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Chapter 58

===058 Bumper Harvest===

After confirming that the other party didn’t chase after him, Su Hao returned to the previous hiding place for the books and retrieved the package containing the books. Holding the two packages in his hands, he shook them and laughed, “Tonight’s mission is basically completed, a bumper harvest.”

Su Hao used his radar all the way, avoiding the crowd and quietly returning to the dormitory in the academy.

“Hoo…” Sitting on the bed, he finally took a long breath.

Although it hadn’t been a long time since tonight, Su Hao still felt that it was exciting enough.

It was his first fight against a Grandmaster Warrior, and it turned out to be exceptionally intense. Although he was well-prepared, he was still caught off guard by the two sudden changes. One was the “Evasive Stab”. The opponent’s throat was stabbed, but it was unexpectedly blocked. Another time, a sudden burst of strong light from his hand caught him off guard.

This made Su Hao realize that he lacked experience in dealing with sudden situations during battles.

However, now that he has achieved the basic goal, he feels very relieved and has eliminated a trouble for Lingyun Town.

Although the opponent’s complete death was not confirmed in the end, judging from the injuries, even if not dead, they would be severely disabled. In the short term, the possibility of the opponent causing trouble again is almost nonexistent.

As for why Jin Datong appeared there and why he saved the killer, Su Hao did not know, nor did he want to spend time pondering these questions.

Anyway, he has already recorded the opponent’s vital signs, so as long as the opponent approaches again, he will immediately detect it.

He now has more interesting things to do, such as studying the valuable information he has obtained.

Su Hao couldn’t wait to open the package carried by the killer.

Two bottles containing unknown liquid, four scrolls, three books, and two black stones.

The bottles and stones were put aside for now. Su Hao first picked up the four scrolls and checked the labels one by one.

“Barrier,” “Strong Light,” “Manipulation,” “Extraction.”

These are four animal pattern scrolls. A look of joy flashed in Su Hao’s eyes as he immediately stored them in the spatial ball.

Then he picked up the three books.

“Basic Structure of Runes,” “Application of Runes,” “Rune Drawing Ink.”

“What a deal!” Su Hao first flipped through the three books from beginning to end before securely storing them in the spatial ball.

For the rest of the night, Su Hao couldn’t sleep at all and started reading under the light.

He started with the “Basic Structure of Runes.”

After finishing reading all three books in one breath, it was already the afternoon of the next day. He not only didn’t feel a hint of sleepiness but was even more energetic.

What did he see?

He saw a special kind of science in another world.

Different from the science in the technological world where electricity is the main energy source, the science system of this world is based on the blood aura contained within living beings.

Just these three books gave Su Hao a glimpse of the wisdom of life in this world, making him feel extremely amazed.

This is the miracle of nature, and only through natural evolution can such a perfect structure be obtained.

These three books mainly describe the surface phenomena related to the generation of runes.

In other words, they explain where the runes come from, their uses, and how to use them.

Simply put, runes are derived from animal patterns and are a simplified version of them, but they are still quite complex.

To draw runes, four conditions must be met. First, special rune drawing ink must be used because its properties allow for the fusion and preservation of blood aura.

Second, they must be drawn on a living organism with vitality because blood aura is fundamentally a biological energy that cannot be drawn on inanimate objects.

Third, blood aura must be constantly invoked to maintain the runes. Without maintenance, the drawn runes will dissipate in an instant.

Fourth, the same rune can only be drawn once on the body. If two are drawn at the same time, they will cancel each other out and collapse.

But what Su Hao saw was not just the appearance of the runes, but also the underlying principles hidden beneath these appearances.

Why can the “perception” rune in his body perceive Qi and blood? Why can the “bright” rune emit strong light? Why can the “hard” rune be unbreakable?

The effects produced by the runes are just the manifestation of their operation, the results. Su Hao is not very interested in this, but he is very interested in the principles that generate these results.

It’s similar to how many people know that light bulbs can emit light, electric fans can rotate, microwave ovens can heat food, speakers can produce sound, televisions can play videos, atomic bombs can explode, and so on. But the specific details of the principles behind them are unknown.

Just like the people in this world, they only know that after the runes are activated, they can produce various special effects, but no one knows why exactly.

It’s not that the people in this world don’t study it, but their initial research direction was already wrong.

Modern science is based on the study of external matter and energy, and the research direction is mainly focused on matter and energy.

In this world, because of the special nature of the process, people study based on the physical body, the development of bioenergy, and the exploration of individual strength limits.

Therefore, the view of runes among people is mostly attributed to the gift of the creator, a unique treasure of savage beasts.

They only collect the appearance of the runes and explore how to use the known runes to enhance their individual strength and ultimately reach the peak of combat power.

Very few people, like Su Hao, don’t think about how powerful the runes are when they first obtain them. Instead, they think about why the runes, when activated, produce special effects and what the underlying principles are.

Even if there are people who think like Su Hao, they don’t have as broad a knowledge base as he does, and in the end, they almost can’t gain access and can only reluctantly give up.

“These runes must have their own operating principles, just like how electricity generates magnetism, magnetism generates electricity, heat energy converts to electricity, electricity converts to light, the photoelectric effect, and so on. Blood Qi is like energy, and after running according to certain laws, it will inevitably generate a certain special force field. Then, the combination of multiple force fields prompts the blood Qi to undergo special changes, forming the appearance we see, emitting light, hardness, manipulating barriers, and so on.”

A blazing flame emerged in Su Hao’s eyes, and his whole body trembled with excitement because he had gained new knowledge. This is another scientific approach to biological energy!

“I will dissect all the runes and completely expose the secrets contained within them! How does blood Qi generate a force field? What are the properties of the force field? How can the intensity of the force field be controlled? I’m getting a bit impatient!”

Su Hao took a deep breath and calmed down his excited emotions, then entered the bounce space.

“Little Light, set up a rune experiment platform.”

The living room in the room faded away, and a circular experimental platform appeared.

“Dissect the structures of runes ‘perception,’ ‘barrier,’ ‘brightness,’ ‘control,’ and ‘extraction.’”

“Please set the dissection conditions.”Su Hao pondered for a moment and then gave an order: “Each rune is to be divided into ten parts according to its operational route length.”

“Successful division.”

After saving the files, Su Hao continued to divide the runes into smaller blocks based on their complexity, circular structure, special curve structure, and so on.

With the help of Little Light, it only took a moment to break down all the runes into small fragments in various forms and classify them for storage.

“Next, each fragment needs to be tested individually to observe its operational results.”

Su Hao finalized the plan and listed out the necessary precautions.

“There are still some issues to resolve. Some force fields cannot be perceived with the naked eye, so corresponding testing tools and equipment are needed. I need to search for materials on material science in this world. However, the good news is that my master rune is ‘Perception’ and it is very sensitive to the flow of blood qi. If I concentrate my attention at close range, I can perceive subtle changes in the blood qi force field.”

Su Hao looked around the dormitory environment and frowned, muttering, “It seems like this place is no longer suitable. It’s time to change locations.”

He picked up the four volumes of animal patterns in his hand and showed a mysterious smile. “Let’s sell these first! It seems like there is no ‘Barrier’ and ‘Extraction’ in the academy. I’ll sell these two to the academy, and for the remaining two, I’ll ask Teacher Liu to help me sell them.”

“But, we have to wait for the start of the school!”

There were still more than ten days until the start of school.

Su Hao wasn’t in a hurry. He planned to thoroughly study the books he had snatched back during this time, then go to the town to browse and confirm his subsequent purchase list.


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My Divine Diary

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