Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Drug Dealer? The information is as clean as a blank sheet of paper!


This news was sent to the Chuan Province Bureau of Catchers.

When they first heard it.

The comrades of the Chuan Province Bureau of Catchers became alert.

“Somebody is dealing drugs on the street behind Chengnan Elementary School?”

“Somebody made an anonymous report saying that the owner of that candy shop is dealing drugs!”

The comrades of the bureau quickly exchanged intelligence.

Captain Li Ming of the Chuan Province Anti-Drug Brigade was also alarmed.

Nobody took this matter lightly.

They were located in the southwest, close to the Dian-Tibet area.

Cases of drug trafficking were prone to happen.


Everyone was very cautious about this matter.

“According to the information provided by the informant, investigate the owner of this shop!”

Li Ming sternly instructed the technicians.

The faces of the other catchers also looked grim.

Nobody expected.

That in Huaxia, where the anti-drug efforts were so intensively conducted.

There would be someone daring enough to sell drugs to the outside using rock candy as a cover.

It was simply disrespecting their bureau.


This was truly outrageous!

At this moment.

The incredibly audacious Ji Yan was leisurely heading towards the courier station.

With a small bag of rock candy in his pocket.

“Oh, Xiao Ji, sending something again?”

The old man at the receiving desk of the courier station greeted Ji Yan.

“Yes, someone bought my rock candy!”

“I need to send it out today!”

Ji Yan smiled cheerfully.

“Wow, the business at your candy shop is really good.”

“Amazing, Xiao Ji!”

The old man at the courier station lowered his head and quickly filled in the forms for Ji Yan.

Just as the two were talking.

A man standing behind Ji Yan suddenly made a painful expression and held his stomach.


Upon hearing the sound.

Curious, Ji Yan turned back and took a glance.

It was a man wearing a duck-billed hat and a mask.

It was hard to tell how old he was.

“Brother, brother, help me out!”

The man bent over, clutching his stomach, and reached out to tug at Ji Yan’s sleeve.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Ji Yan was afraid that this person was trying to pull a scam on him.

“Brother, my stomach really hurts!”

“Can you help me send a package? The address is on it.”

“I need to go to the restroom first.”

He said.

The man handed over a small box to Ji Yan.

Before Ji Yan could react.

He was given a small box and a pack of cigarettes.

It was a pack of Yuxi cigarettes!

“Brother, what is this…”

Ji Yan was completely confused.


Big brother, it’s fine if you want me to help you with the package, there’s no need to give me cigarettes!

If you really want to give something, give something else!

I don’t smoke!

The man grabbed Ji Yan’s sleeve.

“Brother, thank you!”

“Please help me send the package, I can’t hold it anymore!”

After saying these two sentences.

The man left immediately, clutching his stomach.

Ji Yan looked at the small box, Yuxi cigarettes, and a note with the address of the recipient in Shanghai, and shrugged helplessly.


It’s just helping out, right!

Then, he handed the small box to the elderly man at the courier station.

“Sir, there’s another one to be sent to Shanghai!”

Because the man only gave Ji Yan the recipient’s address, Ji Yan had to fill in his own return address.

“Found it!”

In just a few minutes.

The technicians found Ji Yan’s identity information.

Everyone immediately surrounded him.

“Ji Yan, male, 22 years old.”

“His parents died in a car accident when he was 17, and he has been living alone all these years.”

“Before this, he has never sold rock sugar online.”

“The online selling started five days ago…”

The technicians read out Ji Yan’s identity information one by one.

On the screen.

A slightly immature photo appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Looking at the photo in front of them.

Li Ming and others beside him looked suspicious.

From his identity.

This Ji Yan doesn’t seem to have anything wrong.

The information is as clean as a blank sheet of paper.


His candy store has a valid production and operation permit.


It made everyone somewhat uncertain.

This Ji Yan doesn’t really seem like the bold and daring drug dealer type.

But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that he is a disguised suspect.

However, it is also possible that the anonymous tip-off call misled the attention of the police.

Involving innocent people.

“Xiao Liu, did you find out the address of the report call just now?”

Li Ming turned to a constable beside him.

“We found it. It was made from a public telephone booth in Hangcheng.”

Upon hearing this.

Li Ming frowned.

For a moment, he didn’t know how to handle this case.

People from Hangcheng calling to report the owner of a small candy store in Chuan province?

There seems to be quite a distance between the two, doesn’t it?

Could it be that the anonymous informant is deliberately diverting the police’s attention?

Li Ming hesitated for a long time.

Finally, he called over an officer named Wang Sheng.

“For now, go and keep an eye on the candy store on the back street of Chengnan Elementary School.”

“See if there is anything unusual about the owner of that candy store.”

This is the only solution.

If Ji Yan is not involved in drug trafficking, they won’t disrupt his normal life.

If Ji Yan is indeed a drug dealer.

Having an officer tail him won’t startle him.

Just report back immediately if there is any situation.


Upon receiving the task, Wang Sheng immediately prepared for surveillance.

Not long after.

Wang Sheng, wearing a simple T-shirt and pants, walked out of the police station.

Seemingly calm, he arrived at the street of Chengnan Elementary School.

He appeared like an ordinary local resident.


Although it seemed like Wang Sheng was watching an old man playing chess, he was quietly observing Ji Yan.

At this moment, Ji Yan himself still had no idea that he was being watched.

After returning from the express delivery station, he sat outside the shop, watching over it.

Relaxed and content.

“Xiao Ji, come and pack some rock candy for me!”

Next door, Wang Ershen called out to Ji Yan.

“I’m coming!”

Ji Yan agreed and hurried outside to weigh the rock candy for Wang Ershen.

Grasping both the online and offline business.

“Auntie, are you going to use this rock candy to make caramel syrup at home?”

Ji Yan smiled as he packed the rock candy for Wang Ershen.

“Yes, we ran out of rock candy at home.”

Wang Ershen smiled and took the bag of rock candy.

At the same time, she handed money to Ji Yan.

“Auntie, take care!”

After completing the transaction, Ji Yan swiftly ran back to his computer desk.

Continuing to chat with customers.

This scene naturally caught the attention of Wang Sheng.

Seeing how harmoniously Ji Yan interacted with the neighbors.

Wang Sheng couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

Could someone like this be a drug dealer?

However, soon enough, Wang Sheng became more vigilant.

Drug dealers are extremely cunning and skilled at disguising themselves.

Who knows if Ji Yan is deliberately trying to deceive them?

The next day.

Wang Sheng once again arrived at the surveillance location.

Throughout the entire day.

Ji Yan made three trips to the express delivery station to send packages.

The rest of the time, he stayed in the shop, typing on the computer and selling rock candy.

Sometimes he smiled brightly, other times he cursed at the computer.

He seemed no different from an internet-addicted teenager.

Wang Sheng honestly reported his observations to his superiors.

“Boss, I’ve been watching him all day.”

“Other than having a lot of packages, there is nothing unusual about this Ji Yan. He has been staying in the candy shop all the time.”


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