this with great assurance.

Because she had the confidence to do so.

As the most prominent figure in the crew, there was no one who wouldn’t give her face.

“Thank you, Miss Bai!” Lin Beifan said gratefully, “The roles you introduced are all excellent, but none of them are what I want to play!”

Bai Yu Luo, who was feeling confident, was suddenly puzzled, “Huh? You don’t want to play any of these roles?”

“That’s right!” Lin Beifan nodded repeatedly and explained, “Although these roles are all very suitable for me, they are not what I want! I want something more special, a role that challenges my limits!”

Bai Yu Luo blinked in confusion, “Then what role do you want to play?”

“I want to play this one!”

Lin Beifan flipped to the last page of the script.

Bai Yu Luo’s beautiful eyes fell, and she was completely stunned, “The White-robed Sword God? You want to play the White-robed Sword God?”

“Yes, I want this role, is that possible?” Lin Beifan’s face was full of anticipation.

“This…” Bai Yu Luo looked at Lin Beifan speechlessly.

She never expected that Lin Beifan would choose this role.

The White-robed Sword God, although a minor supporting character with limited appearances, played a crucial role in the TV drama.

He was the power ceiling of the show, dressed in a white robe, wielding a sharp sword, and had been invincible in the martial world for 30 years, never finding a match.

He was also the master of the Female War God.

He taught her martial arts, instilled self-reliance, and led her on the path to dominance.

This role was truly essential and had a bridging role in the story.

Logically speaking, such a role should be given to a veteran actor.

Only a veteran actor could handle it.

But now, Lin Beifan actually wanted to play this role?

“Mr. Lin, although this role has limited screen time, it requires a high level of acting skills. You’re still young, and your acting experience is limited, so it might be difficult for you to portray the essence of this character,” Bai Yu Luo tactfully pointed out.

“I think… it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Lin Beifan felt uneasy.

As she said, this role indeed required strong acting skills. He lacked experience in acting, and being young made it even harder to perform this character effectively.

However, after wandering for so long, he finally encountered a role that satisfied him. It was a formidable expert, with few scenes, and once he finished filming, he could just collect his paycheck.

If he didn’t seize this opportunity, he would regret it.

So, it was worth trying to fight for it.

Seeing that Lin Beifan was still persistent, Bai Yu Luo hesitated to outright refuse him, as she didn’t want to ruin the production. She thought for a moment, carefully considering her words, and said, “Alright then, I’ll bring the director here, and you can perform for him! If he agrees, then I won’t have any objections. However, he has very high standards, so you better be mentally prepared!”

“Okay, thank you, Miss Bai!”

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