Chapter 461

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Chapter 461: Clearly Coveting My Body but Speaking So Purely

After that, the two empresses began chatting and laughing. As the only two empresses of their time, they had many shared topics. They exchanged their experiences in governing, discussed the challenges and hardships of being female rulers, and even shared stories about their common man… and more.

But as they talked, they suddenly felt someone was getting in the way. With him around, it was hard to discuss certain matters openly. So, one of the empresses waved her hand, saying, “Sir, if you don’t have any important matters, you can leave.”

Lin Beifan blinked his eyes, wondering if they were trying to chase him away. However, he couldn’t just leave. If he did, what kind of schemes might they hatch behind his back? There had been precedents for such things.

Lin Beifan solemnly said, “Your Majesty, I won’t leave. I’ve benefited greatly from listening to both of Your Majesties’ conversation. I wish to continue staying and learning from your teachings.”

“Sir, how about you take your leave first? My sister and I are discussing matters related to our chambers, and it’s rather awkward to talk about such topics in front of a man,” the Empress advised.

Upon hearing this, Lin Beifan couldn’t leave even more. If they were discussing matters related to their chambers, it was highly likely that they would involve him in some way.

He said with a touch of bitterness, “Your Majesty, please go ahead and discuss whatever you need to. There’s nothing that can’t be said to a person. You don’t need to treat me as an outsider.”

The Empress looked a bit troubled. “This isn’t about being an outsider or not; it’s about certain matters that are more suited to discussing among women. It’s just not appropriate to talk about them in front of you.”

“Your Majesty, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You can consider me a woman or even a male confidant. I’m known for my excellent listening skills, helping women with their troubles. Let me share a secret with you: I have a nickname—’Friend of Women,’ the dream of 9 billion young girls worldwide!” Lin Beifan said earnestly.

The Empress rolled her eyes in exasperation. This man was using every excuse possible to stay. She couldn’t believe his audacity.

Even the Ziyue Empress couldn’t help but chime in, “Strategist, please leave for now. We’ll find you after we’re done.”

Under the strong insistence of the two empresses, Lin Beifan could only leave reluctantly. He sighed, “Alright… Alright, I’m leaving.”

The two empresses waved their hands once more, saying in unison, “Go ahead, go ahead!”

He took a few steps but turned around again. “I’m really leaving!”

The two empresses waved their hands a third time, this time more firmly. “Don’t come back!”

Lin Beifan walked away, muttering, “I’m truly leaving and not coming back!”

Lin Beifan took a few more steps and affectionately called out, “This time, I don’t know when we’ll meet again, and my heart is filled with reluctance! Do you both have nothing to say to me?”

The two empresses simultaneously responded, “We do.”

Lin Beifan was delighted and jogged back, asking, “What is it?”

The two empresses said in unison, “Get lost!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

In the end, Lin Beifan left dejectedly, feeling resentful, “These two women have a better connection with each other than with men!”

By the evening, the Ziyue Empress left the imperial palace, changed into a purple dress, and arrived at the Lin residence. This event caused a stir among the Lin family members.

“The former renowned top courtesan, Miss Ziyue, is actually the Ziyue Empress!” Li Shi Shi exclaimed in astonishment.

“The change in her identity is too sudden; I couldn’t have anticipated this,” Mo Rushuang shook her head.

The young lady of the Lin family furrowed her brow and said, “I always thought there was something fishy about you from the beginning, and now it’s confirmed! You hid it very well, turning out to be an empress of the Slanted Moon Dynasty!”

The Sword Immortal laughed while raising his glass, “When I went to support the Slanted Moon Dynasty back then, I already saw the sparks between the two of them. It seems I was right! Both empresses of the current era have become my little brother’s women! I must say, my little brother is indeed a role model for us men!”

“Who wouldn’t agree with that? It makes me want to find a wife too! Haha!” the Saber Saint roared with laughter.

“Quick, go find one. I’m looking forward to toasting at your wedding!” the Spear God said with a smile.

“Amitabha,” the old monk said with a peaceful smile.

The Ziyue Empress smiled faintly and said apologetically, “Thank you all for your understanding. Initially, to restore our country, I had to conceal my true identity. Please don’t take offense!”

“We understand completely!”

“We won’t hold it against you!”

Everyone in the Lin family understood the difficulties faced by the Ziyue Empress. After all, she was a runaway princess, and if her identity were exposed, she would undoubtedly be pursued relentlessly by the Dayue Dynasty. She might even become a fugitive wanted throughout the realm. Thus, hiding her identity was the only way to ensure her survival.

At the same time, they admired her greatly. Leading a group of ragtag soldiers, in less than 20 years, she had established her own dynasty—a remarkable feat that must have involved countless hardships. Her achievements were enough to be celebrated for generations and be remembered throughout history.

Later on, the Ziyue Empress clapped her hands and had her servants bring in two carts filled with gifts.

“These are the gifts I’ve brought from the Slanted Moon Dynasty. Please accept them!” Everyone received several gifts.

The outspoken younger miss of the Lin family received the most gifts, and they were all food items, which greatly delighted her.

Lin Beifan looked quite envious and asked, “Your Majesty, what about mine?”

“Strategist, what do you need gifts for? I am the greatest gift!” The Ziyue Empress walked slowly over to Lin Beifan and whispered in his ear, “Tonight, I belong to you!”

Lin Beifan was quite irritated!

She’s clearly enticing me, yet she speaks so innocently!

Next, an extravagant banquet was held in the Lin residence to welcome the Ziyue Empress’s arrival.

By late night, Lin Beifan found himself unable to resist as the Ziyue Empress pulled him into the inner chambers, tirelessly working towards the legacy of the Slanted Moon Dynasty—a labor of love.

In just a few days, time flew by. Lin Beifan’s wedding with the empress was finally underway.

On this day, dignitaries from all over the realm gathered in the capital city, creating an unprecedented spectacle with crowds of people.

They were here to witness the wedding of the world’s number one empress and to witness the beginning of a new era for the Great Wu Empire.

On this day, Lin Beifan arrived at the imperial palace early, dressed in the groom’s attire. The wedding ceremony followed a similar pattern to common weddings, with a bow to heaven and earth, a bow to the parents, the exchange of vows, and a grand ceremony.

However, as a royal wedding, it certainly wouldn’t be so simple. They needed to bow to heaven and earth, but it was a grand ritual performed at the Temple of Heaven. The bow to their parents took place at the ancestral temple, where they paid respects to the ancestors of the Great Wu Empire. The final exchange of vows was relatively straightforward.

So, the specific procedure involved starting from the main gate of the imperial palace, where they would set off, proceeding under the escort of a grand procession, receiving the admiration and blessings of the people along the way. They would then go to the Temple of Heaven to bow to heaven and earth, followed by a visit to the ancestral temple to pay respects to their forebears. Finally, they would return to the imperial palace.

This entire journey couldn’t be completed in a single day. In addition to these rituals, as the emperor and crown prince, they needed to receive guests from all over, proclaim a general amnesty, and so on.

In summary, there was a lot to do.

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