Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Nitra and Lai-nee 2

At that time, there was a man who had tried to contact Aix beside the former guild master.

It was the butler, Yesman.

He finally made his move.

Well, it’s unknown how many times he has moved before, but this time he seemed to be serious. He was in more trouble than the former guild master.

“I can’t use either the guild or the criminal organization. Important work can’t be left to others.”

With a tragic expression, he heads towards the inn where Aix is staying.

“‘If things continue as they are, there is a risk that the viscount will go on a rampage.”

Knock knock.

Yesman knocks on Aix’s room, but instead of Aix, a strange girl he doesn’t know comes out.

Yesman is taken aback and his words get stuck. “Um, who are you?”

“I’m sorry, who are you?”

“I’m Yesman, the butler of the viscount’s family. I thought this was Aix’s room, but was I mistaken?”

The girl in a maid outfit smiled.

“No, you’re right. The Goshujin-sama has been out for about three days.”


Aix, who critized him for being rotten, was actually making a young girl imitate a maid in his cramped room. Yesman was shocked by the revelation.

While he was struggling with his words, he felt another presence.

“Lai-nee, did someone come?”

Yesman saw her and was hit by a hammer-like shock. It was a familiar face, a traumatized little girl he would never forget.

To think that he was also bringing that little girl in.

What a mess.

“Oh, are you…?”


A beastman with a bewildered expression. Very similar to the young girl sent by Uracal as a retaliation to Honey Trap.

Could it be kidnapping?

But there is no such atmosphere.

Could it be my mistake? I asked to confirm if it was really her.

“Has your friend’s cold been cured?”

“Ah! You’re the one who was next to the viscount.”

It’s definitely her.

As I started to wander in thought about whether Aix was also in league with Uracal, the maid girl timidly raised her hand.

“I was the one who was sick at that time.”

“I see. It’s good that you’re better now.”

Hmm. What does this mean?

“Actually, at that time, I didn’t have a cold. I was under curse of Farla, and Aix-sama, who was a stranger to me, threw his own money to help me.”


The dreamy young girl began to praise Prince Aix. It was amazing.

“He’s amazing, isn’t he? He doesn’t ask for anything in return, and even now he says I can use the room freely while he’s out.”


Aix was a good child.

I’m ashamed for doubting him.”Since then, Aix-sama has been my master.”

“I didn’t know that. I had misunderstood him a little. Perhaps he is a person who doesn’t fit the mold of a butler?”

“And also, Aix-niisan always gives me yakitori and he is a great sorcerer!”

“What? Do you call him a great sorcerer?”

“That’s a bit too unbelievable.”

“Nitra! That’s a secret.”

“It’s a secret. Nitl/ra didn’t say anything.”

“Well, I’ll pretend didn’t hear that.”

As the little girl covered her mouth with her hand, Yesman went along with the suggestion not to increase his worries any further.

“Well, then please excuse me.”

“Huh? Bye?”

Leaving the perplexed girls behind, Yesman pulled away without even asking where he was going.

The reason was due to a special magical tool in this town.

“I’m sorry, but I could wait three days. Can I ask you to wait for that vacation until after the contract is done?’

Although unknown to civilians, there is a magical tool at the gate that reads identification cards and allows real-time tracking of who enters and leaves.

Of course, it will also provide a warning sign for those without ID cards. Originally, this system was mainly for preventing intrusion by demon races.

“Aix, you can’t leave this town. You’ll be detained at the gate.”

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