Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: All the courtiers are sycophants, and the foolish empress sits before them!

Lin Beifan’s house had nothing good, and the search was quickly completed. However, Yao Zheng walked out with a box in his arms, filled with joy. He opened the box and loudly announced, “Your Majesty, I have found including banknotes, silver, and other gold and silver jewelry, totaling about 150,000 taels, in Lin Beifan’s room! Please investigate!”

Yao Zheng turned his head and said proudly, “Lin Beifan, how will you argue this time?”

The empress was a bit worried. Could it be that Lin Beifan had not handled things properly and someone had found out?

What reason should I find to cover for him?

However, Lin Beifan was very calm and bowed, “Your Majesty, this money does indeed belong to me!”

Yao Zheng laughed triumphantly, “Haha, you admitted it!”

“But, these funds are all legal income, and I have a clear conscience!” shouted Lin Beifan.

“How are they legal? You have only been an official for a few days, and your salary is limited. How could you have so much money? This…clearly you have gained it through corruption!” Yao Zheng was excited.

Lin Beifan remained calm, “My salary is indeed limited! But, Your Majesty rewarded me with ten thousand taels of silver! So, around one thousand taels of silver are completely legal!”

The empress nodded, “That’s right! I did reward you, my dear Lin Beifan, with ten thousand taels of silver!”

“What about the other one hundred and forty thousand taels? You wouldn’t say that Your Majesty rewarded it all, would you?” Yao Zheng was getting more agitated.

“Of course not!” Lin Beifan gently took Li Shi Shi’s hand and smiled, “The remaining one hundred and forty thousand taels were brought as a dowry by my wife Li Shi Shi after she married into my family!”

“That’s nonsense! Does your woman really have that much money?” Yao Zheng yelled.

“Why not? My wife Li Shi Shi was the number one courtesan in the capital before entering my family. She was talented, beautiful, and quickly built up a substantial fortune in just a few years!”

Lin Beifan smiled, “If you still have doubts, go out and ask around. Almost everyone in the capital knows this, and it’s impossible to fake!” Yao Zheng’s face turned pale.

Li Shi Shi nodded, “This is indeed the dowry brought back by this common woman! My husband does not despise me, and we do not need to distinguish between each other’s share of the money!”

Yao Zheng’s face turned even paler.

The empress laughed heartily and said, “It seems that everything is clear now! Sir Lin is not corrupt at all, and all his assets are completely legal and reasonable! Part of it comes from me, and part comes from his wife!”

“Sir Lin, since you have money now, enjoy yourself well and don’t skimp on anything! Only by eating, drinking, and sleeping well can you wholeheartedly serve me and work for the welfare of the people, right?” The empress emphasized.

This was like a gold card for Lin Beifan to escape death.

Allowing Lin Beifan to boldly eat, drink, and have fun, not to be too hard on himself, whatever happens she will take care of it, do not be afraid!

“Your Majesty’s words are entirely correct, I have learned a lot!” Lin Beifan bowed respectfully.

“And to all of you officials, don’t use these things to target sir Lin again in the future! Sir Lin is a wealthy family, it’s understandable that he leads a luxurious lifestyle! As long as he doesn’t neglect his duties, he is a good official!”

The Empress’s words were directed more at the group of court officials than anyone else.

She was warning them not to make an issue out of this again, or else they would face consequences.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The officials paid their respects.

“Hmm!” The empress looked at Yao Zheng, who was pale, and asked, “Yao Zheng, do you have anything else to say now?”

“This miniter… has nothing to say!” Yao Zheng’s face was bitter.

He knew he had failed again!

He had failed three times on a young rabbit!

Was this guy his nemesis?

“Well, you should know what to do now, right? Do I need to remind you?” The empress had no expression on her face.

Trembling, Yao Zheng raised his hands and took off his black gauze hat, bowing deeply and using all his strength to say, “Minister… This minister resigns and asks to be allowed to retire and return to his hometown by Your Majesty’s grace!”

The empress brushed her sleeve and said without hesitation, “Granted!”

Yao Zheng closed his eyes in despair, swaying as he said, “Thank… you, Your Majesty!”

“Return to the palace! Yao Zheng, you don’t need to come back!” The empress led all the officials away.

Everyone, even one look, didn’t turn back to look at him! Not even a glance!

Yao Zheng watched the officials leave, suddenly bursting into tears.

“The entire court is full of hypocrites, and the ruler is sitting in front of the hall!”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to work hard, but this court…”

“It simply cannot tolerate an honest official!”

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