Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – Highest Rating

While the pawn shop owner complimented Aix in a light voice, elsewhere unbeknownst to him he received the official highest rating.

“Who on earth is he?”

Everyone froze upon seeing the announcement of the appointment of a new Great Magician hung up in the Magician’s Hermitage.

It was no wonder, as a name unknown to anyone had appeared like a comet.

Aix, a current ranking of 11 in the sequence.

Specialization: Effect Duration Extension.

Details unknown.

Activity suspended.

Recommender: Third Princess Rula.

“…Who is Aix?”

“Huh? Who is he? I’ve never heard of Aix.”

“How did he get into the royal family?”

“Is he some kind of secret child of the royal family?”

The Magician’s Hermitage was an organization that was a counterpart to the adventurer’s guild and was reasonably large.

Someone appeared and sat on the top chair, causing concern.

“Who on earth is he?”

“Find out.”

Ugly jealousy swirled around.

“He’s gone too far by tricking the princess.

“Yes! We need to persuade him to decline after meeting him in person.”

They immediately began to search the register, but strangely his name was not listed anywhere. There was no trace of him ever being registered in the magician’s hut.

…It made no sense.

“We can’t find him!”

The novice magician who was using magic to flip through the register raised a despairing voice.

“You idiot!? Search again from the beginning! Inquire elsewhere or other countries!”

“Well, let me investigate it for you.”

A calm voice echoed as though reassuring the panicked executives.

“Oh! That’s encouraging.”

“Leave it to me. Aix, current organization, World Search.”

Her specialization was to search.

With an air of self-importance, she began to unveil Aix’s mystery veil.

“There are no search results.”

“I see. He was on hiatus. No need to worry. Aix, previous organization.”

The answer that came back was, “Ex’s previous job was as an adventurer guild rank: E, title: defective mage.”

There was a stir of murmurs.

“Strange. Was it hacked?”

“No, please calm down. It may have been just for camouflage. Next time the disguise will be uncovered. That was the previous organization!”

With a smirk, thinking they wouldn’t be fooled, they waited for the answer from the search magic. However…

“Aix’s previous job was as an adventurer guild rank: D, title: defective mage.”

The fact was revealed.

But the man who became a Great Magician was demoted from D to E in the adventurer guild?

It was impossible for clever people to believe such a fact. Therefore, they thought this way.

“This. He’s prepared to investigate! We’re completely played with~!”

“But wait, what kind of magic trick is this!? Is it mental hacking, or visual manipulation?”

They would even discovered Elise the elf if they searched r more, but people easily believe what they want to believe.

The magicians, frightened by the non-existent mental attack magic of the mysterious man Aix, began to look around nervously. And they tried to solve it with magic.

“Counter Magic (Anti-Magic)”

“Analyze (Analysis)”

“Turn Undead (Purification)”

“Holy Light (Sacred Light)”

“True Eyes (Eyes of Truth)”

Various magic flies around in search of the truth, but unfortunately the correct answer remains unchanged for the sake of facts.

The reason why Aix is not registered in the is because magic is learned from Elise individually, and in this town, he was laughed at for trying to enter the Magician’s Hermitage with only beginner-level magic and was recommended to the adventurer’s guild.

“Great Magician! What have you done to us!?”

Aix sneezed.

He didn’t do anything.

“Fufufu.” (Princess Rula)

It was this person who did it.

It was a cute prank with good intentions.

However, great fame attracts those with malicious intent.

This was a miscalculation due to youth.

The naturally born noble did not realize it.

The black emptiness flaps its wings while reading the demon world newspaper.

“Fufufu. Great Magician Aix. Don’t you think you’re getting carried away? Are you a fool?” (Demon King)

The Demon King Fool, who destroyed his own country, stood up with dark eyes.

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