Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Attack

Watching the burning campfire, Xu Yuan sighed lightly and chuckled.

Once upon a time, no matter how complicated the plot was in Blue Spring, it was still just a game and couldn’t possibly show all aspects of a complete world.

In this extraordinary world, many common sense things in the past would become the subject of ridicule for others.

Getting sick here doesn’t necessarily mean you need medicine, and if you’re cold in the wild, you don’t necessarily need a campfire to keep warm.

Xu Yuan saw himself as someone who was highly adaptable, but the change in the rules of this world still affected his way of thinking, which he had developed over more than 20 years.

His mind wandered, and he glanced at the giant python at the entrance of the cave.

The python had been staring at him since he woke up, as if it recognized his face.

Without much thought, even though the first-person perspective of the 2.5D pixel style game made the appearance of the creature very different, Xu Yuan still guessed what kind of python it was.

Flame Spirit Python.

A rare elite fire attribute material monster with a certain level of intelligence. It can be tamed and raised into a Flame Spirit Dragon.

In the game, it was easy to tame this kind of python, just by beating it. It was a very cowardly and lustful monster.

Xu Yuan didn’t see much value in this kind of low-level monster as a pet in the game, but the Flame Spirit Liquid it produced was a good thing. It could be used as a raw material for refining some medicines even in the later stages of the game.

Currently, he couldn’t refine pills, but Flame Spirit Liquid could be used directly as a precious material.

Recalling the description of Flame Spirit Liquid in the formula book, Xu Yuan’s eyes twinkled.

It could strengthen the bones, remove cold ailments, nourish Yin and invigorate Yang. As for the nature of the snake, it had a slight aphrodisiac effect.

With this in mind, Xu Yuan suddenly remembered that this thing seemed to be one of the ingredients for the precious Héhuān Powder in the demonic world line.

Lowering his gaze to the water bag in his hand, he subconsciously glanced towards the other person in the cave.

After finishing everything, Ran Qingmo sat down silently on the other side of the cave, closed her eyes and rested. Even from a distance, her cold aura could be felt.

Xu Yuan withdrew his gaze and silently put down his water bag. Although Flame Spirit Liquid was a good thing, he had to drink less in his current situation, otherwise he won’t have a place to cry when he gets chopped up by that big ice lump.

Thinking about these messy things, Xu Yuan patted his soaked brocade robe and prepared to let the giant python at the cave entrance dry it for him. Without the need for a fire, his clothes could quickly dry out. In a sense, it was even more convenient than the drying machines of his previous life.

The sound of Xu Yuan’s slow footsteps did not attract Ran Qingmo’s attention. She still sat quietly with her eyes closed, resting. When he approached, he met the gaze of the Flame Spirit Python’s huge vertical pupils. Xu Yuan found that his ability to adapt in certain respects was really strong. At first, he was scared, but now he could face the python calmly

As they looked at each other, Xu Yuan raised his hand and pointed to his own clothes. The Flame Spirit Python just lay there, staring at him silently without moving.

Xu Yuan took a deep breath and pointed to Ran Qingmo beside him. A hint of human-like disdain appeared in the Flame Spirit Python’s pupils and then it opened its mouth to release its snake breath. A dry, hot feeling immediately came over, and the water vapor on his robe evaporated at a visible rate. The heat from the snake breath blowing on him was very comfortable.

For a while, the cave was quiet. However, just as Xu Yuan’s robe was about to be completely dried, an unexpected incident suddenly occurred!

The originally gentle and submissive Flame Spirit Python suddenly flashed a crazed killing intent in its huge vertical pupils, and the snake letter it spat out suddenly turned into a residual shadow mixed with a wave of heat, heading towards Xu Yuan’s head!

If this colossal creature’s attack were to hit, there would be no room for negotiation for Xu Yuan’s head to explode.

This time, Xu Yuan saw it, but an ordinary person’s body couldn’t avoid such a fast attack.

The breath of death enveloped him like a tide, and he could only watch as the snake letter, like a hammer with a strong wind, smashed towards his head.

In the moment of life and death,

A sudden blue sword light cut through the space, and the heat that had filled the air was instantly engulfed by an endless chill!

And the black figure had already appeared in front of him at a speed invisible to the naked eye.


With a crisp sound, the slender and heavy snake letter was cut off and fell on the cold ground, the remaining nerves causing the segment of the snake letter to wriggle on the ground.

The cave was quiet for a moment,


A sharp scream of pain, as the Flame Spirit Python’s huge body began to struggle, shaking the cave.

Ran Qingmo, who had stood in front of Xu Yuan, calmly stared at the giant snake, lightly placing her hand on the sword hilt and casually swinging her sword.

Silently, a cross-shaped cut appeared on the inner wall of the cave, passing through the entire cave, making the gloomy and rainy weather outside clearly visible through the cut.

And the Flame Spirit Python that had been struggling at the cave entrance suddenly froze.

Ran Qingmo sheathed her sword and turned to Xu Yuan, “What are you doing?”

With the woman’s plain voice, the head of the Flame Spirit Python behind her was sliced off without a sound, quietly sliding off.


Xu Yuan looked at the scene in front of him, without saying a word, biting his lip hard.

He didn’t feel grateful for being saved; instead, a chilling feeling gradually rose in his heart.

The Flame Spirit Python is a powerful beast with high intelligence, but it is also lustful and cowardly. It will do whatever it takes to survive and will not attack recklessly.

However, just now, this Flame Spirit Python tried to kill him under the eyes of Ran Qingmo.

Xu Yuan clenched his fists.

There must be something that made it so afraid that it had to take such a risk.

As he looked at the huge corpse of the Flame Spirit Python, Xu Yuan suddenly felt a chill.

If Ran Qingmo had gone out to collect firewood just now, and he had rashly entered the attack range of the Flame Spirit Python, by the time she came back, he might have already become a corpse.

In the plot of “Blue Spring”, the third son of the Xu family died in nine different ways on the road after being kidnapped by Ran Qingmo. Each death was different.

Because of Ran Qingmo’s lack of common sense and carelessness, death from hypothermia was only one of them.

Death by drowning in a small stream less than half a meter deep, falling off a cliff, and being killed by a wooden stick on the head were all different unlucky deaths that the third son experienced in different timelines. The players often made jokes about it, but Xu Yuan couldn’t laugh at it now.

Looking back now, these abstract deaths were no different from the time he shot himself in the back in his previous life.

It wasn’t an accident.

Someone wanted him dead in the Waning Mountain range.

The rain outside continued to fall, and the sky remained dark and gloomy.

Xu Yuan took a deep breath and looked up at the black-clad woman in front of him.

“Miss Ran, we need to talk.”

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