Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: I Like the Way You Can’t Stand Me but Can’t Get Rid of Me!

After putting down her phone, Song Yuqing felt inexplicably happy.

She realized that this Lin Beifan had gained yet another advantage – he was more genuine and down-to-earth. He could joke around without any burden of being a wealthy gentleman.

Chatting with him felt especially comfortable.

It had a feeling of playful banter between lovers.

Somehow, she found herself looking forward to tonight’s dinner.

On the other hand, Lin Beifan also put down his phone, a slight smile forming on his lips.

My wife is pursuing me again!

Even though we’ve been a married couple for so long, we still have to go through the process of falling in love once again, seriously!

In their previous life, their story unfolded in a similar manner.

Every time, it was Song Yuqing who took the initiative.

At that time, he was more aloof, busy improving his own strength while dealing with the protagonist.

As they spent more time together, even someone with a heart of stone could be swayed, and so they came together and worked together against the protagonist.

But this time, it’s different!

This time, we will go towards each other!

Lin Beifan got off the bed, washed up, and prepared for the next serious matter.

What is the serious matter for a villain?

Of course, it’s dealing with the protagonist!

His life was so plain, unadorned, and dull!

Arriving at the hospital, he bought a bouquet of white carnations at the entrance, then walked into the hospital room with a grave expression, and placed the carnations in front of a mummy-like figure. “Please accept my condolences…”

Protagonist Xiao Chen: “…”

“Ah, wait, I made a mistake!”

Lin Beifan put on a serious face. “What I meant to say is, please take it easy and don’t look so gloomy!”

Protagonist Xiao Chen: “…”

Can he really not look gloomy and unhappy?

As soon as I woke up, I saw you, my enemy, and I became extremely annoyed!

This is so unlucky!

Lin Beifan continued, “The doctor said it’s just a few broken ribs, nothing serious! You’re young and have a strong recovery ability. You’ll be able to get out of bed and walk within two months. It won’t really affect your daily life!”

Protagonist Xiao Chen’s face turned a little green.

Two months later?

You’re telling me to lie in bed for two months?

Two months later, you and Song Yuqing could be having a baby!

He didn’t know why, but after this rebirth, things seemed even more miserable!

In the previous life, he only suffered from being humiliated by the other party, without any actual losses.

But in this life, he started off lying in bed, and he had to lie there for two months.

I received the protagonist script, why is it so tragic?

Protagonist Xiao Chen clenched his teeth, enduring the pain in his chest. “Thank you! I really… really appreciate it!”

“You’re welcome! We are all like living Lei Fengs in our place, always willing to help!” Lin Beifan grinned.

I like the way you can’t stand me but can’t get rid of me!

So I’m here, enjoying your performance!

Lin Beifan stood up. “It’s getting late now, I won’t disturb your rest. I need to go accompany my girlfriend!”

Protagonist Xiao Chen was taken aback. “Girlfriend?”

“It’s the woman who accompanied me yesterday to bring you here! She’s beautiful, gentle, kind, and well-read. I think I can’t miss out on such a good woman! Wait, I’ll go have dinner with her!” Lin Beifan teased.

Protagonist Xiao Chen turned green again.

What the hell!

How did you two develop so quickly?

Having dinner together yesterday, and now again today?

Even in the previous life, you didn’t meet and have dinner until a few days later!

In a few more days, won’t you be getting intimate?

He felt that he couldn’t let their relationship develop like this!

Otherwise, he would once again have a green hat on his head, and it would be placed there by the same person.

As a reborn person, he couldn’t bear the loss of face!

“Wait… wait a minute!” he shouted strugglingly.

“Do you have something else?” Lin Beifan smiled.

A slight smile appeared on protagonist Xiao Chen’s face. “Can you help me contact my senior brother?”

“Senior brother?”

“He’s someone who is very close to me, my good brother!”

Lin Beifan raised an eyebrow slightly.

He knew this protagonist’s senior brother, named Zhao Siming, in his thirties, possessing outstanding medical skills, and was a very well-known doctor at the Song Hospital.

He provided great help to the protagonist during his rise.

In the original work, it was he who introduced the protagonist to the Song Hospital.

Then, with his exceptional medical skills, the protagonist became a prominent figure in the medical field, resolving the crisis at the Song Hospital and catching the attention of the female lead, Song Yuqing.

At this point, the protagonist Xiao Chen revealed his true identity.

He was the successor of the Ghost Valley Divine Doctor and also Song Yuqing’s fiancé chosen by fate.

Thus, the two naturally got together.

It’s a very cliché and melodramatic plot.

However, it was disrupted by Lin Beifan.

Not only did he make Zhao Siming lose his job, but he also got the protagonist expelled from the hospital, even expelled from the medical field completely, losing all his dignity.

Now, he wanted to see how the other side would struggle.

“Okay, no problem!”

Half an hour later.

A middle-aged man in his thirties, with an air of a bookish scholar, looked excited and saddened at the mummy in front of him.

“Junior brother, how did you end up like this? Who did this to you?”


Lei Feng: Lei Feng is a well-known figure in Chinese culture, particularly during the Mao Zedong era. Lei Feng was a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army who was portrayed as an exemplary communist and a model citizen. He was celebrated for his selflessness, dedication, and willingness to help others. Lei Feng’s life and actions were heavily promoted through propaganda campaigns, and he became a symbol of selflessness, volunteerism, and devotion to the Communist Party and the nation.

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