Chapter 5 – Level Up for the first time

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After finishing off the desert viper, Rayne took out his stone knife and stepped forward to skin it.

[You’ve gotten a snakeskin!]

[You’ve got snake meat!]

[You’ve gotten the poison glands!]

Snake skin is a great material for making some tools.

Snake meat is food and can be roasted or cooked and eaten. Due to the game setting Rayne was playing, food does not rot in the backpack, which equates to permanent freshness. If you want fertilizer, you need to build a fertilizer box and dispose of leftover food and plant fibers to produce it automatically. So being in the desert is nothing to worry about, everything is fresh inside the backpack.

Snake meat, although rare, was the only dish for Rayne this time.

Venom glands are a valuable material for making poison arrows and coating weapons with poison, and can be used against large animals or dangerous enemies.

Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to kill an elephant with a bow and arrow, and you would be afraid of being killed by it first before you could shoot it. But with poisoned arrows, you can poison an elephant to death.

Of course, Rayne had no intention of provoking the elephants.

The elephants came in herds, one alone was frightening, a large herd could easily kill him, no need to risk death.

Better to save it for hostile creatures!

If you enter a red dotted area you will be attacked, picking up clay and water both risk being attacked by crocodiles, they are no less dangerous than elephants and poisoned arrows should be used in these areas.

If you can kill the crocodile you will not only get plenty of food, but you will also be able to fetch water without fear.

One poison gland can make five poison arrows, which is more than enough.

Apply the poison to the wooden arrows on the spot and put them in your virtual backpack without worrying about the poison getting on you.

The only concern is whether the meat of the animals killed by the poisoned arrows is edible?

He continued to move towards the waterhole, this time more carefully, keeping an eye on the virtual map in case another red dot appeared somewhere.

Fortunately, he didn’t encounter any other venomous snakes until he reached the waterhole.

Making a wooden shovel and being careful, Rayne started digging up some nearby clay parts.

All was well at first, and he managed to dig out some clay.

But as he got closer to the waterhole, he was spotted by a crocodile on patrol.

One of the larger crocodiles closest to Rayne immediately swam over and locked onto his target.

When Rayne saw the large crocodile approaching him through the virtual map, he backed away and quickly took out a sandstone cube and jumped to place it.

A total of four cubes were placed, each measuring a standard one meter in length, width and height, exactly four meters high.

From a height, he could clearly see the huge crocodile rushing out of the pond and getting under the improvised sandstone pillar, tilting its head back and growling at him, circling around the pillar.

There was no way out of this situation, he had to fight.

He took out a sandstone cube, observed the movement of the crocodile below and timed it to drop in front of him.

The cube fell and hit the crocodile right in its mouth, squashing it directly.

The crocodile rolled and thrashed as its long mouth was crushed, but soon stopped moving.

[You have killed a large crocodile and gained 50 experience points!]

This system’s cube judgment is too strong, isn’t it? It automatically connects to the ground after falling, and the crushed animal is almost killed in seconds! With these cubes, why does he need a weapon?

Rayne’s eyes lit up as the power of the cube’s fall allowed him to find a new way of fighting.

The roar of the large crocodile here attracted the attention of another crocodile in the waterhole and it quickly swam this way, heading towards its friend’s area.

Rayne took out another sandstone cube and prepared to do the same again.

When the big crocodile approached the pillar and saw the pathetic state of his friend, he did not immediately advance, but stopped and circled around him warily.

Rayne lifted the sandstone cube and shouted at it from above, “Come here!”

Although the crocodile did not understand his words, it did not come any closer, but only raised its head and let out a seething growl.
When he saw that the crocodile refused to come closer and would not leave, choosing to stand there in a stalemate, Rayne thought to herself that this was not the way to go, and the crocodile seemed to be quite intelligent. Or perhaps the death of its friend had awakened it.

So he took aim at his opponent and threw the sandstone cube in his hand.

The crocodile ran quickly and dodged the cube, causing it to fall to the ground.

After throwing several sandstone cubes in succession, all of which the crocodile avoided, Rayne realized that this method would not work.

So he switched to his wooden bow and inserted a poisoned arrow.

Throwing the cubes by hand was not fast enough, and it was normal for the crocodiles to avoid them. With the bow it was different, the arrows were shot quite fast, and at such a close distance, only a few meters. Even if the aim was not accurate enough, it was so close to the face that it had a good chance of hitting, and the target was still this big.

The beast was indeed a beast, it was afraid of sandstone cubes, but this was the first time it saw a bow and arrow, and not only did it not run away but even opened its mouth to growl when it found Rayne up there drawing his bow and taking aim.

Rayne drew his bow hard and aimed directly at its open mouth, however the crocodile’s skin was too tough and it was the softest target.

Whoosh!” The poisoned arrow shot out, although it deviated from the position Rayne was aiming for, due to the close distance, it still managed to hit the inside of the crocodile’s mouth, penetrating through the flesh.

The crocodile shook its head in pain and quickly removed the wooden arrow from its mouth, but the poisonous arrow remained inside and the venomous snake venom immediately spread throughout its body.

The crocodile began to roll around, moving quite violently.

Rayne didn’t dare to go down rashly, sitting on the top of the stone pillar and waiting patiently, watching the crocodile struggle for five or six minutes, waiting for it to stop completely.

[You kill a big crocodile and gain 50 experience points!]

[You’ve leveled up!]

[You have earned 5 attribute points!]

[You can open your personal interface to assign attributes!]

The experience points required for the initial level up are not many, and two large crocodiles provide a lot of experience points, directly allowing Rayne to level up to level 1.

Each level up gives you 5 attribute points, which can be allocated to different attributes to bring about different effects.

When he unlocks his personal attributes, a virtual interface appears in front of him, with a full body image of Rayne’s current character and various attributes next to it.

The most important attributes that can be changed are [Strength], [Agility], [Stamina], [Intelligence] and [Luck].

Rayne’s current attributes are 5 Strength points, 7 Agility points, 6 Stamina points, 7 Intelligence points and 4 Luck points.

Strength affects basic attack power and load, which is the damage dealt to enemies in melee combat, as well as the maximum amount of supplies that can be stored in a backpack.

Agility affects ranged weapon damage, character movement speed and the chance of dodging enemy attacks.

Stamina affects the HP blood limit, the character’s stamina value for various actions, and defense.

Intelligence affects magic attack power, mana MP limit, and is the basis for unlocking subsequent manufacturing and construction recipes.

Luck affects the character’s chance of dealing blows to enemies when attacking, as well as the chance of getting supplies when touching corpses to search.

For now, Rayne’s main goal is to escape the desert, and Strength, Intelligence and Luck are not as important as Agility and Strength.

Agility will allow him to move faster, shorten the distance out of the desert and escape the beasts.

Stamina will allow him to go further and last longer.

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