Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: I was wrong to have expectations that shouldn’t have been held!

“We are incompetent, please forgive us, Your Majesty!” The courtiers were filled with fear.

“If you know that you are incompetent, then get out of my sight and don’t cause me any further trouble!” The Empress scolded.

“Your Majesty, we are indeed incompetent! But…” An old courtier stood up and pointed at Lin Beifan, berating him. “Sir Lin clearly had a way to open the Thousand Miles and Rivers Box, but until the very end, he still stood by and did nothing. He clearly wanted to see our country’s embarrassment! He has sinister intentions, is disloyal to our country, and insincere to you, Your Majesty. Please investigate this matter!”

“Please investigate!” The officials all cried out in unison.

Lin Beifan was stunned.

Heavens! They were actually trying to frame him!

They were turning black into white and distorting right and wrong, falsely accusing him!

As expected of these old foxes from the political arena!

He did have ulterior motives, but it wasn’t to see the country embarrassed, but to see the officials make fools of themselves.

When they couldn’t resolve something, he would step in and resolve it himself.

And then he would smack their faces.

The idea was so simple and straightforward!

“Sir Lin, is there any truth to this matter?” The Empress had no expression on her face.

Lin Beifan bowed and exclaimed angrily, “Your Majesty, this is absolutely untrue! My loyalty to you is as clear as day and night, and my love for our country is apparent to the world! I am completely loyal and devoted. How could I have done such a thing? Please investigate, Your Majesty!”

The Empress’s lips twitched when she heard this.

The officials also twitched their lips.

It sounded so good, but he still took so much advantage?

People can be shameless, but not to this extent!

“Director Lin, since you claim to be completely loyal and devoted to me and to our country, then why didn’t you stand up when the envoy was being difficult? It seems to me that you have ulterior motives!” The old courtier from before was furious.

“That’s right! You clearly wanted to see our country embarrassed and to see Your Majesty embarrassed!” Another minister stood up.

“Are you tongue-tied because you’re guilty?” The third minister spoke.

“Your Majesty has shown you so much kindness, yet you don’t think about how to repay it!” The fourth minister said.

“Director Lin, how do you have the nerve to face me?”

Rarely do we find an opportunity, yet officials all threw stones down the well. Among the accusations from the officials, Lin Beifan let out a deep sigh and said with a bitter smile, “My Lords, you’ve misunderstood me! The reason why I didn’t stand up at the first moment was because I believe in all of you and have full confidence in you!”

“Have full confidence in us?” The officials were confused.

“Yes, I have full confidence in all of you!” Lin Beifan became more impassioned.

“I believe that this simple question could not stump any of the brilliant officials present here! Every one of you is a successful candidate who has stood out from thousands of exam takers. You are among the highest in terms of intelligence and strategy today!”

“I believe that all of you can see through the conspiracies of the envoy Dorro! With decades of experience as officials, you must have been through various dangers and conspiracies, having the capacity to strategize and plan!”

“I believe that nothing in the world could stump the officials present here today! You are the backbone of the great Wu, the pillar that holds up the sky and earth of the nation!”

“Therefore, I have always stood behind, admiring the magnificent figures of all the great lords!” The civil and military officials were all swept up in Lin Beifan’s words.

They realized that they were seen as great and noble in his eyes. However, just at this moment, Lin Beifan’s tone suddenly changed.

“But, I didn’t expect that…”

“What didn’t you expect?” An old official asked. Lin Beifan glanced at the officials with deep disappointment in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect such a simple question could stump all the great lords here. It broke through my psychological defense directly without any warning, and robbed me of my chance to prepare! You have all shown the lowest level of intelligence and embarrassed me without leaving any chance for me to rescue you! I am ashamed!”

The civil and military officials were speechless. This jerk had basically insulted them to their face! They all looked ugly and felt terrible inside. The empress sitting on the dragon throne almost burst into laughter.

Wow! Beifan’s combat power was too strong! He had defeated the officials with his eloquence and tongue, and forced them into silence!

She had been holding court for many years, but had never seen the civil and military officials suffer such a great loss!

How satisfying! How satisfying! Based on this, Lin Beifan must be rewarded heavily!

“Sir Lin, as they say, ignorance is bliss! You didn’t know the officials’ abilities, so you didn’t stand up in time. We forgive you!” The empress coughed and suppressed the joy in her heart as she spoke.

“Thank you for your understanding, Your Majesty!” Lin Beifan was moved to tears. The officials’ faces became even uglier.

“Do you have anything to say, my ministers?” The empress asked again. The officials looked at each other and replied in unison, “We have nothing more to say, Your Majesty!”

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