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Chapter 46

Chapter 46: This is surely a secret weapon for a man!

Nongyu blushed even more.

She was not as bold as Sister Zi.

Although she thought Li Mo probably couldn’t see, an adult man was sitting there.

She still couldn’t let go.

Even though he couldn’t see!

“Hurry up, why are you standing there?”

Just as Nongyu hesitated, Sister Zi’s urging voice sounded.

Li Mo rested his chin on his hand.

Not to pretend to be a gentleman, but whether he raised his head or not, he could see clearly!

It seems Madam Zi is ‘richer’ than my Honey.

Well, it’s normal for the landlady to have more money!

But the Honey seems to be slightly taller than Sister Zi, so her legs are a bit longer.

It evens out, it evens out!

“You better hurry, or I’ll help you myself.”

Finally, with another urging from Sister Zi, Nongyu bit her lip and nodded.

Although Nongyu was as tender as tofu, she still had some modesty compared to Sister Zi.

“Oh? Don’t tell me, this thing is quite convenient to wear.”

Suddenly, Sister Zi’s surprised voice interrupted Li Mo’s thoughts.

Sister Zi swayed her body back and forth, her face full of surprise.

Now, she wouldn’t be afraid of losing balance even when climbing over windows or walls!

Li Mo tightly pressed his lips together.

Stop swaying, landlady.

Don’t you know how bright your light is yourself?

Clack, clack, clack…

The unique sound of high heels echoed in the room.

After putting on the three-piece set, Sister Zi walked around the room a few times.

Although it’s not easy to walk in high heels, for an expert like her, taking a few steps could easily find the center of gravity.

The black thin stockings paired with high heels outlined Sister Zi’s devilish figure even more elegantly.

At this time, Nongyu also changed her attire, looking at Sister Zi in astonishment, “Sister Sister Zi, your legs are so long!”

Sister Zi already had long legs, but with this contrast, they seemed even longer.

Almost catching up to Jing Ni without wearing high heels!

Sister Zi turned around and threw a charming wink at Nongyu.

“Looks good, right?”

Nongyu nodded repeatedly, even her face blushing from Sister Zi’s charm.

As a woman, watching Sister Zi change into this outfit gave her a feeling of admiration.

If those girls outside changed into this, wouldn’t they be able to captivate those men’s souls?

Sister Zi walked up to Nongyu, pulled down the cover-up skirt in front of her, and looked her up and down.

“Not bad, looking at you like this, you’re almost catching up to me.”

Nongyu subconsciously glanced at Li Mo, her face blushing.

“How could it be…”

Li Mo almost crushed the cup in his hand.

He recited the Great Compassion Mantra in his heart over and over again.

Especially Sister Zi, when she walked, her small waist swayed like a willow in the wind.

“Cough, how do you two feel?”

Li Mo finally remembered to ask for their feedback.

“Really good, although these things look simple, they greatly enhance the advantages of women.”

The Sister Zi played with the silk stockings on her legs, her eyes shining brightly.

“Hmm, sir, why is your face so red?” After straightening up, the Sister Zi raised her head in surprise and asked.

Li Mo pursed his lips and said seriously, “It’s a bit stuffy in the room.”

The Sister Zi showed a strange smile, captivating all beings.

“Yuer, change back into your clothes, and then open the window to get some fresh air.” Upon hearing this, Nongyu quickly and efficiently changed her dress as if being liberated.

The master and servant quickly changed their clothes and felt the night breeze blowing in from outside the window, finally calming down Li Mo’s excitement.

“Sir, these things are indeed magical.” The Sister Zi praised as she held a pair of bowls and stockings still warm from her body temperature.

“As long as they are effective, I will give you the drawings and production methods. You can have the workshop rush to produce them as soon as possible.”

“Well, thank you very much, sir!” The Sister Zi’s tone was slightly excited, her eyes shining brightly as she looked at Li Mo, as if she had seen a treasure!

With these items, the girls of Purple Orchid Pavilion’s allure to men would be raised to another level.

It was simply a aphrodisiac for men!

However, the Sister Zi was even more curious about how Li Mo came up with these things.

Did he really understand the female body structure like this?


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Starting by Getting a Wife? It Turns Out She Is a Skilled Assassin

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