Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: The Empress is too extravagant, giving out rewards again!

The next day, in the Golden Imperial Hall…

“Where is Director Lin?”

“Here, Your Majesty!”

“I Grant Director Lin a purple-gold auspicious cloud carriage, and ten rolls of damask silk!”

Lin Beifan was stunned!

It was so early in the morning, and he was being given a carriage and ten rolls of silk?

He was caught off guard, and had no mental preparation for this!

The court officials were also stunned!

It was so early in the morning, and Lin Beifan had not even done anything yet, and he was given a carriage and ten rolls of silk?

What was the Empress thinking?

Even if she favored Lin Beifan, shouldn’t she follow the basic laws?

If she gave him so many good things without him having any merit, wouldn’t it make us feel unbalanced?

Lin Beifan was about to speak, but the Empress sternly said, “Director Lin, you must not refuse, otherwise I will punish you!”

Lin Beifan was even more confused!

Damn it!

The Empress was too extravagant!

She was rewarding me with gifts and not even letting me refuse. Can’t she respect my human rights?

Unfortunately, this was a feudal society where the power of the ruler was supreme!

Therefore, Lin Beifan could only say with tears in his eyes, “Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty!”

“Hmm!” The Empress nodded in satisfaction, then looked at the officials who were about to speak and said, “Let the court begin. If you have memorials, present them. Otherwise, you may leave!”

And so, the Empress went ahead and gave Lin Beifan a luxurious carriage without consulting anyone.

There was nothing significant that happened that day, and the court session ended quickly.

Lin Beifan walked out of the palace with the officials, preparing to ride his own little pony to the Imperial Academy.

At that moment, a coachman led a carriage towards him, and respectfully said, “Sir Lin, this is the purple-gold auspicious cloud carriage that Her Majesty has rewarded you with! And also ten rolls of damask silk, which have already been sent to your residence!”

“This is the carriage that Her Majesty has rewarded me with?” Lin Beifan looked at the luxurious carriage in front of him and was stunned.

The carriage was over two meters tall and was made of reddish-brown wood. It looked quite tall and resembled a small house on wheels. The windows and railings were exquisitely carved, clearly the work of a skilled craftsman.

On top of the carriage hangs a purple-gold auspicious cloud, appearing noble and elegant. The horses pulling the carriage are even more impressive, as they are two mighty sweat-blooded BMWs, equivalent to the Rolls-Royces in modern society. Two sweat-blooded BMWs are like two Rolls-Royces, and with the luxury carriage being pulled behind, this carriage is simply a fighter jet among Rolls-Royces!

“Is this the carriage Her Majesty gave me?” Lin Beifan asked again.

The coachman respectfully bowed his head and smiled, “Yes, how dare I deceive you, sir?”

Lin Beifan was certain that this was the carriage Her Majesty gave him, as extravagant as always. Looking at the carriages and sedan chairs of the officials nearby, they could also be considered luxurious, but compared to Lin Beifan’s purple-gold auspicious cloud carriage, they appeared particularly shabby and of lower class.

There wasn’t a single official with a lower position and rank than Lin Beifan present, but he was riding a better carriage than any of them! A carriage not only serves as a means of transportation, but it also represents one’s status! These high-ranking court officials, who governed the imperial dynasty, were surpassed by a mere sixth-ranked official. They felt envious, jealous, and resentful. Wasn’t Her Majesty showing too much favoritism to this little bastard?

However, amidst the admiring gazes of the crowd, Lin Beifan sighed with sorrow. An official couldn’t help asking, “Sir Lin, why do you sigh?”

“Because I feel that my life is hopeless,” Lin Beifan sighed. “Look at me, although I’m just a sixth-ranked official, I live in a luxurious mansion, eat food from the Imperial Kitchen, drink the palace’s finest wines, wear top-notch silk and satin, travel in a top-notch luxury carriage like the purple-gold auspicious cloud, and have an endless amount of silver…”

Lin Beifan lifted his head and pleaded, “Gentlemen, can you tell me where my life is headed?”

The faces of the officials turned black!

What a troublemaker! Is he trying to provoke them?

They didn’t want to see him anymore, so they left in anger!

Then, Lin Beifan got into his own Rolls-Royce and went to work at the Imperial Academy. On the way, he learned from the coachman that he was also arranged by Her Majesty to help him take

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