Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Under the eaves, one must bow!

Lin Beifan returned to the dilapidated thatched house, packed his belongings quickly, and left with Bai Yiyi.

Not long after, the two arrived at a quiet little mansion.

Bai Yiyi pointed to a large and bright room, smiling, “Junior Lin, from today onwards, you’ll live here! My room is next door. If you need anything, just call, and I’ll be there immediately!”

“Thank you, Senior Bai!” Lin Beifan respectfully said, putting down his luggage, raising some dust.

Bai Yiyi furrowed her brows.

Due to long-term vacancy, the place had accumulated some dust, and there were spider webs on the ceiling.

So, Bai Yiyi rolled up her sleeves, “Junior Lin, wait a moment. Let me tidy this place up, and then you can move in.”

Lin Beifan was pleasantly surprised, “Senior Bai, how can I trouble you? I can handle this myself!”

He quickly reached out to stop her.

But Bai Yiyi was not pleased.

Rarely having the chance to help her brother with something, and she couldn’t fulfill her wish.

“I’ll do it; you watch from the side!”

“Let me do it!”

Bai Yiyi threatened with a puffed-up mouth, “Don’t move. If you move again, I’ll get angry, and when I’m angry, I hit people!”

Lin Beifan finally withdrew his hand, shaking his head.

Ah, can’t really do anything with you!

So, Lin Beifan could only sit pitifully in the corner with a small stool, watching Bai Yiyi sweep and clean.

Until, everything was spotless.

“All done, great success!”

Bai Yiyi breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the nonexistent sweat on her forehead, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Finally, she could help her brother with something, happy!

In the future, I want to do even more!

Bai Yiyi, you can do it, keep it up!

Satisfiedly surveying the room, she noticed it seemed to lack something.

“Oh right, almost forgot!”

She patted her head, swiftly ran back to her room, and spread an unused quilt and pillow on the bed.

Then, she brought some colorful cloth to decorate the room.

Until the end, the room was arranged to be very warm, unexpectedly feeling like home.

However, Bai Yiyi was still not entirely satisfied. “There are too few daily necessities here, and the furniture is not complete. We’ll go to the market later to buy some.”

Once again, Lin Beifan was pleasantly surprised, “That’s enough, I think it’s fine! As cultivators, we don’t need these things…”

Bai Yiyi waved assertively, exuding a hostess-like aura. “Junior Lin, don’t speak. I decide how things are arranged here; you just need to enjoy!”

“Alright!” Lin Beifan nodded in acquiescence.

Bai Yiyi sat on the edge of the bed, patted the spot next to her, and said, “Junior Lin, come sit here; I have something important to tell you!”

Lin Beifan’s heart skipped a beat, immediately sitting up attentively, solemnly saying, “What is it, Senior Bai, please tell me!”

Bai Yiyi coughed, “Junior Lin, the first thing I want to tell you is, from today onwards, you have to call me sister, not Senior Bai!”

Lin Beifan was dumbfounded, “Huh? Why?”

Bai Yiyi earnestly said, “Because ever since I saw you, I’ve had a warm feeling, wanting to recognize you as my brother!”

Lin Beifan continued to be dumbfounded, “Huh? Recognize me as your brother?”

Bai Yiyi looked at Lin Beifan’s foolish expression and burst into laughter.

Brother was just as silly back then, not changed at all.

Bai Yiyi smoothed her hair nervously, then asked, “By the way, do you feel anything when you see me?”

Lin Beifan furrowed his brow, “It’s strange, even though we’ve never met before, I feel a warm connection when I see you. It’s inexplicable, making me want to be close and protective…”

Bai Yiyi nodded happily, “Exactly… I feel the same way. Maybe this is fate! So, from today onwards, let’s address each other as siblings. You call me sister, and I’ll call you brother!”

Lin Beifan felt a bit uneasy, “Senior Bai, this is too lofty for me. I’m just an ordinary disciple! Besides, if this becomes known outside, they might…”

“You’re not ordinary at all! You are my Bai Yiyi’s brother. In this lifetime, you’re destined for greatness, soaring to the highest realms! Whoever opposes us, we’ll break their legs!”

Her words were assertive, leaving Lin Beifan speechless.

“Alright, now that everything’s clear, you know what to do. Don’t disappoint me!”

Bai Yiyi extended her delicate jade hand, pinching Lin Beifan’s cheek with a threatening demeanor.

Lin Beifan helplessly exclaimed, “Sister!”

Bai Yiyi joyfully responded, “Brother!”

Then, she pounced into Lin Beifan’s arms.

For a moment, Lin Beifan felt the warmth and tenderness.

Holding Bai Yiyi’s delicate body, tears silently flowed in his heart.

Under the eaves, one must bow!

After sorting out the matters of daily life, Bai Yiyi turned her attention to Lin Beifan’s cultivation.

After all, in this xianxia world, cultivation was the main focus.

Having found her brother, she hoped to achieve immortality together and stay together forever.

Lin Beifan sighed, “My spiritual roots are too poor. That’s why, after three years in the sect, I still haven’t reached the extraordinary realm!”

Spiritual roots are divided into nine grades, with the ninth being the lowest and the first being the highest. Above the first-grade spiritual roots, there are rare celestial spiritual roots and even rarer holy spiritual roots.

Bai Yiyi has celestial spiritual roots, making her progress in cultivation rapid and breakthroughs as simple as drinking water.

However, Lin Beifan only has sixth-grade spiritual roots, barely meeting the entry standard for the Tai Xuan Sword Sect. In his life, he can only cultivate to the extraordinary realm.

As for realms beyond the extraordinary, he doesn’t dare to think about them without the Heart Sutra in his body.

“It’s a problem, but not a big one!” Bai Yiyi reassured him. “Poor spiritual roots can be compensated with resources. From what I know, many in our sect had mediocre spiritual roots, but eventually, they reached the saint realm relying on vast resources.”

“Moreover, the world has genius treasures and miraculous elixirs that can compensate for spiritual roots. Brother, I’ll definitely find them for you.”

Lin Beifan, however, didn’t hold much hope.

Although resources could compensate for the deficiency in spiritual roots, the required resources were astronomically large, comparable to astronomical figures.

As for genius treasures and miraculous elixirs that could compensate for spiritual roots…

Those things were already extremely rare, and each time they appeared, powerful individuals fought fiercely for them. How could he, a small fry, have a chance?

“I’ll still place my hope in the ‘Great Dream Heart Sutra’!”

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