Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Awakening

Consciousness disappeared.

Xu Yuan felt as if he had arrived in an infinite void, where boundless darkness and cold enveloped him.

Lost all five senses.

There was no passing of time.

After an unknown amount of time, loneliness and despair engulfed his entire body.

He, was he dead?

Xu Yuan felt that he should be dead.

Being taken care of by that senseless block of ice while suffering from hypothermia and fever, he couldn’t imagine surviving.

Regardless of how afraid of death one was during life, at the moment of death, there was only relief.

At this moment, Xu Yuan even felt that the feeling of death was not bad.

He could feel a warm touch constantly flowing at his mouth, and even entering his mouth.

It was liquid.

Slightly fishy, yet somewhat sweet.

It tasted good.

Like drought-stricken soil being nourished by sweet rain, the urge to swallow and suck occupied all his instincts.



If he was dead, why could he still drink something?

With this strange thought, his lost senses slowly began to return to consciousness, and eventually he could clearly hear the sound of “gulp, gulp, gulp”.

Slowly opening his eyes, the unfocused pupils made the scene before him somewhat blurry.

Accompanied by the sound of “gulp, gulp,” the unconscious Xu Yuan gradually saw a clear picture before him.

He saw those clear eyes.

Blurred consciousness made Xu Yuan momentarily confused about the current situation. After staring at the other person for two seconds, he subconsciously tilted his head.

But as soon as he made a movement, a small, cold hand immediately held his head down, preventing him from moving.

It was Ran Qingmo.

Xu Yuan opened his mouth to speak, but noticed that the spout of a water bag was plugged into his mouth, and warm liquid was continuously flowing into his throat.

Gradually becoming aware, Xu Yuan clenched his fist little by little and began to struggle, but the other person’s strength was too strong.

The feeling of being forcibly watered was not good, let alone the spout of this water bag was quite long and the liquid continued to flow into his throat.

Their gaze met.

While Xu Yuan was struggling to swallow, he blinked his eyes with effort.

Ran Qingmo also blinked her eyes, then nodded at him.

Xu Yuan: “….”

Several seconds of silence, his face gradually turning red, and the sound of water being poured became the only sound in the cave.

At this moment,

Xu Yuan finally understood why his past girlfriends had slapped his thigh so hard.

When the liquid ran out, Ran Qingmo put away the water bag and silently got up to leave.

As the she left, the restraint disappeared.

The feeling of suffocation caused Xu Yuan to gasp for air as if he had been reborn. He slowly sat up, wanting to curse, but before he could speak, he was surprised and raised his hand to look at his own body.

As the liquid was injected, his originally icy-cold body gradually began to heat up. The heat dissipated quickly, spreading from his stomach to his limbs at a visible speed, gradually dissipating the accumulated chill in his body.

This was an unprecedented experience, faster than any miracle drug in his past life.

“What did you feed me?” Xu Yuan spoke, his voice still a little hoarse but not as weak as before.

As he spoke, Xu Yuan looked towards Ran Qingmo’s back and suddenly realised that the cave had become much warmer, with a faint mist in the air.

Just as doubt arose in his heart, Xu Yuan’s gaze swept over to something that almost took his breath away.

Since he crossed over, he had almost always awakened to something that tested his limits mentally and physically.

The cave’s entrance was an oval shape with a radius of two meters.

And it was precisely this seemingly unremarkable cave that was now almost completely blocked by a huge head.

It was a giant python.

Two fangs protruded from its mouth, and its half-closed snake-like eyes were sinisterly staring into the cave. Its entire body was covered in red scales, as if on fire. A single horn on its head emitted a faint golden light, and the huge flaps of meat on either side of its head gently undulated with its breathing.

As rain fell on the python, steam immediately rose from the hot scales on its body.

Mist filled the air, and the cave felt like a fairyland.

What was this?

Xu Yuan struggled to stand up and slowly retreated backwards. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw this giant python staring at him not far away. His past beliefs prevented him from accepting it temporarily. Didn’t he have to go through a beginner’s village to adapt? Could this giant python be something he could encounter in a beginner’s village?

In the midst of Xu Yuan’s immense shock, he caught a glimpse of the black figure jumping onto the head of the snake demon.

Amidst the hazy mist, by the faint light between the rain curtains,

Following the movements of the black figure, Xu Yuan saw the clear crystal-like ice cone behind the giant python’s head.

A huge ice cone that pierced seven inches through the giant python outside the hole and nailed it to the ground!

Ran Qingmo aimed the spout of the water bag at the sharp horn on the snake demon’s head, tapping its hard scales with the hilt of her sword.

The giant python closed its snake eyes as if accepting its fate. A few drops of golden liquid seeped out from the horn and into the water bag.

After one water bag was filled, the aura of the snake demon visibly weakened.

Ran Qingmo jumped off the snake demon and handed the water bag to Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan calmly accepted it, although he was still a bit dazed.

After handing the water bag to Xu Yuan, Ran Qingmo looked around the cave, blinked his eyes twice, seemed to recall something, and silently ran into the rain curtain.

Staring at the direction he left, Xu Yuan’s stiff mind began to turn.

Looking at the giant python blocking the door, Xu Yuan realized that the big block of ice dragged this thing back half-dead to save him.

The rain continued to fall, and the woman’s figure disappeared completely in the rain curtain.

About a minute later,

Ran Qingmo returned from the rain, carrying a large bundle of wet firewood. As the dry ground touched the wet wood, water splashed everywhere.

Ignoring Xu Yuan’s surprised gaze, Ran Qingmo quietly arranged the wet wood into a campfire two meters away from Xu Yuan, seemingly preparing to start a fire with wet wood.

Xu Yuan looked at his actions and smiled, subconsciously preparing to dissuade him.

But in the meantime, Ran Qingmo had already flashed to the side of the giant python’s head, with clear and serene eyes, tapping its head with his sword hilt.

The giant python seemed to be frightened by the blow, looking at Ran Qingmo fearfully, opening its mouth and extending its slim and long snake tongue. Suddenly, a scorching feeling rose in the cave.

The wet firewood was visibly steamed dry at an alarming rate, then slightly touched by the snake’s tongue, and a flicker of flames lit up the cold stone walls of the cave.

Xu Yuan opened his mouth to speak but then silently swallowed back his words.

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