Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Don’t be so good to me; it makes me feel like I’m living off someone!

At this moment, Bai Yiyi waved her hand, and there were three jade bottles on the bed.

Lin Beifan, puzzled, asked, “What are these?”

Bai Yiyi first raised a jade bottle, smiling, “Brother, this is the Dragon and Tiger Pill, made by stewing python and white tiger spine with various medicinal herbs. After taking it, it strengthens muscles and bones, invigorates the lungs and organs!”

Lin Beifan, astonished, exclaimed, “Great medicine!”

Bai Yiyi put down the Dragon and Tiger Pill, lifted the second bottle, “Brother, this is the Mighty Ox Demon Pill, refined by a hundred-year-old demon ox. After taking it, it enhances strength!”

Lin Beifan once again exclaimed, “Impressive!”

Bai Yiyi raised the third bottle, “Brother, this is the Beneficial Qi Nourishing Pill, made from the essence of hundreds of plants such as golden peony, laurel, and Tian Shan snow lotus. It repairs the hidden injuries left during cultivation and has the effect of replenishing Qi and blood!”

Lin Beifan continued to be amazed, “All are excellent medicines!”

“These elixirs…”

Bai Yiyi smiled slightly and pushed all of them in front of Lin Beifan.

“All for Brother, hope Brother likes them!”

Lin Beifan was overjoyed; these were priceless elixirs that could cause a frenzy outside.

Unexpectedly, Bai Yiyi easily gave them to him.

With these precious resources, he was confident he could break through to the realm of Moving Blood and Exchanging Marrow within a month.

An extraordinary within six months was foreseeable!

“Thank you, sister. I happen to need these things, so I gladly accept them!”

Lin Beifan accepted the elixirs, smiling from ear to ear.

Thinking that things were over, Bai Yiyi waved her hand again, and there were more things on the bed: a wilted ginseng, a lingzhi as big as a washbasin, and a bodhi seed.

“Brother, this is a hundred-year-old ginseng I obtained during my adventures outside!”

“This is a 300-year-old lingzhi, obtained after defeating a snake demon with a hundred years of cultivation!”

“And this bodhi seed is my reward for completing a mission!”

“While these natural treasures may not have been refined into elixirs, they can be taken directly, and their effects are not bad!”

“All of these… are also for Brother. Hope Brother likes them!”

Lin Beifan was ecstatic – there’s more?

All these natural treasures are priceless treasures!

With these resources, his transcendence is within reach!

“Thank you for your kindness, sister, but these things are too precious…”

“Brother, if I give them to you, just take them. Don’t refuse, okay? Otherwise, I’ll be sad…”

“Well… alright!”

Lin Beifan is a good brother. To avoid making his sister sad, he could only accept them all.

However, it didn’t end there.

Bai Yiyi waved her hand again, and more things appeared on the bed.

“Brother, this is a thousand-year-old snow lotus, a gift from my master, with the power to purify the mind and body! It originally had 36 petals; I’ve already consumed 24, and the rest are all for you!”

“Brother, this is the demon pill of the locust demon, with 500 years of cultivation. Due to causing trouble in the village, my master, who happened to pass by, killed it, extracted the demon pill from its body, refined the demonic power, and then bestowed it upon me. Extracting the essence during cultivation can rapidly increase divine power, and this is also for you!”

“Brother, this is…”

Lin Beifan was shocked and raised his hands, “Enough, enough, what you’ve given is already more than enough!”

“Never enough! No matter how much I give, it’s not enough!” Bai Yiyi smiled with charm, looking at Lin Beifan’s astonished expression, feeling a sense of accomplishment in her heart.

In the previous life, you wholeheartedly cared for me, making me the happiest sister in the world!

In this life, it’s my turn to wholeheartedly care for you, making you the happiest brother in the world!

“Brother, if I give it to you, just take it, be obedient!”

Saying this, she stuffed all the natural treasures and elixirs on the bed into Lin Beifan’s arms.

Rough and forceful, she completely disregarded whether Lin Beifan wanted it or not.

With too many resources, Lin Beifan’s hands couldn’t hold them all. He felt both happy and apprehensive, saying, “Sister, you’ve given me too much! Don’t be so good to me; it makes me feel like I’m living off someone! If other fellow disciples find out, how will they look at me?”

Bai Yiyi tilted her head and said provocatively, “They’ll envy you!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

Watching Lin Beifan’s embarrassed look, Bai Yiyi burst into laughter.

After laughing, Bai Yiyi stood up and comforted, “Alright, brother, don’t think too much and don’t burden yourself mentally. What you need to do now is break through to extraordinary as soon as possible! I’ll handle other matters, no need to worry!”

Lin Beifan obediently nodded.

“I’ll go back to my room to cultivate now, just next to yours. If anything happens, just call me!”

Lin Beifan nodded again, “Alright, sister!”

Bai Yiyi happily left.

Lin Beifan watched her departing figure, then looked at the various treasures around him, feeling a complex mix of emotions.

Originally, he just wanted to seize an opportunity to stay, so he used The Art of Dreaming for a Millennium on Bai Yiyi.

Unexpectedly, the effect was too powerful. Bai Yiyi not only treated him as a brother but also gave him numerous cultivation resources.

Being a person who values debts and grudges, looking at the bed full of treasures, Lin Beifan couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “How can I repay this?”

After some contemplation, he decided not to dwell on it anymore.

With low strength, he couldn’t repay the kindness.

“Breakthrough first!”

So, Lin Beifan took the herbs and started cultivating seriously.

Bai Yiyi, staying in the neighboring room, noticed that her brother Lin Beifan had already started cultivating. She smiled with satisfaction and also began to practice diligently, with an unprecedented seriousness.

Because now, her cultivation was not only for herself but also for her brother.

She wanted to create a future for both herself and her brother!

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