Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Zombies on the Defeat 2

Batts, the leader of the defeated Zombies, cursed after Aix’s devastating counterattack.

“Tch. We’re screwed if we have to face such a weakling. I’m going to beat him till he cries later, together with my comrades.”

Batts often picked fights, but he had never actually fought anyone. He always chose opponents who wouldn’t fight back.

Elfman gave Batts the good news of the forest rangers’s succes.

“Hey Batts, we’ve received a report on the forest defense team’s succes!”

Finally! This was the signal they had been waiting for, their bonus time.

Batts put on his shadow robe, soaked in magic repellent, and excitedly set foot into the forest.

“Gihihi, we’re going to make a killing this month too.”

“Heheh. You said it.”

“I agree.”

Three hours later.

They lost Aix’s blessing and realized their mistake. Covered in mud, they didn’t seem like heroes anymore as they ran from the monsters.

Today, there were no magic stones and the monsters were still alive. On top of that, Dwarf didn’t make it back and Elfman was trembling in fear, urine flowing down his legs.

They couldn’t return to the guild empty-handed like this. If they did, they would become the ones who were robbed in the blink of an eye. As Batts was thinking about it, he came up with a good idea and grinned.

“Alright, let’s go, Poopman.”

Elfman bit his lips in fear.

The Zombies reported back to the guild and were greeted by the receptionist’s smiling face and other adventurers, who looked like zombies craving for loot.

As usual, they were given a warm welcome, but Batts felt uncomfortable under their expectant gaze and looked away.

“Sorry. This month has been zero achievements. Actually, I was betrayed by Dwarf and he stole all of my magic stones.”

There was a commotion.

It was hard to believe, but he chose to tarnish his companions’ honor with lies in order to save himself. He was truly a despicable man.

Second, who was in conflict with the Zombies, bit back.

“Batts, did you fail?”

Slashed by logic, Batts turned red-faced and bought into this provocation!

“What? Do you want me to teach you? The sharpness of my magic sword?”

The Second, who was not expecting this reaction, became unable to retreat.

“Well. I want to know.”

The people between the two who were unable to withdraw were split, and a path to death was formed.

The one who made the first move was:

“You bastard, I’ll kill you!?”


No, Batts didn’t move.

Is he hesitating on whether to draw his sword?

No, when you look closely at the sword, the sheath is frozen.

Aix’s gentle magic had turned the magic sword into a cold stick.

Second, who understood the situation, raised both hands and surrendered.

“Huff. Hehehe. I give up! What can you teach me, Batts-san of the Zombies? Ah, pathetic, you’re not even worth fighting.”

Stirred up, he tried to draw his sword, but he couldn’t.

“Don’t make fun of Batts-san!”

The adventure’s assistant appeared and Batts’ face lit up with joy. However, what leaked out of him, overwhelmed with gratitude, was not thanks but a further request.

“Ah, you are not like the other onlookers. This is what a true companion is like! Oh, and one more thing, I’ll pay you back next month. Can you lend me some money for the diner in advance?”

Batts had absolute confidence in making such a small request. After all, the person who came to help him was always like a younger brother who stayed till the end of the party and was incredibly generous, and the sword hanging from his waist was Batts’ hand-me-down.

“Well, um…I don’t have any savings…”

However, he was rejected.

“What? Why are you lying like that? Didn’t you say you’re saving up for buying a house? You guys heard that before, right?” Batts criticized the assistant and looked around for agreement, but the adventurers who gathered around quickly dispersed.

“That’s a lie, right? You guys said that you’ll stay with Batts until the very end no matter what just yesterday, didn’t you? What the hell?”

That was just a drunken conversation.

From that day on, the honor of the young heroes, the Zombies of the guild, was lost. The only thing left for them was to be in debt.

Or rather, they were the guys collecting and boasting about the magic stones of the monsters that Aix had defeated, so this was a natural outcome.

“The Zombies are done, too.”

The era of glory for the guild burst like bubbles with someone’s murmur.

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