Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 – Walk 2

From the top of the tower, you can see the Great Forest Alpha and the city. You have a panoramic view of Forest End.

“Hey, where’s Aix’s inn?”

“Is it over there?”

Luca’s excitement is cute. It’s a bit awkward that her energy level is higher than the Sleeping Cat Gathering, though.

“It’s really small. Hey, how’s the other place?

“The white ones in that forest are barriers. There were twelve of them, right? Oh, you can’t see the new barriers though. The Viscount’s mansion, Rina’s shop, the shop meal…”

Luca’s mood drops.

“What’s Rina’s shop?”

“It’s just an ordinary grocery store.”

Uh oh. If she finds out about the Slime Pillow, I’m in trouble. I zip my chatty mouth shut and try to act calm.

“Oh, I see…”

“But, more importantly, I was surprised that the forest is green.”

I change the subject and she takes the bait.

“Well, isn’t the forest supposed to be green?”

“No. The forest I grew up in was red.”

Crazy red spread across the entire forest.

A forest with white, thick trunks and red leaves that stay all year round. I was raised by elves in the “Red Forest”.


“It’s called the Red Forest, and the leaves are red.”

Because of the prickly blood-sucking insects that lived in that forest, no normal animals or monsters could live there.

“I cannot imagine it.”

“Hehe. We’ll talk about it someday.”

The small houses made from treehouses connected in the sky, 15 meters high, were where they lived. As an orphan, I was picked up by the magic user Elf Elise. I left after a fight, but I wonder how she is now.

“You promised.”

“Alright.” (Aix)

“The town in the distance is Sheep Town. Huh? There are a lot of airships.” (Aix)

Are they having a festival?

“That’s right, they’re having a music festival right now! Look at this ticket.”

Excited Luca had two tickets in her hand.

Could it be that yesterday when she suddenly suggested that I should take up a hobby or something…

“Would you like to come with me?”

“Why the polite language? Sure, I’m free.”

Luca high-fived Crazy Bear. It was his happiest moment of the day. But you know, I wish she had told me sooner.

“Mmm. I’m reluctant to make a request of you, and I was wondering what I should do.”

Sigh, this is what happens when a loner gets upset. Don’t worry.

“We’re friends, so don’t hold back. Let’s go tomorrow morning by carriage. I’ll make a reservation.”

Luca kicked.


“You’re really insensitive, partner.”

And it was a bear in pursuit.

I wonder if she really wanted to go so soon. I wouldn’t know if she didn’t say anything.

“Sorry Luca. Do you want to go today?”

“Sigh, that’s fine.”

We agreed.

After wee descended from the tower and had a light lunch, we reserved a carriage and went on a little trip to the next town.

I was looking forward to the music festival a little bit.

We were quickly able to reserve a personal carriage, and once Luca paid two large silver coins, we were given a private waiting room.

“Oh, sorry. Luca, stay here and I’ll go notify the inn of our trip.”

“Take care.”

I don’t want people to worry about my sudden disappearance for several days, so I’ll go say goodbye to the inn.

It’s just through the slums.

I started running with excitement.

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