Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: Prime Minister is Actually… The Supreme Grandmaster!!!

Lin Beifan soared without any support, floating as if he were a deity. A general was full of astonishment, his eyes nearly popping out: “Supreme.. Commander, how did he fly?”

An old courtier was equally shocked, his mouth wide enough to swallow a chicken egg: “Isn’t the Prime Minister a scholar? How can he fly? Could it be that the Prime Minister is also a martial arts master?”

A cultivator sighed, “Even if he’s a martial arts master, he can only leap, not truly fly! Perhaps a grandmaster could!”

“But even a grandmaster doesn’t have such an ability! Even if they can control qi to glide briefly and hover, they wouldn’t be as effortless as him! Lin Beifan’s ability is akin to that of a deity!”

Someone went crazy, “Can someone tell me what’s going on here?”

This scene left everyone in shock!

Everyone knew that Lin Beifan was a scholar, exceptionally talented in academics, achieving top honors in the imperial examinations and rising steadily in his career, becoming one of the most prominent figures in the martial world.

For over three years, he hadn’t displayed any martial prowess. But now, he was flying in front of everyone!

Moreover, he was flying so naturally, so mysteriously, so ethereally…

This was something that ordinary martial artists couldn’t do! It challenged everyone’s worldview!

Only the Empress secretly took notice, thinking, “This guy can’t hide anymore, haha!” At this moment, Lin Beifan had already flown to the front of the old man, who remained tense and furrowed his brows.

Until now, he couldn’t discern Lin Beifan’s background. He couldn’t see any signs of cultivation, what martial arts he practiced, or his level of attainment…

Because he couldn’t see through, he felt anxious.

Because he was one of the most powerful grandmasters in the world, standing at the pinnacle of strength, yet he couldn’t discern Lin Beifan’s secrets, which spoke to Lin Beifan’s extraordinary nature. “Who exactly are you?” the old man questioned.

“I am Lin Beifan, Prime Minister of the Great Wu Empire, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, hereditary Loyal and Valiant Prince, and also, still Her Majesty’s husband. At the same time, I’m one of the people you came to hunt down!” Lin Beifan said with a smile.

“It’s impossible!” the old man firmly declared, “As far as I know, Lin Beifan is just a highly educated ordinary person. He couldn’t possibly possess the kind of cultivation and strength you have!”

“There’s nothing impossible!” Lin Beifan proudly stated, “Previously, I held a high position of authority, and there were people to do my bidding, so I didn’t need to resort to martial force. But since you’ve come to kill me, I have to defend myself!”

“What level of cultivation have you reached now?” the old man asked again. Everyone below listened intently.

Lin Beifan smiled and said, “Didn’t I just tell you a moment ago? I’m slightly stronger than you!”

“It’s impossible! Absolutely impossible!” the old man declared once again, “I’ve cultivated 150 techniques, and my strength has already reached the pinnacle of a grandmaster! You being slightly stronger than me… unless you’ve already… ” Before he could finish his sentence, the old man’s pupils contracted, showing signs of shock. His body involuntarily took a step back, jumping to another palace and creating distance.

The spectators below couldn’t contain their curiosity. “What does this old man mean? He didn’t finish speaking, but he already retreated!”

“He’s really keeping us in suspense!”

“In fact, the old man has already said it. He mentioned that his cultivation has reached the pinnacle of a grandmaster, but the Prime Minister is slightly stronger than him, so there’s only one possibility… “The Prime Minister has reached the realm of the Supreme Grandmaster!”

“Supreme Grandmaster!!!”

“Supreme Grandmaster!!!”

The crowd gasped in amazement.

You see, the Supreme Grandmaster is the ultimate achievement in a martial artist’s cultivation!

Such experts are exceedingly rare, seen once in a century!

It can be said that they are almost mythical!

Every Supreme Grandmaster has the power to change dynasties, and even empires are not exempt!

But now, the scholar Lin Beifan, who seemed powerless in their eyes, is revealed to be one of these formidable experts. How is this possible?

Not only did the old man not believe it, but even the onlookers couldn’t believe it either!

“Have you figured it out?” Lin Beifan faced the old man and asked with a smile, “Now that you’ve figured it out, what do you think I should do with you? You dared to disrupt my wedding and even plotted to take the heads of both me and His Majesty. What do you say…?”

“What punishment should you receive!!!” This sentence was accompanied by a mental attack from Lin Beifan.

The old man was caught off guard and injured by the sound alone. His face turned pale, and a trace of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth.

However, his eyes were filled with shock.

Just a single sound had already injured him.

Could it be that the other person really was…

“No! This king does not believe it!” The old man could hardly accept this reality. The person he intended to kill turned out to be a Supreme Grandmaster, a realm he had been tirelessly pursuing for years.

A strong sense of crisis surged into his heart. He knew that acting first meant an advantage, while hesitating meant disaster. “Meet your end!” The old man screamed frantically, his hands gathering a terrifying palm force and pushing it with all his might.

A tremendous and overwhelming force swept forth like a tidal wave!

In an instant, the world changed color!

The people in the imperial palace also had their faces transformed.

“What a powerful move!!!”

“Under this move, the entire palace would be reduced to nothing, and anyone below the level of a grandmaster would perish!”

“Even a grandmaster would probably struggle to resist!”

“Stop it!”

Only Lin Beifan’s expression changed, but his eyes grew colder: “Stubborn and overestimating yourself!”

He extended his hand with a gentle wave, and the overwhelming force that had surged like a mountain and ocean quickly dissipated, turning into a gentle breeze. The old man’s pupils contracted as his full-force palm attack was effortlessly dispelled by Lin Beifan.

Realizing that he couldn’t compete, the old man immediately retreated with lightning speed.

Lin Beifan remained composed, his figure flickering, and in the blink of an eye, he crossed the tens of meters to arrive in front of the old man, extending his hand. The old man wanted to resist, but for some reason, he couldn’t move at all, and he could only watch helplessly as Lin Beifan grabbed his neck like an eagle seizing a chick.

“On the day of my grand wedding, it’s not appropriate to shed blood! So, I’ll seal your cultivation for the rest of your life, and you’ll spend it in the dungeon!” Lin Beifan’s voice was calm, as if passing judgment.

“No! Please…” the old man pleaded in terror.

Having his cultivation sealed was even more agonizing than being killed. However, Lin Beifan seemed to have no consideration for him. With a slight shake of the hand holding the old man, all the bones and meridians in his body were shattered, turning him into a cripple. But Lin Beifan wasn’t done yet; he invaded the old man’s mind, erasing all his memories related to martial arts. Then, he tossed him to the ground, his fate hanging in the balance.

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