Chapter 51

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===051 What a coincidence===

Su Hao quickly made a decision and immediately spoke to everyone loudly, “Wait for me for a moment, I’ll solve a problem.”

Then he untied the huge package and placed it on the ground. He took a couple steps forward and whispered, “Father, no matter what I tell you later, don’t show any abnormality.”

Wu Yuntian nodded calmly.

Su Hao quickly said, “About 200 meters ahead, on both sides of the road, there are a total of 10 people hiding. Nine of them are elite warriors. Their goal is probably to assassinate me.”

Wu Yuntian immediately tensed up, but maintained a calm expression, “What’s going on?”

Su Hao said, “It’s hard to explain for now. Let’s take care of them first. I’ll pretend to go to the bathroom, then go around from the side and take them out all at once. Once I leave, immediately inform Uncle Yong and Uncle Li, and the three of you will be responsible for protecting Fatty and Qingqing, just in case. I’m most worried about them being ambushed by the enemy.”

Wu Yuntian immediately refused, “No, going there alone will be sending yourself to death.”

Su Hao said earnestly, “Father, trust me, I’m already a master warrior.”

Wu Yuntian’s heart skipped a beat! For a moment, he couldn’t believe it. But he also knew that his son would never lie to him. If he said he had reached the master level, then it must be true.

Wu Yuntian was caught in a deep self-contradiction, not knowing whether to trust his own knowledge or his son.

“Father!” Su Hao reminded.

Wu Yuntian slowly nodded.

“Just wait a moment!” Su Hao immediately shouted again, then casually pulled out his saber from a huge package and held it in his hand, and disappeared into the tall grass by the road.

On the other side, Dan Sui, with red eyes full of hatred, stared fiercely in Su Hao’s direction. Seeing Su Hao and the others stop, he became anxious and whispered to the middle-aged man next to him, “Father, why have they stopped?”

The middle-aged man’s name is Dan Liqin, the father of Dan Sui. He appeared to be a steady and restrained person.

He glanced at Dan Sui, not disguising his rejection, and said lightly, “No hurry. Just be patient.”

Dan Liqin used to spoil his son very much. He would do whatever it took to get what his son wanted. But now that his son was disabled, he inexplicably started to feel repulsed. Is a son still a son if he can’t bear offspring?

But he still forcefully suppressed this feeling of repulsion and tried to maintain normalcy.

He heard that the enemy Wu Xiangwu was extremely formidable, so he spent a lot of money to hire a group of professional assassins, all of them elite warriors. They were determined to kill with one strike to avoid future troubles.

Dan Sui gritted his teeth and said, “Father, I must kill Wu Xiangwu! I will never let him go. I want to torture him and end him with my own hands. And that He Qingqing, that bitch, I won’t spare her. If she had agreed to my demands earlier, things wouldn’t have turned out like this. It’s all her fault, I want her dead.”

Dan Liqin glanced at his own son and found himself getting more and more annoyed as he looked. He angrily whispered, “Shut up, or I’ll tear your mouth apart.”

Dan Sui looked at his father in disbelief. My own father has never shouted at me before, but why today…

When did it become like this? So unfamiliar!

Su Hao approached stealthily with a knife, planning to launch a surprise attack as soon as he was discovered.

Unexpectedly, before he even reached a distance of ten meters, he was spotted by someone.

“Someone’s approaching! It’s the target.” A low shout. Instantly, the other nine people were startled and jumped up. They no longer bothered to conceal themselves and brandished their long knives.

Dressed uniformly as martial artists, with their faces covered in black cloth.

“Charge!” Su Hao no longer hid his figure and his master-level strength suddenly erupted, covering the short distance of ten meters in an instant.

“Shadow Steps!” Su Hao dashed past the two closest elite warriors, accompanied by two flashes of cold light.

“Splut~” Smooth as slicing a tomato.

The two elite assassins couldn’t even see Su Hao’s figure clearly and their bodies went limp, falling to the ground. Their entire necks, along with their cervical vertebrae, were severed, with only some flesh and skin barely holding them together, struggling to keep their heads from falling off.

“I used too much force!” Su Hao unexpectedly found the time to make a simple summary.

The two elite assassins hadn’t even hit the ground and he didn’t stop his steps.

“Shadow Steps!”

He sidestepped, evading a swinging slash coming towards him, and swiftly swung his long knife in return.


The assassin’s entire head slid off directly. In an instant, their head was severed, reducing the enemy’s suffering. This was his only mercy towards the enemy.

Killing someone for the first time wasn’t as he had imagined; apart from a slight twitch of his eyelids, his heart remained calm as water.

The death of the enemy was no different from being killed by the enemy in his previous lives.

In this short life, we will all lose. He was just sending off those who were to be his enemies ahead of time, that’s all.

“A Master!!!”

In the moment when Su Hao’s blade slid down a head, the remaining elite assassins were horrified. Intense fear rose from their spines to their heads, almost blowing their scalps apart! The momentum of their attack towards Su Hao abruptly stopped.

Su Hao could even see the fear in their eyes.

Elite warriors cannot possibly compete against a grandmaster warrior. Once they become enemies, even escaping becomes a luxury.

The remaining five elite assassins hesitated and were at a loss for what to do.

“It’s impossible!” Dan Sui, who was being held by his father Dan Liqing, cowered behind him and shouted frantically, “How can he be a grandmaster? Have you ever seen a grandmaster this young before? Hurry up, attack, kill him, kill him!”

Su Hao swung his blade, leaving a blood mark on the ground, and smiled broadly. “Dan Sui, my classmate? What a coincidence!”

Dan Liqing immediately turned Dan Sui’s face towards him and slapped him a few times, cursing angrily, “You fool, shut up!”

Dan Liqing recognized the skill. Just by observing Su Hao’s speed, he could determine that it far surpassed that of an elite warrior.

He himself was a veteran high-ranking elite warrior who had been attempting to engrave beast patterns for years but had never succeeded. He had been stuck at the stage of completing the pattern.

When he opened his eyes to look at the pattern, he remembered it, but as soon as he closed his eyes to try and engrave it within himself, he forgot again.

So he would open his eyes to remember, close them to engrave, and forget. After several years of struggling, he couldn’t even complete a single successful engraving, let alone make adjustments.

This short-term memory loss made Dan Liqing extremely frustrated.

At this moment, Dan Liqing cursed his own useless son inwardly. Of all people, he had to provoke a genius grandmaster. He was already considering giving up.

Suddenly, a plan formed in his mind, and he shouted loudly, “If you all want to survive, go ahead and capture some hostages up front!”

After saying this, he immediately dragged Dan Sui and ran towards the rear.

Su Hao’s eyes turned cold in an instant and he muttered, “Do you think you have a chance to capture hostages?”

“Go capture them!” one of the assassins shouted.

As soon as the words fell, one of the large elite assassins foolishly headed straight towards Wu Yuntian and the others.

The other four elite assassins scattered and ran away in an instant.

Su Hao burst forward, with mud and rocks flying, and charged towards the large assassin.

The large assassin instantly realized that he had been deceived by his comrades. Before Su Hao’s blade pierced through his heart from behind, he let out a desperate cry, “You tricked me!!!”

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