Chapter 53 – Who are you to deserve to join me?

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Zhan Qingchen and Chen Qingluan had a lucky break.

Their journey was smooth, as if all the demon beasts had vanished, and they arrived near the stone monument without much effort.

However, shortly after arriving, the groups of people from the Demonic path arrived one after another.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“Chief Zhan, we’re all here for an opportunity, no need to fight and kill each other now, right?”

A fat monk smiled and said.

He was fat and greasy, and although he was wearing robes, he didn’t have the slightest buddhist appearance, but instead reeked of lust and evil.

Huanxy Buddha, the Demon Monk Shin Yu!1

There were many demon sects of all sizes in the world both small and large. However only the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect was a behemoth so the other sects were not so noticeable.

In fact, they were the ones who had really done all the evil things, but had thrown all the dirty water on Demon Empress.

Huanxy Buddha was a first-class sect, and its Chief Disciple, Shi Yun, was a Golden Elixir Realm practitioner.

He was famous on the Heavenly Pride List of the Demonic path.

“Yes, it’s better to look for opportunities first.”

The people of the Demonic path echoed their voices, but faintly surrounded them in the center.

Now only the two of them have arrived from the Righteous path, although they are the highest heavenly pride, but two hands can’t beat four hands, so it is likely that they will have no chance!

If the two of them could be expelled, their chances of getting a opportunity would greatly increase!

The people of the Demonic path were extremely excited.

Only a slender figure wearing a black veil stood in the corner, watching with cold eyes.

Looking at the ugly faces in front of her, Zhan Qingchen frowned slightly, and her cold eyes were full of disgust.

She thought Su Shi had already cured her hate for men…

She didn’t expect that seeing another man other than Su Shi would even increase her disgust.

Chen Qingluan was silent, her thumb slightly above her sword sheath, ready to strike.

Shi Yun silently pondered.

Although another party were only two people, their strength was extremely strong, and the people of the Demonic path each had their own agenda ……

This is an uncertain situation!

Just as he was hesitating, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a white figure.

“He’s here too?!”

“Commander Su!”

Looking at Su Shi who slowly walked in, those people looked overjoyed.

He had come!

Then everything was a foregone conclusion!

Su Shi saw the confrontation and said with a frown “What are you guys ……”

He said in a loud voice, “Commander Su has come at the right time, now is the perfect time to take down Zhan Qingchen and Chen Qingluan!”

“Take down… Zhan Qingchen?”

“That’s right!”

Shi Yun said excitedly, “Chen Qingluan is your opponent to defeat, while Zhan Qingchen will be left to us to deal with!”

“While the Righteous path’s main force hasn’t arrived yet, we can kick them out first, and if we join forces, this opportunity will definitely be under our control!”

“And after that, if Commander Su is interested …… hehe, with this monk’s skills, even a Daoist Priestess will be obedient and want your embrace!”

If I’m not mistaken, the woman beside Su Shi is also a Golden Elixir Realm practitioner.

Now that the situation is confirmed, there’s no need to hesitate!!

Shi Yun’s smile grew more and more fierce by the second.

However, the next second, his smile froze on his face.

The raging sword qi swept towards him like a spinning galaxy, wrapped in a terrifying pressure!

Shi Yun was just about to move when he realized that the shadow under his feet had somehow become entangled in the ground, and he was unable to move for a moment!


A breeze seemed to sweep across his neck.

The world spun and the hand sank slightly.

Looking at the horrified gazes of the people, Shi Yun was still a little confused.

What was going on?

Then he was plunged into the boundless darkness.

The scene was silent.

Only to see Shi Yun, who had spoken so highly just a moment ago, standing in place like a statue.

What he was holding was his own head!

The Green Frost Sword in Su Shi’s hand trembled slightly, the sword slash was so fast that no blood could be seen!


Shi Yun’s corpse fell to the ground.


Killed with a single slash!

Like a thunderbolt in broad daylight, the spine of the crowd went cold and they fell into fear!

A Golden Elixir Realm practitioner had died just like that?

“Shu, Commander Su, what are you doing? Shi Yun is one of us!”

The people of the Demonic path were both frightened and confused.

Not understanding why Su Shih would do this.

“Is that so?”

Su Shi sneered, “Then why don’t you all step back voluntarily and leave the opportunity to me, just for me alone?”

The crowd looked at each other speechlessly.

Step back?

How could that be!

When the opportunity arises, even blood relatives can be killed, let alone strangers they have never met!

Someone ventured to say, “But we can join forces and drive the Righteous people out first ……”

Su Shi said disdainfully, “Who are you to deserve to join me?”

Those people turned red in the face, but no one dared to look him in the eye.

The other party did have the capital to boast.

Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, a Holy-grade perfect genius.

Besides, wouldn’t it be easier to kill them than to kill Zhan Qingchen and Chen Qingluan?

After thinking about this, the people of the Demonic path silently turned away from Su Shi.

He was a true demon lord!

Cruel and ruthless, killing without blinking an eye!

Snap, snap, snap.

The applause was loud.

The woman in black who did not join the crowd earlier and stood and watched indifferently.

She was slender, wearing a black veil, and her bright eyes looked at Su Shi with interest.

“Killing and decisive, not sharing the same stream as the weak, as expected of Commander Su.”

“I am very interested in Commander Su, I wonder if I can join you?”

She blinked her clear eyes, and her voice was crisp and clear, “My strength is not weak at all, if you don’t believe me, you can check for yourself.”

The breeze ruffled the hem of her skirt, revealing her calves that were like snow roots.

The fact that she wanted to reveal but still concealed made people want to find out more.

Su Shi said indifferently, “Get lost.”

The woman’s expression tightened, “Huh?”

“You have three breaths to get out of my sight.”



Chen Qingluan couldn’t help but laugh.

The woman’s chest rose and fell, her eyes turned icy cold, and her voice no longer had a hint of charm, “Alright, I’ll remember this!”

Having said that, she turned around and left.

The atmosphere from the beginning of the confrontation was shattered, and everyone went their own way with wary eyes.

The fragile “alliance” was destroyed with a single slash of Su Shi’s sword.

Chen Qingluan looked at Su Shi calmly, her cheeks flushed lightly, and she was inexplicably confused.

Is he blatantly helping me to avenge what happened last night?

Or is he ……

Chen Qingluan’s heart was racing, not daring to think further.

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes were full of tenderness and she couldn’t wait to jump into Su Shi’s arms immediately.

Although she was not afraid of them, it felt so good to be protected!

“Su Shi~”


Time passed.

People from the Righteous path and Demonic path had arrived one after another.

They were all in tatters with many of them having red stains on their bodies, obviously having suffered greatly in the wave of beasts just now.

When they saw the corpses on the ground, their faces changed.

Clearly, the strife had already started before there was a chance to see them!

At that moment, Ye Xiao staggered out of the forest and collapsed helplessly on the ground.

His clothes were in tatters, his body was covered in blood, and his face was as pale as paper as he cursed breathlessly, “Who …… triggered the beast tide?!”

1. 歡喜佛 (huanxy buddha) litteraly means “happy buddha”, also known as Twin Buddha, Yin and Yang harmony, male and female double cultivation, it is a Buddha statue where men and women have face-to-face s*x.

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