Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: Every Step is Correct, I’m Truly Heaven’s Favorite!

After breaking through to become a Supreme Grandmaster, Lin Beifan’s flying speed was incredibly fast. In less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, he leaped high into the sky and arrived above the capital of Great Yan.

At this moment, the defenses of the Great Yan capital were extremely tight. To ensure the safety of the alchemical refinement, the Great Yan Emperor had gathered 500,000 troops to guard the city. At the same time, more than 80% of the experts within the empire had been dispatched to protect the capital. This formidable force was truly impressive.

However, despite the numerous experts of the Great Yan Dynasty, there were even more foreign experts. They were hiding throughout the city, waiting for the right moment to act.

Inside the imperial palace…

The Great Yan Emperor, along with the imperial family and court officials, had gathered to witness the rare alchemical moment. In the central square of the imperial palace, a massive alchemical furnace was set up, burning brightly. Next to the furnace, various rare and precious treasures were placed; these were all ingredients for refining the divine elixir.

In addition to these, there was a plump man wearing Daoist robes standing in front of the furnace. He had a solemn expression on his face. It went without saying that this person was the Empty Void Daoist responsible for the alchemical process.

The Great Yan Emperor approached and eagerly inquired, “Imperial Teacher, are you prepared?”

The Empty Void Daoist bowed and replied, “Reporting to Your Majesty, this humble one is fully prepared! In another half incense stick’s time, we can begin the alchemical process.”

The Great Yan Emperor was overjoyed. “Very well! Imperial Teacher, continue with your preparations; I won’t disturb you.”

“Your Majesty, please.” The Empty Void Daoist nodded.

As he watched the Great Yan Emperor leave, a bitter smile appeared on the corner of the Empty Void Daoist’s mouth. In truth, he didn’t want to perform the alchemical process. However, he was forced by the Great Yan Emperor to do it; otherwise, he would face dire consequences.

But even if he performed the alchemical process, he didn’t know if it would succeed. Until now, he couldn’t figure out why the previous alchemical attempt in the Great Xia had failed. Everything had been the same: the auspicious day, the procedures, the precise quantity of ingredients—nothing had differed, yet it had still ended in failure, causing him great distress.

So, this time, he had no answers as to whether he would succeed. If he succeeded, that would be great, but if he failed…

He couldn’t imagine how the Great Yan Emperor, who had invested so much hope and the empire’s resources, would react to his failure.

“Let’s take it one step at a time,” the Empty Void Daoist said to himself. Since the first attempt to refine the Elixir of Immortality, his destiny had been out of his control.

He began, clearing his mind of all distractions, focusing on preparing to refine the divine elixir.

The half incense stick’s time quickly passed.

The Empty Void Daoist’s eyes suddenly widened, and he shouted, “Wind, come!”

Then he released his inner energy, creating a strong wind that blew into the alchemical furnace, making the fire inside burn even more vigorously.

He then shouted again, “Fire, come!” As he gathered a bundle of flames in his hand and sent them into the furnace.

“Water, come!”

In this way, the Empty Void Daoist methodically followed the same steps as in the previous two attempts at alchemy. Even the amount of blood he spat out matched perfectly. It could be said that he had put in tremendous effort for this alchemical attempt.

In the past, when he had engaged in deceitful practices, he had never been so dedicated.

The Great Yan Emperor and the others watched in fascination and excitement.

“It has begun! Master has started the alchemy!”

“This is it! I distinctly remember, Master, you used the same method last time!”

“Congratulations, Your Majesty, the divine elixir is about to be refined!”

“Your Majesty, eternal youth and immortality are within reach!”

Under the flattery of the court officials, the Great Yan Emperor laughed heartily. “Haha… if the divine elixir is successfully refined, and I achieve eternal youth and immortality, I will certainly reward all of you, my loyal ministers!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The officials said in unison.

Finally, they reached the most critical step.

The Empty Void Daoist focused his energy and attention, secretly looking up at the sky, his heart filled with anxiety and anticipation.

He had experienced two attempts at refining the divine elixir. The first attempt had succeeded, but the weather had turned exceptionally unusual, and he had suffered a divine punishment that destroyed the elixir. The second attempt had failed, with no change in the weather.

This indicated that if the divine elixir were to be successfully refined, there would be a response from the heavens.

So now, he eagerly hoped for some signs from the sky. “Thunder tribulation, please come, I beg you!”

High above in the sky, Lin Beifan watched the unscrupulous Daoist, smiled faintly, and waved his hand gently.

In an instant, the entire capital was suddenly swept by a ferocious gust of wind. “Whoosh~”

This wind was strong and wild, almost capable of blowing people away. The Empty Void Daoist was overjoyed.

The wind had come!

At this moment, with the wind arriving, did it mean…

That his divine elixir refinement was about to succeed?

At this moment, the Great Yan Emperor and the others were also overjoyed.

“Your Majesty, this is the wind! The wind has come!”

“The last time Master was refining the elixir, there was also a strong wind!”

“This is the heavens and earth responding to the divine elixir!”

“It seems that the Elixir of Eternal Youth and Immortality may indeed succeed!”

The Great Yan Emperor laughed heartily, very excited. “The wind has truly come! This wind seems extraordinary, just like the last time! If I remember correctly, the next step will bring dark clouds and heavy rain!”

As he spoke, Lin Beifan, standing in the sky, waved his hand once more.

Instantly, the surrounding clouds quickly gathered and formed into a massive, thick dark cloud covering the sky above the capital.

The Empty Void Daoist was ecstatic. Even the dark clouds had arrived, and it was an exact match!

Could it be that his alchemical attempt would truly succeed this time?

The people around the Great Yan Emperor were also thrilled.

“Your Majesty, you were absolutely right. Dark clouds have gathered in the sky, and it looks like rain is on the way!”

“It’s exactly like the last time we were refining the elixir!”

“Your Majesty, congratulations, it seems the divine elixir is truly about to be refined!”

The Great Yan Emperor laughed once more. “What you all are saying is correct. That’s what I believe too! Now that the wind has come, the clouds have gathered, and the next step is rainfall!”

Suddenly, a loud rumble sounded, and the sky opened up with a torrential downpour.

At this moment, it was the rainy season, accompanied by hurricanes and heavy rain, making the weather quite chilly. However, everyone’s hearts were filled with excitement and heat.

Because the wind had come, the clouds had gathered, and it signaled that the divine elixir was about to be refined on the alchemical furnace!

Especially the Empty Void Daoist, he was so excited that his fat body trembled uncontrollably.

Every step had been perfect, proving that his alchemical attempt was indeed successful.

With this, his life was saved!

His future was secured!

God was indeed blessing him!

I truly am God’s most beloved!


The Empty Void Daoist laughed heartily. “Your Majesty and all the esteemed guests, the thunder tribulation is about to arrive, possibly to destroy the divine elixir! There may also be various experts trying to seize the elixir, please be prepared!”

The Great Yan Emperor responded loudly, “Master, rest assured, I have already made the necessary preparations!”

“Very well, Your Majesty!” The Empty Void Daoist continued with the alchemy.

At this moment, Lin Beifan waved his hand once more, and within the thick dark cloud, terrifying thunderbolts crackled.

The radiant purple light illuminated the entire capital. In their hearts, everyone thought, “The thunder tribulation is coming.”

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