Chapter 456

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Chapter 456: Everything as Expected, Victory Decided a Thousand Miles Away!

Without supplies and trapped in the freezing cold, they could only wait for death.

Throughout the entire army, an air of despair hung heavy.

Generals from various countries saw this and were deeply concerned, but they had no food supplies to offer.

Looking up at the sky, with snow falling on their faces, they couldn’t help but curse, “It’s been ten days, and the snow hasn’t stopped? Does God want us to starve to death?”

“General Liu, now is not the time for cursing. We should calm down and think about how to solve the food problem,” an old general advised earnestly.

“What else can we do to solve it?” the other side became furious. “The snow keeps falling, the roads are blocked, and we can’t travel. We can’t get the supplies here. We can only wait to die. Do you know that?”

Receiving a face full of anger, the old general was also upset and retorted, “General Liu, have I ever been ignorant? I know you’re uncomfortable, but do you think I’m any better off? You should use your energy to solve the food problem instead of getting angry.”

The other side continued angrily, “If I could solve the problem, would I still be here? General Zhao, if you can magically create food, I’m willing to call you my father!”

“Shame on you! What kind of language is that? Can’t you speak more politely?”

“I’m speaking quite politely to you right now!”

The two generals even started to quarrel and nearly came to blows.

“Alright, everyone, stop arguing. Let’s save our strength!” Other generals intervened and pulled the two apart. They sighed, “As the crisis approaches, we must work together and stand united. Since the supplies haven’t arrived, we’ll have to solve our food problem ourselves. Now, order the warriors in the army to search for food. Dig up some tree bark and roots, gather some wild plants; anything edible. Bring it all back!”

“But will this meager food be enough?”

“We’ll hold on for as long as we can. Otherwise, we’ll really starve to death!”

“Alas, it has come to this.”

Everyone sighed, feeling regretful. If they had known, they wouldn’t have gone to war.

They hadn’t even captured any territory yet, but now they were stuck here, starving and freezing.

In just these ten days, over four hundred thousand soldiers had died in the army. They hadn’t suffered such heavy casualties even while fighting in the Great Yan.

Now, with heavy snowfall continuing, they didn’t know how many more would die or whether they could carry on.

What they feared most was if Great Yan suddenly attacked. What could they do then?

With just three or four hundred thousand troops, Great Yan could wipe out their million-strong army.

Next, warriors from the army went out to gather food. Although it was still a meager supply, it allowed many to survive, and the death toll wasn’t as high.

In this way, they endured for four difficult days until the snow finally stopped.

A while later, the sunlight broke through the thick clouds and began to shine down. The weather gradually warmed, and the snow started to melt.

This meant that the days of hardship were finally over.

The soldiers of the Seven Nations Alliance were overjoyed.

“The sky has finally cleared up, that’s great!”

“I can’t believe I’ve survived!”

“Everyone, hold on a bit longer; the food is on its way and will arrive tonight!”

“We’re going to have food to eat!”

At this moment, there was a huge commotion outside the city.

The soldiers of the Seven Nations Alliance became even more delighted.

“Could it be that the food has already arrived?”

“They’re incredibly fast!”

“Quick, start a fire, as soon as the food arrives, we’ll cook it!”

However, when they rushed out of the city and saw the scene in front of them, they were filled with despair and turned ice-cold.

Because what had arrived was not their supply convoy, but…

The massive army of Great Yan!

As far as the eye could see, there were countless soldiers and fluttering banners. There were at least four hundred thousand soldiers!

At this moment, the marshal of the Great Yan army looked at the Seven Nations’ army that had almost reached the heartland of Great Yan. He gritted his teeth and said, “The Seven Nations Alliance has come so close to our territory, this is truly audacious! Today, I will settle the score with you all! Blood debts must be repaid with blood!”

He raised the blade in his hand and shouted, “The entire army, move out, leave no one alive!”

“Yes, Marshal!” The Great Yan army moved as a whole, their momentum overwhelming.

The Seven Nations’ army was terrified, trembling, and pale-faced. They had one thought in their minds: it’s over!

In the end, Great Yan nearly annihilated the Seven Nations Alliance, achieving a resounding victory!

Only a few innate experts and powerful martial artists managed to escape, but they no longer affected the overall situation.

Afterward, Great Yan’s army pursued the retreating enemy, recapturing all the lost territory.

This battle quickly spread throughout the world. While people marveled at Great Yan’s strength, they also lamented the fate of the Seven Nations Alliance.

“The Seven Nations Alliance had an overwhelming momentum, winning every battle and nearly reaching the heartland of Great Yan. Unfortunately, a heavy snowfall ruined the favorable situation.”

“Yes, it’s such a pity. This battle was truly regrettable.”

“A two-million-strong army, all gone like this, without any gains, only losses.”

“Perhaps it was fate; their destiny was not yet fulfilled.”

“This battle, they didn’t win it!”

Everyone couldn’t help but reflect that since the beginning of this year, there have been a total of three campaigns formed by the alliance.

The first campaign was led by the Great Wu army, with Lin Beifan as the Supreme Commander, leading the armies of six nations to attack Xia and achieving a brilliant victory.

The second campaign, with the armies of the same six nations but without Great Wu’s participation, resulted in a catastrophic defeat for the alliance, with the armies being defeated and slaughtered by Xia.

The third campaign saw the Seven Nations Alliance attacking Yan. Once again, Great Wu did not participate, and the alliance ended up defeated.

To everyone’s astonishment, it seemed that without Great Wu’s involvement, the alliance consistently suffered defeats. Even though they had promising starts, they ended up losing.

This became quite intriguing.

Speculations arose: “Was it because Great Wu had foresight, knowing that they would lose this battle, so they didn’t participate? Or was it because the alliance lacked the strength of Great Wu, making them incapable?”

Ultimately, the key point seemed to be centered around Lin Beifan. After all, Lin Beifan was the Supreme Commander of Great Wu’s armies, overseeing the entire nation’s military affairs. Whether he chose to engage or withdraw, and how the battles were conducted, was largely determined by him. Whether he foresaw the unfavorable outcome and extricated himself in advance or the absence of his leadership led to the alliance’s disastrous defeats, all of this spoke volumes about his exceptional qualities.

“This is what a true military genius looks like!” Everyone acknowledged his remarkable abilities.

At this moment, Lin Beifan, who was spending time in the capital, gathered some of his generals.

“As you all know, the Seven Nations Alliance has suffered a loss, and Great Yan has also been significantly weakened. This situation greatly favors Great Wu. When spring returns next year, with the warming weather, it will be the time for us to lead our forces south! Therefore, I ask all the generals to return and prepare for this.”

The generals became excited and eager to try.

“We’re going to war again, this is fantastic!”

“We’ve been waiting for this day for so long. We must make Great Yan regret their decisions!”

“Supreme Commander, tell us how to fight, and we will fight accordingly!”

Lin Beifan smiled faintly, “I appreciate your dedication to serving the country, and I’m pleased to see it. However, there is one thing I need to make clear: I won’t be participating in this battle. Everything will be left to you.”

The generals were left dumbfounded, “Huh? Supreme Commander, you won’t participate?”

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