Chapter 459

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Chapter 459: What a Shameless Person!

“Lin Beifan, aren’t you afraid that after the Empress receives this money, she might misuse it?” Bai Guanyin asked.

Lin Beifan shook his head, “She’s not incompetent; on the contrary, she’s very wise! I can see that over the years, due to the instability of the country, she has been acting. It’s only now, with the nation unified and at peace, that she’s revealing her true self.”

Bai Guanyin nodded, “That makes sense!”

“And I’ve always suspected that she actually knew about my corruption all along!” Lin Beifan said with a wry smile, “The reason she hasn’t taken action might be because she sees my contributions to the Great Wu and, well, maybe because she… desires me.”

Bai Guanyin burst into laughter, “What a shameless fellow! You’re the first person I’ve seen with such thick skin. You’ve truly broadened my horizons! Haha!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. My laughter got a bit too loud. Bear with me! Haha,” Bai Guanyin said.

Lin Beifan: “…”

After laughing, Bai Guanyin returned to her graceful demeanor.

She had already decided to tell the Empress about what Lin Beifan had said and let the Empress deal with him.

“As for what you said, I completely understand! In fact, we no longer need funds now. I’ve already developed our organization, and you can rest assured that I’ll be by your side, along with the Empress and my support behind the scenes!” Bai Guanyin smiled.

Lin Beifan was curious and asked, “I’m very curious. Who are the people behind you, and what is this organization? What have you been doing all these years, and why couldn’t the court’s investigations uncover anything?”

Bai Guanyin mysteriously smiled, “Over the years, we’ve used your money to do many things, establishing a network and covert power that covers various families. We’re no less than a dynasty! Our organization doesn’t have a name, but our purpose is to ensure that the people can live good lives and that there is peace throughout the land.”

“But in the end, we found that despite spending so much money and doing so much, you’ve done better than us! It’s you who unified the Great Wu and achieved peace. So, we haven’t needed to use this power much, and we’ve preserved it!”

“As for your question about the people behind me, you’ll know soon enough! I can only tell you that they are both near and far, just as near as the horizon and as close as the eye can see!”

“Alright, no need to say more. I have something to attend to, so I’ll leave,” Bai Guanyin said as she got up.

Lin Beifan called out, “Wait, there’s one more thing!”

Bai Guanyin turned her head back, “What is it?”

“Senior asked me to deliver a message to you. He said he’s had some insights recently and wants to discuss Dao with you,” Lin Beifan replied.

Bai Guanyin furrowed her brow, “Really? Why doesn’t he just talk to me directly? Why use you as an intermediary?”

Lin Beifan’s gaze flickered, “I’m not sure. Why don’t you ask him to find out?”

“Alright, I’ll go check,” Bai Guanyin said.

Bai Guanyin’s figure gradually disappeared. Half an hour later, she appeared in front of her senior’s thatched cottage.

Her senior, sitting in front, was pouring tea for Bai Guanyin and grinning like a matchmaker, “Bai girl, you’re not young anymore, it’s time to consider marriage! Look at that Lin kid, he’s preparing for a grand wedding, and his bride is the current Empress!”

“I’ve already chosen for you; the most suitable person for you is Lin kid. You two look exceptionally well-matched together! Although he’s a bit of a playboy, it’s understandable. So, I’m here to make the decision for your marriage! If he dares to disagree, I’ll fight him until he agrees! At worst, the two of us old folks can double-team him until he surrenders!”

“In the future, if you two have children, they’ll definitely inherit your terrifying martial arts talents! At that time, make sure to let them apprentice under me. I’ll pass on all my lifetime skills to them!”

“Have more children; don’t waste your talents! Hahaha…”

The senior continued to chatter, getting happier as he talked.

Bai Guanyin listened, feeling a mix of embarrassment, annoyance, and anger.

This old man is so incorrigible!

I came to discuss Dao with you, and you turned into a matchmaker, urging me to marry, and the groom is that Lin Beifan bastard!

She could now see through Lin Beifan’s scheme.

Bai Guanyin clenched her teeth, “Her Majesty is right, this little bastard Lin may seem innocent, but he’s full of tricks. After returning, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get away with it!”

As Lin Beifan, who was preparing to sleep, suddenly sneezed. Afterward, he and the Empress continued with their wedding preparations.

The wedding invitations had been sent out, inviting emissaries and guests from various countries to attend.

At this moment, the Great Wu could be called the number one nation under the heavens, with a powerful army, abundant resources, and peace throughout the land.

The Empress was the most influential person in the world. Therefore, her wedding was highly regarded by all countries, and they sent ambassadors bearing lavish gifts to attend.

The capital city was bustling with foreign diplomats, and it seemed like the whole world had come to pay tribute.

In the commoners’ neighborhoods, the streets were cleaned meticulously. Colorful ribbons and lanterns were hung on trees and roofs. In the evenings, numerous activities and performances were prepared to celebrate the Empress’s wedding.

In the southern region, the Great Wu’s Vanguard Army was fiercely attacking and conquering territories, displaying its formidable might.

Generals like Zhao Kuo shouted with raised arms, “Soldiers, keep charging! Strive to capture Annan before the ninth day of the third month as a wedding gift for Her Majesty and the Supreme Commander!”

“Yes, General!” The soldiers shouted in unison, their morale rising by thirty percent, driving the enemy forces steadily back.

The entire Great Wu was filled with a festive atmosphere.

In the imperial palace of the Great Xia Dynasty,

The Great Xia Emperor stared at the wedding invitation in his hand and pondered the prosperity of the Great Wu, unable to speak for a long time.

“No matter how much I calculate, I never thought that Lin Beifan would end up with the Empress!”

“As a result, the conflict between them as ruler and minister will be resolved, and they will undoubtedly work together wholeheartedly. With this, the Great Wu, with Lin Beifan’s assistance, will undoubtedly become even more prosperous and powerful. As a result, where will there be any breathing space left for Great Xia?”

The Great Xia Emperor felt a strong sense of urgency and crisis. He had long seen Lin Beifan as an exceptional talent and had always wanted to bring him into his service. However, now, with Lin Beifan marrying the Empress, he had completely lost the opportunity to win him over.

For the Great Xia and himself, Lin Beifan was a tremendous threat. It was a major problem that had to be eliminated!

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