Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: I’m Willing

“Little girl, do you really think you only have a medium-grade Spirit Root?”

Li Zhoujun revealed a mysterious smile on his face as he spoke to Su Nan.


Su Nan was stunned.

While Su Nan was still in a daze, Li Zhoujun extended his index finger and touched Su Nan’s brow.

In the next moment, a chilling aura burst out from Su Nan’s body.

“It’s a holy-grade Ice Spirit Root!”

“This little girl has a hidden dual Spirit Root. Not only does she have a medium-grade Wood Spirit Root, she also has a holy-grade Ice Spirit Root!”

“How can we let such a genius bow down to this useless Li?”

While Li Zhoujun helped Su Nan awaken the holy-grade Ice Spirit Root, the faces of the various mountain masters all showed shock.

Even the patriarch of Daotian Sect, Mu Taiyu, narrowed his eyes.

Although he wanted to accept Su Nan as his true disciple, as the sect master, he couldn’t just snatch away a disciple who had already taken a master. It wouldn’t be fair.

But this Li mountain master was hiding quite deep. How could an ordinary person without a Spirit Root, who couldn’t cultivate, possibly help others awaken their Spirit Roots?

Moreover, he could even see that the girl named Su Nan had hidden Spirit Roots?

Not only that, this Li mountain master dared to help his disciple awaken publicly. It was hard to understand, after all, the faces of the various mountain masters were much thicker than ordinary people’s. It might even lead to an attempt to snatch the disciple.

After contemplating for a moment, Mu Taiyu remained silent.

Instead, he observed quietly.

He wanted to see how deep this Li mountain master’s hiding was after all these years.

If Li Zhoujun gained his approval, there would be no harm in accepting this disciple.

But if he turned out to be useless, he couldn’t entrust this holy-grade Spirit Root disciple to him. Even if she didn’t become a disciple under his door, she could be under the discipleship of the other mountain masters.

Otherwise, Daotian Sect would lose a middle stream pillar of the sect’s future for no reason.

“Yunju Master, with your capabilities, is it not inappropriate for a disciple with this holy-grade Ice Spirit Root to bow down to you?”

As expected, someone already stepped forward to speak as predicted by Mu Taiyu.

At this moment, Li Zhoujun looked at the master who spoke with a calm smile and said, “No need for Master Han Guang to worry. Li Zhoujun will guide my disciple well.”

At this moment, Li Zhoujun had full confidence.

Because he had the “Mysterious Dark Heart Sutra” rewarded by the system. With such a divine technique in his possession, and being a mountain master himself, even if he was a cultivation trash in the past, there were still plenty of spiritual herbs on Yunju Mountain. Even a pig of an instructor could become an immortal.

At this moment, the various mountain masters looked at Li Zhoujun, who stood on the Ascension Platform, wearing a flowing green robe and a calm expression, all dumbfounded.

He’s such a loser, how could he have such confidence?

“Yunju Mountain Master, I advise you not to show off your abilities here. Which one of the major mountain masters present doesn’t have the strength of a Void Immortal in the Return to Void Realm? Letting a cultivation loser like you teach a disciple with a Holy Ice Spirit root, if this matter were to spread, wouldn’t it bring shame to the entire Qingzhou? ”

Fire Maple Mountain Master Liu Yan looked at Li Zhoujun with a smiling face.

Li Zhoujun squinted his eyes.

This guy looks like he’s smiling, but his words are straightforward, hitting right where it hurts.

“Liu Yan is right, Li Zhoujun, your aptitude is not worthy of taking her as a disciple.”

At this moment, a stunning woman in white clothes with a red dot between her eyebrows spoke slowly from her seat among the mountain masters.

This woman in white clothes was extremely beautiful, blooming like a water lily. Describing her as having water as bones and jade as flesh couldn’t be more appropriate.

As soon as this woman in white clothes spoke, a hint of fear flashed across the faces of the mountain masters, and then they all closed their mouths at the same time.

Even Liu Yan, after seeing this woman speak, only moved his mouth and then depressedly closed it.

Li Zhoujun also looked at this woman, who made all the mountain masters shut up. The smile on her face didn’t change at all.

This woman in white clothes was the Master of Lingxue Mountain, named Murong Xue.

She had once defeated Liu Yan, who had burned mountains and boiled seas, ten years ago and made him call her “Miss”.

This matter had caused quite a stir in the Daotian Sect, and Li Zhoujun had naturally heard of it.

“No, don’t!”

At this moment, Chen Shaohua shouted in his heart. At this moment, he was probably the least hopeful person for Su Nan to switch to another mountain master’s sect. After all, if that were to happen, how could he still dare to implement his plan and put pressure on the Su family?

How could he still obtain Su Nan, who he was so infatuated with?

At the same time, when Murong Xue saw that Li Zhoujun didn’t speak, she continued, “It is a loss for the entire Daotian Sect to have you teach someone with a Holy Ice Spirit root, and can you bear to watch a future star be ruined like this, just to save your own face?”

“Murong Mountain Master, what you said makes sense, but this girl has already worshipped me as her master. It wouldn’t be appropriate for her to join your mountain, would it?”

Li Zhoujun smiled and looked at Murong Xue.

Murong Xue said, “If you care so much about other people’s opinions, why bother cultivating as an immortal?”

“Girl, what do you think? Murong Mountain Lord really wants to take you as his disciple.” Li Zhoujun looked at the dazed Su Nan and asked.

“Ah? Me, I…”

Su Nan reacted and her face was full of panic.

She didn’t expect to suddenly become the target of attention. She was a bit overwhelmed by the sudden change.

But if it wasn’t for this loser master who helped her awaken the Holy Ice Spirit root, she wouldn’t have so many elders fighting for her!

How should she choose?

Su Nan’s heart was like an ant on a hot pot, spinning in a circle anxiously.

Suddenly, Su Nan’s mind was filled with the benevolent face of her father, who often smiled at her and said, “The most important thing in life is to have a sense of responsibility. Once you choose something or someone, don’t easily give up, even if it’s difficult, because once you give up, you’ll never know if you’ll give up on the next thing. Maybe if you persevere, you’ll have unexpected results.”

Thinking of what father said, Shu Nan’s eyes gradually became firm. She looked at Li Zhoujun and said, “Um, wait a minute, what should I say to appear more cultured and loyal?”

“One day as your teacher, lifelong as your father!'” Shu Nan thought for a while and said this sentence.

Li Zhoujun was stunned for a moment and said, “Girl, your answer has nothing to do with what I asked. Just tell me, do you want to go back to Yunju Mountain with me?”

“I want to!” Shu Nan’s face turned red, but she still nodded.

“Good!” Li Zhoujun laughed and then looked at Murong Xue with narrowed eyes, saying, “No one can take away my disciples, not even the Emperor himself!”

After Li Zhoujun said this, the patriach, Mu Taiyu, smiled with interest. Chen Shaohua laughed and said, “Shu Nan, you foolish girl, how can you compete with me with this choice?”

While the other mountain masters stared with wide eyes, a commotion arose.

“What has this useless Li Zhoujun gone crazy? How dare he challenge the Mountain Master Murong!”

“He’s tired of living, isn’t he?”

“This Mountain Master Murong even made Liu Yan, that arrogant guy, cry for mercy! How dare he!”

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