Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: I was once a grandmaster, but not anymore!

Facing the threatening crowd, the old man remained unfazed. He just shook lightly, releasing a terrifying aura that swept in all directions.

The court experts who came to attack were all blown away by this force.

“Grandmaster-level power!” The crowd exclaimed. Only a grandmaster could possess such a terrifying ability, using just his aura to send innate experts flying.

“No, he is definitely not a grandmaster!” Sword Immortal Shangguan Jianhun rushed into the scene, holding a sharp sword. He said with a serious tone, “Even if he is a grandmaster, he doesn’t have such a terrifying presence!”

“You’re right, he is definitely not a grandmaster, or at least not an ordinary one, because I sense a threat from him!” Saber Saint Ouyang Badao also appeared, his blade infused with true energy, ready to strike.

“You are stronger than me!” Spear God also emerged and pointed his spear at the old man on the palace.

“Amitabha!” The old monk also entered the scene. The three court-appointed grandmasters also appeared, forming a protective barrier in front of Lin Beifan and the Empress.

Everyone was shocked; who was this mysterious old man?

He had actually alarmed seven grandmasters!

Various court experts rushed in and stood in front of the Empress and Lin Beifan. One of the appointed grandmasters advised, “Your Majesty, Your Highness, this person is not to be underestimated; it’s better to step aside for now.”

The Empress glanced at Lin Beifan and felt safe. She said proudly, “No need! I want to see how this mountain villager who came out of nowhere can deal with me!”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “That’s right; I want to see what he can do too!”

Helplessly, the others had to strengthen their protection.

At this moment, the old man who had suddenly appeared looked at the seven grandmasters below him. He spoke calmly, “Considering the difficulty of reaching your level of cultivation, I’ll give you a chance to step back. I can spare your lives.”

The seven grandmasters were furious.

“How dare you look down on us? You’re too arrogant!”

“Even if you’re powerful, you shouldn’t be so disrespectful and disdainful of others!”

“It seems that I’ll have to teach you a lesson today!”

The old monk folded his hands together, his eyes filled with compassion. He said, “Amitabha, why have you come here, sir? Today is my master’s wedding day, and it’s not appropriate for us to fight. Please, show some consideration.”

“Well, it’s really not convenient, but I have no choice but to come!” the old man replied.

“Why have you come here? What’s your purpose?” the Spear God asked.

“I’ve come here to repay a favor,” the old man answered.

The old man calmly spoke, “Fifty years ago, I received a favor from the former Emperor of Great and promised to do three things for him. Now, I have completed two of those tasks, and there’s only one left. Once I finish this task, the favor will be repaid.”

As a current powerhouse, the old man had no reason to lie. However, the crowd grew more nervous upon hearing this because any involvement with the Emperor of Great Xia couldn’t be good. Great Xia and Great Wu were currently enemies, with Great Wu having imprisoned the current Emperor of Great Xia for a year and seized the Far East territory from Great Xia, leading to significant animosity between the two nations.

“What did the Emperor of Great Xia send you to do?” someone asked.

The old man glanced at Lin Beifan and the Empress standing beside him and said, “The Emperor of Great Xia ordered me to come here and execute Lin Beifan, who holds the positions of Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief, and loyal and valiant Prince, as well as the Empress of Great Wu.”

The entire court erupted in shock!

This mysterious old man had come to assassinate Lin Beifan and the Empress during their wedding ceremony! Regardless of their status, Lin Beifan and the Empress were pillars of Great Wu. If they were killed, Great Wu would swiftly crumble, leaving countless citizens in misery. This act was nothing short of madness!

A strong murderous intent welled up in the Empress’s eyes, and Lin Beifan’s expression darkened.

“This is outrageous!” one of the grandmaster attendants exclaimed. “Do you realize the consequences of your actions? If you kill our Majesty and the Empress, it will bring untold suffering to millions of innocent people! You will become the enemy of the world!”

“That’s right! Your actions will plunge the world into chaos!”

“You cannot destroy this world and the livelihood of the common people just for your personal grievances!”

The old man responded indifferently, “The lives of the common people are of no concern to me. They are nothing more than ants. I do not care how many of them die. Right now, I only want to repay a favor. I advise you to step aside quickly, or I won’t be lenient.”

“Stop the nonsense!” Sword Immortal, holding his sharp sword, declared loudly. “If you want to harm my younger brother and sister, you’ll have to get past me first. Even if I die, I won’t let you harm them!”

Saber Saint spoke loudly, “I want to see if it’s your mouth that’s sharp or my blade!”

Spear God aimed his spear at the old man, saying, “Since you’re so obstinate, let’s settle this with action. It’s been a while since I’ve encountered a formidable opponent. Today, even if I die, I won’t let you harm them!”

The old monk, suppressing his anger, said, “Kind sir, put down your murderous intent and attain enlightenment. Otherwise, even the Buddha has moments of wrathful indignation.”

The three grandmaster attendants stood in silence, indicating their stance through their actions.

The battle was on the brink of erupting. The old man looked around and said with a trace of killing intent, “It seems like you’ve made your choice.”

At that moment, Lin Beifan sighed and spoke, “I wanted to have a proper wedding, but I didn’t expect to encounter such a troublesome situation.”

Amidst the shocked gazes of the crowd, Lin Beifan approached the several grandmasters and said, “He is an advanced grandmaster, and you are not his match. Step aside and don’t sacrifice yourselves in vain.”

“An advanced grandmaster! That old man is actually an advanced grandmaster!”

“The most powerful figure in the world! A advanced grandmaster even more formidable than a grandmaster!”

“Could it be true?”

The entire court was in an uproar.

Sword Immortal couldn’t help but ask, “Little brother, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? Is he really an advanced grandmaster?”

Everyone perked up their ears.

Lin Beifan helplessly replied, “If you don’t believe it, you can ask him.”

All eyes turned towards the old man.

The old man was quite surprised and remarked, “You have a keen eye; you actually saw through it.”

The old man’s words were tantamount to admitting his advanced grandmaster status. The entire court was once again in shock.

All the martial experts, including the grandmasters, were on edge. Even the grandmasters were not exempt!

The old man then asked, “I’m very curious. How did you, a seemingly powerless scholar, recognize my identity?”

Lin Beifan smiled faintly and said, “Because, once upon a time, I was also an advanced grandmaster!”

“You were also an advanced grandmaster?” The old man was taken aback and looked Lin Beifan up and down seriously. However, he couldn’t discern the aura and demeanor of an advanced grandmaster from Lin Beifan, nor did he see any signs of cultivation. Moreover, how could a young man in his twenties be an advanced grandmaster? Even if someone cultivated from birth, it wouldn’t be possible.

“Let me correct that; I used to be an advanced grandmaster, but not anymore,” Lin Beifan replied.

“And what about now?” the old man inquired.

“Now, my strength surpasses yours slightly. If you hadn’t come, I could have continued to conceal it, but now I can’t hide anymore,” Lin Beifan said.

Then, to the amazement of the onlookers, Lin Beifan actually took flight.

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