Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Jin Datong

The two knives clashed, creating countless sparks.

The killer was knocked back by Su Hao’s strong and heavy strike.

A tinge of regret flashed across Su Hao’s face behind the black veil. The strike just now could be called divine power. He originally thought that he could cleave the person and the knife in two with one strike, but he didn’t expect it to be blocked.

Indeed, high-level martial artists are not weaklings.

“And that knife!” Su Hao noticed the broad and sturdy long knife in the opponent’s hand, definitely not the cheap kind he had.

In fact, the main credit for blocking his attack should be attributed to the knife in the killer’s hand.

Because Su Hao clearly felt that his knife, the moment it struck the opponent’s knife, shattered the energy attached to the blade, leaving behind residual strength that was caught by the opponent’s knife.

Although the killer was sent flying along with his knife, in Su Hao’s eyes, the opponent had successfully blocked the strike.

“Perfect block! Let’s have an exhilarating battle!” Su Hao muttered to himself in a low voice.

The killer had already gotten up from the ground at this point, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Su Hao with a serious expression, his long knife positioned in front of him, ready for battle.

He looked at the masked person in front of him with uncertainty. The person was only about 1.5 meters tall, and under the moonlight, it seemed that the person was young.

He wasn’t sure if the person had discovered his secret and was now chasing him.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and tentatively asked, “Who are you? Why did you suddenly attack me?”

Su Hao didn’t answer, but a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. His feet suddenly erupted with force as he once again lunged towards the killer, striking heavily with his knife.

“Horizontal slash!”

Su Hao’s blood surged, and he slashed at the killer’s neck with another swing of his knife.


The long knives clashed, and the killer was once again forcefully thrown back.


Without waiting for the killer to stabilize, Su Hao charged forward like a raging bull.

The killer hastily raised his knife to block.

“Shadow Slip!”

This time, instead of swinging his knife, Su Hao shifted his footwork, turning from a fierce charge into a light and elusive movement, smoothly gliding past the killer’s side. This was one of Su Hao’s most frequently used fighting techniques.

“Deceptive stab!”

Immediately after, Su Hao’s long knife stabbed at the killer’s throat from a tricky angle.

“Oh no! Can’t dodge it!”

When Su Hao sidestepped while withdrawing his knife, the killer knew he was in trouble.


The killer’s entire body emitted a faint red light.

Su Hao’s strike stabbed at his throat.


A crisp sound of iron clashing. Su Hao’s knife tip was stuck on the killer’s throat and couldn’t penetrate.

Su Hao was startled and quickly jumped back before the killer swung his knife.

What was that red light just now? It was like a thin barrier; his knife couldn’t break through it, like stabbing a knife into tempered glass.

The red light on the killer’s body slowly dissipated. At this point, he was already drenched in cold sweat. If he hadn’t reacted quickly and used a life-saving technique, he would have died on the spot.

After a brief exchange, the killer had realized that he was not a match for Su Hao and began to consider retreating.

Su Hao tightened his grip on the long knife once again, swiftly pouncing towards the killer, ready to strike.

He wanted to test the killer’s abilities once more.

“Bright light!” The killer raised his left hand, aimed at Su Hao, and a sudden burst of intense light erupted from his hand, dazzling in the night.

Caught off guard, Su Hao was momentarily blinded, as if staring directly at the sun, everything in front of him turned white..

He immediately blocked in front of him with a horizontal sword, took a quick step back, and guarded against the opponent’s sudden attack.

However, to Su Hao’s surprise, the other party did not seize such a rare opportunity to kill him, but instead retreated from a distance.

This relieved Su Hao.

After Su Hao’s vision recovered a bit, he looked in the direction where the killer had left, and whispered with a smile, “How did he do that? Runes? I’m even more curious now.”

“You can’t escape!” Su Hao said and stepped forward to chase.

In just a moment, Su Hao caught up with the killer again and slashed diagonally.


The killer actually followed the force of Su Hao’s slash and fled forward.

Su Hao caught up again, but this time he didn’t use strong slashes anymore. Instead, he used a slanted stab, aiming for the throat with the edge of the knife.

The killer lifted his saber, keeping Su Hao’s blade at bay. He flipped his wrist, and the saber in his hand made an arc, sweeping back towards Su Hao.

Su Hao countered the attack with his own blade.


After several rounds of back and forth, the killer suddenly raised his left hand towards Su Hao.

Su Hao had long been prepared for this move. He immediately looked away and no longer looked directly ahead. He pushed off the ground and moved away from his original position.

However, nothing happened.

The killer ran off again.

Su Hao was fooled by his opponent.

There was no change in Su Hao’s expression. He caught up once again and delivered a straightforward slash.

The killer’s face was filled with unwillingness, despair, and deep fear of Su Hao. Whenever he saw Su Hao raise his blade to strike, he would tremble in fear. Even if he blocked the attack, the force behind Su Hao’s blade would still cause him to vomit blood and his internal organs would shift. He didn’t know how many times Su Hao had slashed him, and he was now barely hanging on.

But he had to hang on because Su Hao’s attacks were fast and fierce, and he had no chance to counterattack.

“Clang!” The killer was once again sent flying, the powerful recoil impacting his whole body. He violently spewed out a mouthful of blood and crashed heavily onto the ground, unable to get up again.

His master-level blood qi rune was “Manipulation,” which didn’t have much effect on frontal combat. The life-saving rune “Sturdiness,” which he had successfully drawn, had already been used. The “Bright Light” rune he had drawn in his hand was also used. He now had no other means of saving his life.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, within Su Hao’s 400-meter radar range, a strong blood qi reaction appeared. Advanced Grandmaster Warrior! And judging by the intensity of their blood, they are stronger than the current killer.

“Jin Datong?” Su Hao’s radar displayed the identity of the person who arrived. It was none other than Jin Datong, the executive officer of the Warrior Academy, second only to the dean, Xiao Jixuan.

When Su Hao entered the school, he personally received ten gold coins from him, leaving a deep impression on him.

Su Hao narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t drag this on anymore. He quickly took down the opponent and tried his best to avoid confronting Jin Datong.

“Bang!” The earth exploded under his feet, and Su Hao disappeared from his original position, appearing beside the killer, stabbing him directly with a knife.

The killer used the last bit of his strength to deflect Su Hao’s long knife.

Su Hao raised his fully-charged right foot and kicked fiercely.

“Boom!” With a muffled sound, the killer was kicked away, screamed in pain, and sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Su Hao swung his right hand and the long knife flew out, piercing through the killer’s chest and pinning him to the ground, unable to move.

Su Hao immediately approached and tore off the package behind the killer, pulling out the long knife.


Fresh blood gushed out again.

He raised the knife and chopped it towards the neck. Whether the other party was already dead or not, it wouldn’t be wrong to take off the head with one strike.


A stone flew rapidly from not far away, accurately hitting the knife that Su Hao was chopping down. The tremendous force caused the knife to deviate, not striking the killer’s neck, but slashing across his chest, leaving a bloody long gash that almost cut open his entire chest cavity.

It turned out that Jin Datong, delayed just now, had already approached quickly. Seeing Su Hao preparing to strike, he reflexively redirected the attack that was originally aimed at Su Hao and instead deflected the knife.

Based on the severity of this injury, Su Hao estimated that he wouldn’t survive. So he quickly sheathed his knife and hurried away.

Jin Datong chased after a few steps but then turned back towards the killer.

Seeing the gruesome injuries on the killer’s body, he couldn’t help but curse, “You bastard!”

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