Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: You Can Eat So Much, What If the Palace goes Bankrupt?

She stood with her hands on her hips, raising her little face threateningly. “Did you bring money this time? If not, you’ll be in trouble!”

Lin Beifan patted his pockets and straightened his back confidently. “Of course I did. Follow me, I know where to go.”

The little princess believed in Lin’s confidence and nodded eagerly. “Okay, let’s try a different restaurant today. I’m going to eat everything they have and bankrupt you!”

After finishing their meal, Lin Beifan took out a few small silver coins and placed them on the table. The little princess was shocked. “Only ten pieces of silver? That’s not even enough to pay for a single dish! Give me some more!”

“This is all I have!” Lin Beifan said.

The little princess was furious. “You only brought ten pieces of silver?”

“Yes,” Lin Beifan nodded.

The little princess was even more enraged. “You only brought ten pieces of silver and had the audacity to invite me with such confidence?”

“Little princess, you’re not married yet, so you wouldn’t understand! Men like us in this new era leave our money to the women in our family to manage. To prevent us from spending recklessly outside, our wives only give us a small allowance!”

As someone who had gone through this before, Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Back then, before I was married, I felt insecure leaving the house without a hundred or so pieces of silver on me. But now that I’m married, I feel proud to only carry ten pieces!”

The little princess burst out laughing.

Seeing her opponent’s proud expression, the little princess really wanted to punch him. She asked with a black face, “So, you really have no money left?”

Lin Beifan confidently opened his arms and said, “No money left. You can search me if you don’t believe me!”

The little princess actually searched him but found nothing. She reluctantly took out her own money again. “I’ll pay for this one again. Next time, you have to pay me back twice!”

Lin Beifan nodded repeatedly. “Of course, I promise!”

“Promise my foot! You don’t even have any money on you. How can you make a promise to me?” the little princess said angrily.

Lin Beifan remained silent.

On the third day, Lin Beifan managed to return home without being intercepted by the little princess.

However, Li Shi Shi walked out in a panicked manner: “Husband, you finally came back! If you didn’t come back, I wouldn’t know how to handle it!”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Beifan asked puzzled.

“Little County Princess Yunying is here!”

As she was speaking, the little princess walked out of the courtyard proudly.

With her small face held high, she said to Lin Beifan arrogantly, “Lin Beifan, didn’t you say you didn’t bring any money? That’s why I came to you. From today onwards, I’ll stay at your house, eat at your house and drink at your house. I’m going to eat you out of house and home!”

“You don’t have to stay at my house! After all, as a young unmarried lady of the Yun family, it’s not very convenient. But since you’re here, we’ll all treat you well!” Lin Beifan said with a smile.

“Hmph! You know your place! I’m going to eat all the money you’ve greedily obtained!” The little princess snorted.

And so, Lin Beifan’s house gained a cute little foodie.

When it was time for dinner, the little princess looked angry at the table full of delicious food.

“Lin Beifan, you sneaky person! This table of food costs at least a hundred taels of silver, far exceeding your salary. You still say you’re not corrupt?”

“That’s not it at all. These were bestowed upon me by the empress!”

“The empress bestowed them upon you? What happened?” The little princess was confused.

Lin Beifan explained the situation.

“So, these things were all deserved by me. It’s not what you think at all!”

Just as he was speaking, he noticed that the little princess was lowering her head and her eyes were turning red.

Lin Beifan was a little anxious: “Little princess, what’s wrong with you?”

The little princess’s eyes turned red and tears flowed down her face: “Everyday, the imperial kitchen supplies food, and even Empress Big Sister… Empress Big Sister wasn’t so good to me!”

At this point, Lin Beifan reached out his big hand and patted the little princess’s head gently, comforting her in a soft voice, “Don’t be so negative! After all, she is the ruler and has many things to consider for the country. Maybe… she just can’t be too good to you!”

“Is that true?” The little princess raised her head hopefully.

“Of course it is! Just think about it, you can eat so much. What if the palace goes bankrupt? Who dares to be good to you?” Lin Beifan spoke confidently.

“Hateful!” The little princess stopped crying and smiled.

“Stop crying, eat quickly! Otherwise, there will be too many tears and they will be salty!” Lin Beifan laughed.

“Okay!” The little princess lowered her head and ate ravenously.

Then, she stole a glance at Lin Beifan’s handsome profile.

Thoughts flashed through her mind: This guy isn’t actually that hateful!

At this time, in the palace.

The empress finished reading the memorials and remembered something, turning her head to ask: “It seems like Yunying has come back. Why haven’t I seen her come to see me?”

The old eunuch bowed respectfully and said: “Your Majesty, little princess Yunying has indeed returned! However, these past few days she has been pestering the newly appointed top scholar Lin Beifan, saying she wants to eat him out of house and home!”

“Hmm? She actually went up against Director Lin? And said she wants to eat him out of house and home, haha…”

The empress’s interest was piqued: “How is the situation? Was Lin Aiqing at a disadvantage?”

“Your majesty, the little princess wants to eat Sir Lin out of house and home as she always did, but for two consecutive nights, she has been the one paying!”

The empress was surprised: “It was actually Yunying who paid?”

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