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Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Educate Them with Love and Fists!

If Lin Beifan is the person they fear the most, then Princess Yunying is the second! Before Lin Beifan appeared, Princess Yunying was their number one fear! Because this princess often clashed with them, punching and kicking them, and often took them to restaurants, leaving them penniless!

Unfortunately, Princess Yunying has a bigger background than them, and they cannot afford to offend her! So every time they see the little princess, they take a detour!

Unexpectedly, they even ran into each other at the Imperial Academy, and the other party actually chased after them!

The little princess was excited and thrilled! She actually had the opportunity to become the teacher of these dandies, which meant that she could legitimately teach them a lesson! What a great idea! Why didn’t she think of it before?

She secretly gave Lin Beifan a glance of appreciation: Well done!

“It seems that everyone is old acquaintances, and we will surely get along very well!” Lin Beifan smiled.

“I have no objections!” the little princess raised her hand excitedly.

“I… I have an objection!” an official’s son student weakly raised his hand.

“Hmm?” The little princess raised her eyebrows.

Under the little princess’s deadly gaze, the other party was scared and retracted his hand. But thinking about his future miserable situation, he bravely raised his hand again.

“What is your objection, student?” Lin Beifan smiled.

“My objection is…”

At this moment, the little princess appeared next to the person with a swoosh, lifted him up with one hand, and said, “Lin Beifan, give me some time, I’ll do some ideological work on him!”

Then she swooshed away with him, and both of them disappeared. A moment later, there was a heart-wrenching scream outside the classroom.

It was really heart-wrenching to hear and tear-jerking to see!

The other son official’s students in the classroom listened to the heart-wrenching screams outside, and their lips turned white!

After a while, the little princess returned triumphantly.

The official’s son student also returned, but with two black eye circles, purple cheeks, and a look of despair on his face. Lin Beifan asked again, “What is your objection, students?”

“In reply to Sir, the student has no objections!” the other party immediately bowed and replied loudly. “What about you, do you have any objections?” Lin Beifan looked at the pale-faced yamen students. They shook their heads one after another.

“No objections!”

“Absolutely no objections!” …

“Hmph!” The young mistress smiled smugly.

“Since no one has any objections, then this matter is happily decided!”

Lin Beifan announced loudly, “From today on, the princess will be the homeroom teacher of this class, responsible for supervising everyone’s studies and discipline!”


The young masters closed their eyes in despair, seeing only darkness, much like their future lives.

“Princess, they are now under your care!” Lin Beifan said reluctantly, “Although they are very mischievous, they are still just children!”

“Sir Lin…” The young masters opened their eyes hopefully.

“However, when they need to be punished, they must be punished, and when they need to be scolded, they must be scolded! If one beating doesn’t work, give them two beatings, and if two beatings don’t work, give them three beatings until they obey! Otherwise, it would be irresponsible for their future!”

“Oh no!” They closed their eyes in despair once again.

The princess suddenly felt a great responsibility, her face serious. “Sir Lin, rest assured! I will keep a close eye on them and will not let them go astray and walk down the wrong path!”

Lin Beifan was very pleased. “Princess, enjoy your work!”

“But, this is my first time being a homeroom teacher and I have no experience. Sir Lin, could you teach me?” The young princess asked humbly.

“It’s very simple, you must educate with love!” Lin Beifan smiled.

“Love?” The young princess was puzzled.

“As they say, love deeply, discipline strictly! So, use your loving fists to teach them. If you can use your hands, don’t just talk! Just keep hitting them until they learn their lesson!”

Lin Beifan said solemnly. The young princess raised her small fist and nodded heavily. “I understand!” The young masters present all touched their chests and felt their hearts turn cold.

Then, the young princess officially became the homeroom teacher of this class and kept a close eye on every student.

Whenever anyone slacked off, she immediately used her loving fists to educate them. Occasionally, screams of pain could be heard.

Looking at the harmonious relationship between teacher and students, Lin Beifan was very pleased and silently praised his idea. After all, he had official duties to attend to and was busy with work, so he couldn’t always keep an eye on this group of people.

But with the young princess as their homeroom teacher, it was different. She was the nemesis of these young masters, and with her watching over them, they wouldn’t dare to misbehave.

This troublesome matter was also solved. Without Lin Beifan’s urging, the young mistress would be actively coming to work without being paid, and she wouldn’t bother him either. Two problems were solved at once – it was comfortable!


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I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

I Am A Corrupt Official, Yet They Say I Am A Loyal Minister!

Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
In the dangerous world of high martial arts, Lin Beifan traversed and found himself bound to a corrupt official system. It seemed that the only way to become stronger was through corruption – a ridiculous notion, but one that he had to follow nonetheless. He found himself embezzling, accepting bribes, and using his power for personal gain, becoming a despised and hated corrupt official. Yet, secretly, he distributed his ill-gotten gains to the people, leaving nothing for himself. He carried the weight of his bad reputation while still trying to make the world a better place. The empress, who knew the truth, shed tears and said, “My dear, I’m sorry for the injustice done to you. Come to my palace tonight.” The intelligent and beautiful women who knew the truth declared, “No matter how the world sees you, we are willing to stand by your side, through thick and thin!” The martial women of the Jianghu who knew the truth vowed, “If they want to take down Lin, they’ll have to get through us first!” Others were left in shock, “He’s clearly a corrupt official, why are you all protecting him?”


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