Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – Buff Magic 3

When I woke up, I was on a bed in an unknown inn.

Were my clothes in disarray?

And come to think of it, I even had my shoes on.

This is a little too much.

“Good morning, Aix. Give me a buff magic.”

“I don’t want to.”

As soon as I refused Mara’s request, I heard the anguished voice of the scholar lady.

“Young boy, won’t you at least listen to the reason why?”

“Well, I’ll listen.”

She started speaking with a serious expression.

“I am Sera. I am a magic scholar attempting to prove the structure of a barrier. But the other day, I was caught by the Phantom Witch.”

“Did she really exist?”

She was said to see the future.

She was said to live a thousand years.

A fortune-telling witch who longed for eternity and was trapped in the abyss realm.

Sera nodded and imitated her mannerisms.

“Heehee, the protection of this city was lost. Listen carefully. The three suggestions for evasion are [New Barrier], [Forest Rangers], and [Electric Shock]. The lucky word to overcome obstacles is [Support 1], remember that well. If you forget this, a happy future will be closed off.”

Cold sweat ran down my back.

This is because my magic run out, huh?

“Support 1.”

“Wow!! Hmph. Thank you. But, are you okay with this when you so adamantly against it?”

It’s okay. I’m sorry, actually, for you getting involved.

I answered with an ambiguous expression.


I heard Mara clear her throat, so I turned around.

“I am Mara Ion. If Aix doesn’t give me the buff magic, I will vomit.”

Suddenly, Mara jumped on the bandwagon.

Um, I know your name, and besides, you shouldn’t vomit if you don’t push yourself, right?

“What does that mean?”

When I looked at Mara with cold eyes, tears welled up in her eyes.

No…why did she think she could get away with it?

It’s like I’m the bad guy here.

“I am Mara Ion. I vomit without Aix’s buff magic.”


This girl has contracted the NPCs’ disease. It’s a sickness where they repeat the same thing over and over again. Mara repeats with tears in her eyes:

“I am Mara Ion…”

She’s pathetic.

Well, this is only for this time.

“Support 1.”

“Ahh, thank you Aix! *vomits*”

Guarding with outstretched hands against advancing big tits.

My palm strikes Mara’s soft cheeks.

“You should go to bed for a while!”

Well, there isn’t really any damage, and Mara flies straight into her bed.

“Sorry to say, but I don’t have any money.”


Suddenly, Sera announces this seriously. Well, I don’t really need any.

“The thing is, I won’t make any money unless my research sells. So, please do as you want with my body.”

Sera tightly closes her eyes and takes a pose of submission, so I give her a chop.

“Don’t be silly. You can pay me after your research sells.”

“Thank you, young boy.”

She smiles and shyly fixes her disheveled hair with my chop.

I’m curious, so I can’t help but ask. The barrier she was researching falls under the jurisdiction of magicians, so it’s impossible to prove.

“By the way, since the barrier is sorcery, structural proof is impossible.”

“Ah, yes. That’s true. That’s why when I heard about new type of barriers, I came to this town to investigate.”

That’s my barrier (laughs).

“Those are just stuns, you know.”

“Indeed it was appraised as such, but it’s impossible. It has no energy or power, just a result.”

“That’s also magic, isn’t it?”

“Ugh, it’s still a hollow wall here. Did I approach it wrong? Oh, I see! Sorcery might be impossible, but electric shock can be reproduced by science! Haha, my lucky word is giving me the answer.”

“Why are you working so hard?”

I’m giving it my all, but I feel like I’m about to die.

“A sense of duty…is the superficial reason, but my true motive is childish revenge. I want to become someone great and prove people wrong. Does that make you look down on me?”

An unexpected reason.

“No, I think it’s great. I hope you can find substitute for the barriers.”

“Thank you.”

She became cheerful again

“What about Mara?”

“Well, for me, it’s when a child said thank you to me. I can’t forget it.”

Is that the reason?

I look at Mara’s cheerful expression.

“That’s why, thanks Aix.”


Suddenly, Mara, who always tries to be older sisterly, laughed without a care in the world.

This is unfair.

Ah, her true nature is this way.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but why not use your power for people who truly need it? Like us. I become addicted to receiving heartfelt gratitude.”

“Yes, yes.”

Mara is still Mara.

In my hand is Mara’s grateful coin.

Two beautiful women and me in one room, and when we came out, I had more money. That’s me.

“That was enjoyable, wasn’t it?”

The innkeeper said with a satisfied look as if I had done something pervert, which irritated me. He doesn’t even know anything.

As soon as I stepped out, the voyeurs greeted me.

“Young boy, that was the best.”

Seeing the ecstatic faces of the two, the bystanders got confused and misunderstand.

“Looking forward for the next time, Aix!”

The voyeurs looked like they were about to cry.

Those two…

Ah, what should I do next month?

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