Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Is selling rock candy as crystal meth considered fraud?

Wang Sheng reported everything he had seen to his superiors.

Upon learning that Ji Yan had nothing unusual about him, except for receiving more deliveries, the officer also breathed a sigh of relief.

Regardless of whether Ji Yan was actually a drug dealer,

At least for now, he wasn’t planning anything suspicious.

“Understood, continue to keep an eye on him!”

Li Ming assigned Wang Sheng the task.

They also sent a small group of people to investigate Ji Yan’s identity and other information.

Although Ji Yan hadn’t shown any signs of suspicion yet,

The anonymous tip still made the authorities somewhat wary of him.

They had to keep a close watch on him for a few days.

“Yes, sir!”

Wang Sheng accepted the task.

He continued to monitor Ji Yan’s activities from outside the candy shop.

“Boss, it seems like there’s nothing majorly wrong with this guy.”

One officer looked at the information he found about Ji Yan.

Curiously seeking Li Ming’s opinion.

“If he were really a drug dealer, his identity information wouldn’t be so easily accessible.”

“Besides, his background seems quite clean.”

Another officer was analyzing Ji Yan’s information.

While Ji Yan remained unaware,

The officer had already dug up all his personal information and details.

They knew everything about him.

“Anyway, let’s keep monitoring him for a while.”

“Drug trafficking has been rampant recently, and we can’t be sure if Ji Yan is a new player in the drug trade.”

Li Ming’s face turned serious.

Sichuan province, located in the southwest, had been struggling to curb drug trafficking activities.

Recently, there had been many newcomers joining the drug trade.

As for whether Ji Yan was involved, they couldn’t be certain.

The only way to find out was to have someone observe him.

If after a few days of observation, Ji Yan appeared to be an ordinary person, then it would be a relief.

But if he turned out to be a drug dealer,

They would have to devise a new strategy!

Li Ming looked at Ji Yan’s information with a serious expression.

At the same time,

Ji Yan was at home, replying to messages.

He was in an extremely happy mood, humming a song.

Today, he went to the courier station to send normal packages.

Normal prices, normal weights.

Unlike the previous two buyers,

Who immediately asked about the price of crystal meth per gram.

Thinking of yesterday’s buyer,

Ji Yan suddenly remembered that he forgot to inform the buyer that the goods had been sent when he returned from the courier station.

“I should let him know…”

With that thought, Ji Yan opened the conversation with yesterday’s buyer and sent a message.

“The goods have already been sent.”

The buyer on the other end didn’t reply immediately.

Ji Yan wasn’t in a hurry and patiently waited for a response.

While waiting,

Ji Yan also contemplated the true identity of this buyer.

He wasn’t sure if this person’s identity matched what he had in mind.

A few minutes later,

The sound of a QQ message notification rang.

The buyer replied to Ji Yan’s message.

“Okay, the payment has been sent.”

Upon seeing this reply,

Ji Yan raised an eyebrow, feeling somewhat intrigued.

“Today, I’ll see who you really are.”

Quickly, Ji Yan took out his phone and checked his bank account balance.

Whether this buyer was a regular person or a drug addict,

It all depended on how much money he had transferred.


Ji Yan found his account balance.

It had increased by five hundred yuan since before.

Undoubtedly, it was the payment just sent by yesterday’s buyer.

Seeing this amount,

Ji Yan’s heart remained calm,

Without the surprise he felt when he received a transfer for the first time.


Ji Yan had a feeling of “just as expected” in his heart.

When conducting the transaction, the buyer asked for the price per gram.

He already understood everything.

Who buys rock candy by the gram as a regular person?

But there is a group of people who buy it by the gram.

They are drug addicts.

The buyer he blocked yesterday, as well as this new buyer,

They are all drug addicts.

They’re not here to buy rock candy at all.

They’re buying crystal meth!

Looking at the conversation window in front of him, Ji Yan clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, how did I accidentally stumble into this circle?”

“When I went online, I was simply selling rock candy!”

Regarding this unexpected situation,

Ji Yan could only laugh and cry.

He sighed deeply and looked up at the ceiling.

“Since you guys got it wrong, then you’ll have to bear the consequences yourselves!”

“It’s impossible for you to ask for a refund~”

There was not a hint of apology in Ji Yan’s expression.

Instead, he was filled with a sense of secret delight.

Even if they discovered that they had made a mistake,

Ji Yan had no intention of explaining it to them.

There was no need.

These drug-addicted addicts didn’t deserve sympathy or an apology.

They weren’t worthy!

The most important thing was that Ji Yan had only wanted to make money all along.

Whose money he earned was not his concern.

He certainly wouldn’t find the money from these drug addicts dirty.


Wasn’t he doing a good deed?

He was helping these drug addicts quit their addiction!

A good deed a day, so to speak.

As for how these people would feel speechless and angry after receiving the goods,

That had nothing to do with Ji Yan at all.

At most, they would scold him in anger!

Being scolded wouldn’t cost him anything!

If they couldn’t handle it, they could just block him like the first buyer did.

After all, they were so far away from him.

They couldn’t even shake him or hit him.

“Darn, I hope they don’t surrender themselves and confess, do they?”

Ji Yan was happily lost in his thoughts.

Suddenly, he remembered what Liu Daqiang had said about reporting the case.

Would those drug addicts really go and report him?

Although Ji Yan leaned towards the idea that those drug addicts wouldn’t report him and risk implicating themselves, nobody could say for sure. When people were desperate, they might do anything.

“What if someone receives my rock candy and gets so angry that they report me to the police and point me out?”

“Wait a minute, even if they report me, what can they report me for?”

Ji Yan furrowed his brow in thought.

“Report me for drug trafficking?”

“But I’m selling rock candy!”

“Could it be… they’ll report me for fraud?”

Ji Yan pondered.

He felt that if those drug addicts were to report him to the authorities, they would likely accuse him of fraud.

He’d rather take a loss himself to prevent an even bigger disaster.

Even if he had to sacrifice a thousand, he would still retaliate fiercely.

Imagining the scene where those drug addicts would vividly report him for fraud at the constable’s office, Ji Yan couldn’t help but smirk.


“Is selling rock candy as crystal meth considered fraud?”

Ji Yan contemplated this question.

With his limited understanding of criminal law,

Ji Yan couldn’t come up with an answer.

“Whatever, let’s just search it on Baidu…”

Muttering to himself, Ji Yan opened his computer and typed the question in the Baidu search bar.

The results were eye-opening.

In this world, as long as the single transaction amount is below two thousand, it wouldn’t constitute fraud!

“So, it only counts as fraud if a single transaction exceeds two thousand?”

“Does that mean I just need to keep the amounts below two thousand each time?”

Seeing this law, a cunning smile appeared on Ji Yan’s face.

A bold idea emerged in his mind.


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