Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Doll Maker Luca 8

Luca, who had become happy, started playing the piano. The piano in this room has an exceptionally nice sound – it’s like it resonates in your heart.

“Luca, you’re good at playing the piano.”

“Would you like to try, Aix?”

I awkwardly chuckled, saying I’m not very coordinated.


“Come on and play this.”

She pulled me by the arm and sat me down.

In front of me was a white, shiny keyboard. With a big smile on her face, she showed me a manual with a mysterious ghost spirit dancing on it, but I couldn’t understand it at all. Do, re, mi? Why doesn’t it start with A?

(TLN: ghost spirit is music notation, lol)

Luca took my hand and guided me to press down on the keys.

Ping, pong.

The sound was exceptionally good.

However, even the short part she taught me was difficult to play satisfactorily. I remembered the order but my fingers didn’t move well.

“Aix, you’re doing well. Yes, yes.”

Thanks to her encouragement, I persevered even when my heart was about to break. Maybe I’m starting to understand. Luca’s thin fingers intertwine with mine, and I became a musician.


I practiced for about an hour and only learned a few seconds’ worth of phrases, but I felt an amazing sense of achievement. Oh, this was fun.

“You’re amazing, Aix.”

“Heh, I’m a Great Magician, after all.”

“Good job, partner!”

I started to like music a little more.

I still feel the smooth touch of the keyboard on my fingers, as well as the touch of Luca’s fingers.

When I got up from the chair, Crazy Beasr sat down lightly. Maybe Crazy Bear also wanted to play? But, I wonder.

“Can you play it with your own hands, Crazy Bear?”

“Don’t underestimate me. I’m a bundle of talent!”


“No way! He’s too skilled. Am I inferior even to a stuffed animal?”

Crazy Bear-sensei… Wait, something feels off. Upon closer inspection, are the keys sinking by themselves? Doubts become words of accusation.

“Cheating is no good, Crazy Bear.”

Crazy trembled at the rebuke. However, despite the agitation, the music did not falter. Is this professionalism? No, it’s something else.

“W-what are you doing? I’m still playing, partner. W-w-WAHH!”

I yanked Crazy Bear off his chair, but the lovely tune continued. When I stared at it intently, Crazy Bear lowered his head and gave up.

“Luca, isn’t it pointless if it plays by itself?

“Stupid. It’s more fun if it plays by itself.”

Luca smiled mischievously. That smile is unfair.

“Yeah, well…it was fun, I guess.”

“See! Let’s play again. Next time, after we’ve memorized this much, let’s play a duet in a year.”

I gave Luca a doubtful look. After witnessing it play automatically, it’s just…something.


“That’s it! Aix, you should find a hobby too.”

A hobby? But she always gets sad when the frequency of our meetings decreases because of it.

Hm? Luca seems like he wants to say something, but she’s hesitating.

“What’s wrong?”

“…never mind. Let’s play a card game.”

She won’t say it, huh?

I like the card game called “Orc’s Tail”. You spread the facedown cards in a circle like a tail and take turns flipping over one card each and placing it in the empty space in the center. If the color or number of the card is the same as the one before it, you have to take all the cards in the pile. The person with the fewest cards left wins.

“I like going for walks. I found the gathering place for Sleeping Cats the other day.”

“What?! I want to see that!”

It’s such a simple game, but my heart races as the piles of cards stack up.

“Then wear something comfortable for tomorrow.”

“Got it. Whoa!”

Luca got hit.

Okay, please collect your pile. We’ll play with Crazy Bear and Rabbit, four players total.

We’re getting low on cards. Crazy Bear and I are competing for first place.

“Got it. Safe!”

“Not bad, partner. But I’m a man who can walk calmly through a hail of arrows. Awww!”

Crazy Bear got hit by an arrow.

Alright, I won!

I was happily celebrating when Luca giggled.

“I will do come back. Crazy Bear!”

“Bring it on.”

Wait, now that I think about it, the Beginner’s Luck magic is still active. No wonder I’m so strong.

This is the end of volume one which includes chapters 1-54.

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