Chapter 56

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===056 Disrupted Flow===

Shortly after the guard team set off, someone suddenly visited the guard team headquarters.

The elite soldier guarding the gate’s eyes lit up and immediately greeted, “Young Master Jin, why are you here?”It is the burly Jin Datong who spoke with full vigor: “Come and find you old Luo for a drink!”

Although it was normal speech, his voice was very loud, shaking the ears of the elite soldiers. The elite soldier regretfully said, “Unfortunately, Captain Luo is on a mission. It is said that the location of the killer has been discovered, and he is rushing there!”

After hearing this, Jin Datong furrowed his brows and asked, “A killer? The location of the killer has been found? When did this happen?”

“Just a moment ago, it is said that someone threw in a note, stating that the location of the killer is on the east side of the city. We don’t know if it’s true or false.”

Jin Datong was taken aback and instantly reacted, saying with a smile, “Alright, since Captain Luo is not here, I’ll go have a drink on my own.”

After speaking, Jin Datong turned and left.

“Please take care, Young Master Jin, you are always welcome!”

It was already nighttime, but fortunately, there was a large crescent moon hanging in the sky, casting a faint silver light allowing people to barely see.

The members of the second squad started to set off. Su Hao covered his face with a black cloth and used radar positioning to be far ahead.

When they approached the entrance of the eastern cave, Su Hao suddenly accelerated and arrived at the entrance first.

He pushed aside the stone blocking the entrance and vigorously knocked on the entrance with small rocks, creating the sound of chaotic footsteps. He shouted loudly into the cave, “There’s an entrance here! The stone has been moved!”

“Hurry, hurry, the killer is inside, we mustn’t let him escape!”

Then, he changed his voice and said with a deep voice, “We have five Grandmasters here, he definitely can’t escape!”

“He’s done for. After killing so many people and destroying so many families, we must tie him up and burn him alive!”

“Let’s go in!”

Soon, Su Hao sensed through the radar that the killer hidden in the cave was on the move. He seemed very nervous, first circled inside the cave, then quickly left in another direction.

As Su Hao expected, this kind of location usually has two exits.

Su Hao stopped talking, threw the rocks in his hand, and went into the cave. At the same time, the guard team was also preparing to arrive.

This small cave was not complicated. After walking forward for twenty meters and turning a corner, they arrived at a hidden room in the cave. Su Hao observed the potential traps and carefully entered the secret room.

This secret room in the cave was not particularly special, it just contained some equipment and various bottles and jars. There was a bookshelf on the side, and the oil lamp and fire pan flickered with light, barely illuminating the secret room.

This was a rudimentary version of a laboratory.

If there was anything special about it, it was that there was a separate room on one side of the secret room, filled with numerous bodies arranged in all sorts of positions. The recently captured individuals were lying on a stone platform, and the killer seemed to be preparing to do something.

The moment Su Hao entered, his gaze locked onto a brazier below the bookshelf, where a large number of books and documents were piled up and burning brightly.

“Oh my god, what a waste!”

Suo Hao immediately rushed forward and kicked the brazier over with one foot, causing a large amount of ash and mostly partially burned books to scatter. Suo Hao didn’t care about much, he stretched out his foot and stepped on them, quickly extinguishing the fire.

“Hmm? Where is this?”

At this moment, a trainee on the test bench woke up in a daze, looking confused at the surrounding environment.

Suo Hao cursed his luck under his breath and quickly approached, delivering a chop to the trainee’s neck. The trainee’s consciousness faded again while still dazed.

Still not satisfied, Suo Hao viciously knocked all the people on the test bench on their necks to ensure that they wouldn’t wake up for a short period of time.

The flames of the books had already been extinguished, leaving only faint red lights flickering. The remnants of burnt paper were floating in the air.

Suo Hao flipped through them and discovered that many preserved books, although they had burn marks, were not completely destroyed because Suo Hao had saved them in time. Most of the content was intact, while scattered materials had already turned to ashes.

Regret filled his face as he took out a prepared bag and stuffed the damaged books into it, quickly filling it up.

After taking another look around and finding nothing special, he turned around and quickly left through another exit.

At this point, the guards had already entered the cave and would soon arrive at this location.

Once Suo Hao emerged, he immediately chased after the “killer.”

He believed that the most valuable things must still be on the other person.

The direction the “killer” was retreating towards was outside the city walls. Although they had already run quite far from the city walls, they were still within Suo Hao’s range and were not as fast as him. In other words, the “killer” couldn’t escape.

On the other hand, even if they really fought later and Suo Hao couldn’t defeat him, he could still use his speed advantage to quickly retreat.

After the escort team emerged from the exit, they lost track of Suo Hao and the “killer” in the darkness, so they began to spread out and search, but it was futile.

Suo Hao found a hidden place halfway and safely concealed the wrapped books before resuming his full pursuit.

The “killer” had no idea that someone was tracking behind them. After running at full speed for a certain distance, their speed slightly decreased.

This was exactly what Suo Hao desired. The blood surged within him, increasing his speed even further. In the uninhabited wilderness, he could unleash all his power without reservation and engage in a satisfying battle.

Yes, this time he was determined to kill his opponent, fighting with all his might.

Since replenishing his Qi to its peak at the Grandmaster level, he hadn’t truly unleashed all his power or felt his own fighting strength or destructive power to its fullest extent.

In all the previous battles he had experienced with others, he had easily overwhelmed his opponents, effortlessly defeating them without any challenge or enjoyment in the fight.

But this time, his opponent was a high-level Grandmaster. It was certain that they would provide enough pressure to let him experience that feeling of battle.

With these thoughts in mind, a vast amount of Qi surged within Suo Hao, almost making him unable to resist letting out a long howl towards the sky.

Suo Hao’s speed became faster and faster, and the long knife at his waist was already in his hand, gleaming with a cold light under the moon.

He saw the killer in the moonlight, quickly running towards the darkness in the distance.

The figure resembled a young person in their twenties, carrying a messy small package on their back. Their long hair flew backward due to the rapid running, and they held a wide and thick long knife in their left hand.

Suo Hao made no effort to conceal his figure as he sprinted closer at full speed.

When he got within thirty meters, the killer noticed Suo Hao chasing after them.”The killer turned his head and saw a figure moving at extreme speed under the moonlight, holding a cold knife and charging towards him with great momentum. He was so shocked that he almost lost his balance.

“Who are you?” The killer, seeing that he was quickly catching up, drew his long knife and turned to face him.

Su Hao not only didn’t stop, but his footsteps exploded with vigorous energy, accelerating again over a short distance.

The long knife in his hand pierced through a massive amount of energy, nearly overflowing.

Holding the knife.

With the power of Mount Tai.

Swinging the knife.

With the momentum of breaking the flow.

The killer was overwhelmed by Su Hao’s imposing aura, making it difficult for him to breathe.


He could only let out a loud roar, increasing his momentum and blocking the knife.


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