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Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Is This Still the War God? So Flirtatious!

As soon as they stepped outside, a stunning woman chased after them.

“Wait for me, I want to go too!”

This person was Lin Beifan’s beautiful secretary, Liu Rumei. She stared with alluring eyes, “I promised Qingge that I would keep an eye on you at all times and prevent you from messing around!”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Is that so?”

Liu Rumei felt a little flustered under his gaze and said stubbornly, “Of course, I’m someone who keeps my word!”

The protagonist, Ye Xingchen, watched the interactions between the two and felt a bit hurt.

Damn, you’ve even charmed Liu Rumei, and here I am, still single and being hated away by my crush, Ruoxue!

Can’t you consider my feelings?

Forget it, I won’t think about it anymore. Let’s just drown my sorrows tonight!

“Then let’s go together!”

Shortly after, they arrived at the same bar once again.

Compared to the last time, the bar was even livelier now.

As soon as they entered the bar, the bar owner, He Xiuwen, opened his arms with a cheerful smile and gave Lin Beifan a warm hug. “Haha! Brother, you’re here! I heard you’ve been doing great recently!”

Lin Beifan smiled, “Yes, I’ve been doing well lately, so I’m here to relax a bit. Also…”

Lin Beifan patted Ye Xingchen’s shoulder, “My buddy Ye here is heartbroken. He’s not feeling well, so he wanted to come here to drink and vent. Please take care of him!”

When He Xiuwen saw Ye Xingchen, his eyes lit up. “Heartbroken? Isn’t that a good thing?”

Ye Xingchen: “…”

“Cough… I mean, what’s the big deal about being heartbroken? As for me, I experience heartbreak a dozen times every month! When you encounter it so often, you get used to it!” He Xiuwen said nonchalantly.

Lin Beifan scolded with a laugh, “Can you compare to him? Your definition of love is a fling; you fall in love when you get into bed and break up when you get off the bed! My buddy Ye here is genuinely heartbroken and hurt!”

He Xiuwen shouted loudly, “Enough talk! Wine can dispel a thousand worries. Let’s drink tonight, and we won’t leave until we’re drunk!”

He Xiuwen invited everyone to sit down again in the golden position.

Then, they brought many bottles of liquor and placed them between him and Ye Xingchen.

Seeing his intentions, He Xiuwen planned to get Ye Xingchen drunk.

And then, let him go on stage, hehe…

This time, Ye Xingchen didn’t refuse anyone. He opened the bottles and poured them down his throat as if he were drinking water.

He Xiuwen gave him a thumbs up excitedly, “Brother, you can really hold your liquor. Let’s go for it!”

Ye Xingchen shouted loudly, “Come on, let’s do it!”

Lin Beifan picked up his glass, but he heard a cough nearby.

Turning his head, he met a pair of unfriendly beautiful eyes, as if drinking alcohol was somehow improper.

So, Lin Beifan silently put down his glass, opened a bottle of fruit juice, poured himself a glass, and also poured one for Liu Rumei. “Mei-niang, let’s drink!”

“Sure.” Liu Rumei picked up her drink, her eyes filled with a smile.

And so, Lin Beifan and Liu Rumei drank their non-alcoholic beverages, whispering and occasionally breaking into laughter.

Ye Xingchen and He Xiuwen continued their drinking contest.

However, this time, no matter how much Ye Xingchen drank, he couldn’t get drunk.

But He Xiuwen couldn’t hold on anymore and forced a bitter smile, “Ye buddy, how come your alcohol tolerance has become so good in just a few days?”

“You think you can get me drunk with this little bit of alcohol?” Ye Xingchen coldly chuckled, full of disdain. “Let me tell you, I can handle a thousand cups without getting drunk. Last time was just an accident! Sit tight and let’s continue drinking until dawn!”

“I can’t do it anymore, find someone else, go to Lin Beifan!” He Xiuwen said with a wry smile.

At this moment, Lin Beifan looked at the time and realized that it was time to make a wish.

Lin Beifan glanced at Ye Xingchen, who was still sober.

“Since my buddy wants to get drunk, then I’ll fulfill his wish!”

With a compassionate heart, Lin Beifan made a wish.

As Ye Xingchen continued drinking, he unknowingly got drunk.

Moreover, he felt extremely excited, extremely restless, and especially eager to sing loudly and dance!

Seeing the singer on stage, he felt particularly annoyed, so he rushed to the stage again, snatched the microphone, and sang heartily!

He Xiuwen clapped his hands and laughed, “Haha! Ye buddy has finally returned to his true self! Quick, film this scene and put it on Tiktok and Snack Video to promote our bar!”

The host excitedly said, “Our strip-teasing hunk is back! Look at how seductive he dances and how passionately he sings! Let’s welcome our strip-teasing hunk with the most enthusiastic applause!”

Ye Xingchen shouted loudly, “Stop the nonsense and get pumped up, everyone! My passion is like a raging fire…”

And so, Ye Xingchen got hyped up and once again put on a strip-tease show!

While undressing, he danced provocatively!

In short, it was extremely flirtatious!

Until he was left with only his underwear, someone pulled him down.

This scene was also recorded and quickly spread to various online platforms, inevitably becoming viral once again. It even made it to the trending topics, and many people saw it.

“Strip-teasing hunk is back!”

“The flirtatious man you must see in this lifetime!”

“When it comes to flirtatiousness, I only admire this guy!”

“You’re so flirtatious, I love it!”

Another person saw it too, and that person was Chu Ruoxue.

As a young person, she also enjoyed browsing Tiktok videos to relax.

Unexpectedly, she came across this video and immediately recognized the person seductively undressing as Ye Xingchen. Her face was filled with disgust. “Ew! This man… so disgusting! How can there be such a disgusting person in the world?”

She quickly scrolled past, afraid of tainting her eyes.

She made up her mind to stay away from this sleazy man!

Another person also came across the video—Zhao Tian, the mastermind behind Dragon Fang Capital.

His eyes widened, his mouth agape as if he could swallow an egg.

“This… is this still the War God??

“Dancing so flirtatiously!”


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The Wishes I Made, Enemies Reap Double

The Wishes I Made, Enemies Reap Double

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Beifan traverses a world composed of numerous urban web novels and becomes a minor antagonist with a wish-granting system that allows him to make one wish per day. Using the system’s abilities and his own clever tricks, he sabotages all the main characters and disrupts the plotlines. As a result, the heavens replicate the storyline and curse Lin Beifan, making it so that any wish he makes causes his enemies to receive double the consequences! Lin Beifan chuckles, “Is that all?” “I wish to maintain a body temperature of 36.8 degrees!” The first protagonist’s brain overheats to 73.6 degrees and dies! “I wish to sleep for 12 hours every day!” The second protagonist becomes a vegetable and dies! “I wish to be crushed to death by a 120-pound beauty!” The third protagonist is flattened into a sheet of paper by a 240-pound chubby girl and dies! In this way, the plot is once again thrown into chaos!


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