Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 – Walk 1

The next morning.

I took Luca’s nervous hand and invited her to go for a walk.

“Come with me, Luca.”

“Aix. Don’t leave me.”

Luca followed me, hiding behind my back, afraid of the crowds.

“It’s okay. We’ll go to a quiet place soon.”


In this town, there are several towers that remain from when it was a defensive base.

We went to one of them that is now hardly used. The heavy door was left open and unguarded, so we easily entered.

Going down the hidden staircase, we came upon an underground passage.

“Are we going here?”

“Do you want to stop? It’s not particularly dangerous.”

This underground passage seems to be a relic of the ancient magic kingdom, and despite being underground, it is dimly lit.

“I’ll go, but I might get dirty.”

“Well, that’s why I told you to wear something comfortable to move in.”

Luca, still wearing her fluttering clothes, replied with a pout.

“There’s fighting for women too. I always want to look beautiful.”

“Luca, you’re beautiful.”

She blushed and hid her face with Crazy Bear.

“Idiot… just guide us already.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Jeez, what a drag, partner”

I wonder if her mood has improved? I feel a little distance between me and Luca.

We turn left and right on the winding path.

Most destinations are heavily locked, and it becomes a dead-end maze.

“Partner, not yet?”

“A little longer, Crazy Bear.”

I guide them through the dimly lit passage.

It may be narrow and dirty…

There it is. Through the underground passage is a circular space with light shining from above. It’s a warm sunspot. When I discovered this, I was so happy, I jumped up and down.

“Wow.” Luca gasped.

At the back of the underground passage is a little-known dating spot. The mysterious atmosphere, as if time has stopped, dominated the space, and the dust that lingered glimmered like snow.

There were many sleeping cats on a pile of junk that was stacked like a spiral staircase, basking lazily in the sun. When Luca tried to pet one, the sleeping cat disappeared into the void.

They are creatures called Phantom Species. Similar to spirits.


There is nothing special about it. “Aix, take me here again.”

“Sure, Luca.”

I wanted to share this place with Luca. We gazed at the scene for a while, but eventually Luca asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Then, how about going up the tower?”

We backtrack the way we came, climb the stairs of the first tower, aiming for the rooftop.

As magicians, we’re generally pretty weak, so when we reached the top we were breathing heavily. But we can still walk.

“We made it! Even if we’re tired, we can keep walking thanks to Aix’s buffs.”

“Do you think so?”

Was I being praised?

The warm sun feels good.

A chilly breeze blows and Luka hugs Crazy Bear. I should have brought Usagi-san too.

“Wow, what a view. There’s a big forest over there.”

“Luca’s house is in that area.”

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