Chapter 44

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===Chapter 044: The Power of a Grandmaster===

“No wonder you could pick all the students in the institute. It turns out that you have already reached the pinnacle of high-level elite martial artist. I thought you were a fighting genius, but I underestimated you,” Bald Liu shook his head and laughed.

Su Hao modestly said, “My father taught me well.”

Liu nodded, no longer delving into it. Since Su Hao had reached this point, he could teach him how to advance to become a Grandmaster martial artist. As for whether he would succeed or not, it would depend on Su Hao himself.

Thinking for a moment, Bald Liu slowly said, “Xiangwu, has your father ever told you what a Grandmaster martial artist is?”

Su Hao shook his head and said, “My father is a high-level elite martial artist, so he never mentioned Grandmaster martial artists to me. And I’ve searched through the Lingyun Library’s resources, but there is no information whatsoever about Grandmaster level and above.”

Liu naturally responded, “Of course not. Grandmaster level martial artists and above belong to the top-end knowledge of the human race. They won’t easily be spread, and those who successfully advance to become Grandmaster martial artists usually rely on family heritage.”

Su Hao was shocked, suddenly understanding that the knowledge in this world was controlled by the upper-level clans. Ordinary people couldn’t touch such knowledge at all. Su Hao hesitated and asked, “Would there be any problems if you teach me, Teacher Liu?”

Bald Liu smiled and said, “Family heritage is not absolute. There are other ways, such as the Martial Artist Academy. Since you are a student of the academy, it is only natural to learn higher-level knowledge after reaching a certain level. This is the purpose of our academy, selecting talents and creating more powerful individuals for the human race.”

If knowledge were only passed down through the major clans, the human race would not be able to stand firm in this world and would have been annihilated by the ferocious beasts long ago.

Su Hao understood.

Liu continued, “You may not know, from the perspective of the human body, reaching the level of high-level elite martial artist is already the limit. There is no way to go further.”

Su Hao analyzed the meaning of this statement, but still didn’t quite grasp it. “From the perspective of the human body?”

Liu said that there was no way to go further, but Grandmaster martial artists, Great Grandmaster martial artists, and Ancestor martial artists all actually exist. So Liu’s focus must be on the phrase “from the perspective of the human body.” Old Liu nodded and said, “That’s right, from the perspective of the human race’s body, our human race, as high-level elite martial artists, has already reached the strongest state we can achieve.”

Old Liu was very satisfied with Su Hao’s puzzled expression, which indicated that Su Hao understood the meaning of his words. He continued, “The human race is different from the savage beasts. The strength of the human race relies on intelligence, not physical abilities. The entire structure of the human body serves a clever brain, sacrificing formidable power.”

“And this clever brain is the key to our survival from ancient times to the present. However, even with a clever brain, without strong power, we are still unable to defeat powerful savage beasts. We can only evade and struggle for survival.”

Su Hao nodded in agreement. Intelligence is indeed the foundation of the human race.
Old Liu continued, “Savage beasts do not need a clever brain. Their entire body serves to obtain strong power, which means their power increases as their bodies grow. Some powerful savage beasts can even grow infinitely without opponents, until they can no longer find enough food and starve to death.”

“To obtain strong power and improve the living conditions of the human race, our ancestors began a long and arduous journey. They first discovered the cultivation methods of ordinary martial artists, then broke through to elite martial artists. Our ancestors were stuck at the elite martial artist stage for nearly a thousand years. They found that elite martial artists seemed to be the pinnacle that the human race could reach.”

Su Hao curiously asked, “What happened later?”

Old Liu proudly said, “Later, a genius emerged among our human race, surpassing the elite martial artist level and paving a path to the peak. Remember, he is our revered human emperor – Martial Ancestor.”

Respect shone in Su Hao’s eyes as he exclaimed, “The Human Emperor Martial Ancestor?”

Old Liu nodded and said, “That’s right, so the highest realm of our martial artists is named after him, called the Ancestor-level Martial Artist. No one will forget his existence.”

Old Liu continued, “After reaching the high-level elite martial artist stage, the Human Emperor ventured alone into the dangerous wilderness, hunting down numerous savage beasts and studying the mysteries of their bodies. Why can savage beasts continue to grow infinitely while humans cannot? Ten years later, he broke through to the Grandmaster level and returned to the gathering place of the human race.”

Su Hao could imagine such a scene; this Martial Ancestor was without a doubt an extraordinary figure in the world.

“Everyone went crazy! He single-handedly broke through the bottleneck that had plagued the human race for nearly a thousand years. Afterwards, the Human Emperor began selflessly teaching the human race methods to break through the Grandmaster level. After spreading this method, he ventured alone into the wilderness again and was never heard from again.”

“However, in just a few short years, everyone remembered him and revered him as the Human Emperor. After countless years, the human race again broke through to the Supremacy and Ancestor levels. One day in the future, they will undoubtedly break through to even higher realms.”

Speaking up to here, Old Liu sighed, “I may not see that scene in my lifetime.” Su Hao laughed and said, “Don’t be discouraged, Teacher Liu. Maybe you’re the one who will make the breakthrough!”

Teacher Liu was amused by Su Hao’s words. He reached out and patted his shiny bald head, saying with a smile, “It’s already difficult for me to make a breakthrough to the Grandmaster level, let alone the Ancestor level.”

“Getting back to the topic, what I’m about to teach you is the method to break through to the Master level.”

Su Hao immediately sat up straight, maintaining his usual respect for knowledge.

Teacher Liu extended his palm, gripping it tightly. The blue veins on his arm bulged, and a fierce aura radiated from him, even causing Su Hao’s short hair to flutter back.

Su Hao was shocked by this powerful aura. Facing Teacher Liu felt like facing a primordial beast, unbeatable.

The sheer force of the aura had reached such a level.

Teacher Liu said, “This is the power of a Master, surging and violent. It is fundamentally different from the Elite level. If you consider the power of the Elite level as a bucket of water, then the power of a Master is like a rushing river.”

Su Hao widened his eyes and asked, “Is the difference really that big?”

Teacher Liu loosened his grip and smiled, saying, “It’s even greater than you can imagine.”

Afraid that Su Hao wouldn’t believe him, he stood up and beckoned to Su Hao, saying, “Give me your best shot, personally experience the difference between a Master and an Elite.”

Not doubting him, Su Hao nodded and stood opposite Teacher Liu, saying, “Here I come, Teacher Liu, be careful.”

The Elite blood energy in his body burst forth, surging throughout his body.

Su Hao assumed a stance favorable for punching, and shouted.

“Horizon Slashing-Gangforce Fist!”

The technique that combined the gathering of strength of the whole body in “Horizon Slashing” and the explosive technique of the fist in “Gangforce Fist” resulted in Su Hao’s strongest punch so far.


A muffled sound.

Teacher Liu took Su Hao’s punch with his chest.

Teacher Liu felt an unexpected force hit him, actually causing him to stagger back five or six steps.

The confidence on his face disappeared, and his eyes widened once again. He coughed while holding his chest, incredulously saying, “Xiangwu, are you sure you’re just a high-level Elite? You’re not tricking me, right?”

Su Hao shook his sore fist and said in surprise, “No, my father told me that this is a high-level Elite!”

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