Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Doll Maker Luca 7

“I’ve got it! We should give Crazy Bear a fire enchantment!”

“Partner?! I’m made of cotton, you know!”

Crazy Bear becomes flustered and runs over to Luca.


“Enough! Don’t bully Crazy Bear.”

Huh? But isn’t he a resident of the abyss?

Despite being an expert, Luca seems to have become too familiar with Crazy Bear’s fluffy body to forget that fact.

Magic flames are different from regular flames; even if applied to a wooden stick, it won’t turn to charcoal. To put it extreme terms, it’s possible to create burning ice. Well, it’ll melt at a tremendous rate due to radiation heat, though.

“It’s no problem.”

“Really? Oh, that’s right, it’s magic.”

Luka quickly realizes and makes a surprised expression. Crazy Bear rubs against Luca

“Now that you mention it, that’s right! As expected of my partner. Let’s give it a shot!”

The button eyes sparkle, and Crazy Bear strikes a pose, pointing out their left-hand paw.

“What an enthusiastic fellow. All right, let’s give Crazy Bear a magical enhancement.”

“Let’s go, Crazy Bear. Huh?”

A running shadow. A rabbit dashes up and slides in.

“You’re coming too?”

The rabbit nods.

“Understood, you’re also joining in on the enhancement!”

Fire Enchantment! ❌0.01

O cold vessel.

Embrace the warmth and enjoy life.

Hold the heat in your heart.

A warm bear~

“Ohhh! My heart is burning! Is this what warmth feels like, partner?”

“Mmmm~~ Crazy Bear you’re so warm.”

Luca hugs Crazy Bear tightly, looking very happy.

“Haha. Once again, I’ve taken a step closer to being human. Thank you, partner.”

“Is it true that Crazy Bear is really alive?! To come up with something like this, you’re amazing.”

Luka gives a sparkling look of respect, seeming to have taken a liking to the idea. But was it really that good just to become warm? I don’t really understand.

As we are lost in thought, I feel something touch my arm and look over to meet the gaze of the rabbit that sprinted towards me.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Tilting its head, it made a squeaking noise and leaned in close.

“Ah, this feels nice.”

Surprisingly, I felt warm and fuzzy inside.

“Ooh, it’s so warm. I know how you feel, Luca! This is amazing!”

“Hey, hey, get away from Aix!”

Luca wriggled around, causing the rabbit to turn to the side.

I couldn’t help but feel bewildered.

“Luca, it’s not good to be jealous of a doll.”

“But… It was supposed to be my-my-my-my…”

Luca started to say something, but then blushed and hid behind Crazy Bear.



As she played with the rabbit, I waited for Luca to finish her cake. Time passed slowly and leisurely in this room.

There is no clock in this room.

She says it’s because she wants her customers to forget about time.

Since I was bored, I started to look at a strange coin I had in my pocket, and it seemed like Luca was interested too.

“What are you looking at, Aix?”

“Um, Mara gave it to me as a thank-you gift.”

“It’s an ancient currency. It’s not in circulation anymore.”

“Ah, so it’s useless.”

That Mara. Huh, wait, is Luca upset about something?

“You can’t use it normally, but this is expensive. By the way, who is Mara? Why did you receive this?”

“Oh, the red-haired adventurer. You know, that tall gal. She just gave it to me for supporting her.”

She was a person so tall that I had to look up to see her.

I’m jealous. When I became a magician, I sacrificed my growth, so I have no room to grow.

“So, Aix, do you prefer big or small?”


I feel some intense pressure.

It’s like when a high elf friend came to visit at my master’s house.

Remember, the correct answer from that time.


“I think I like small ones?”

…How is it?

Luca smiles with a grin.

Phew. I don’t really understand, but it’s safe. Thank you, Master.

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