Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Empress, can you act more dignified?

The empress’s beautiful eyes turned to Yao Zheng, her expression cold: “Sir Yao, do you have anything else to say?”

Yao Zheng trembled as he stood up, bowing: “Your Majesty, I was mistaken! However, Lin Beifan is not innocent! A few days ago, I saw him indulging in luxury and pleasure, exchanging large amounts of silver from the bank through his servants! So I beg Your Majesty to search Lin Beifan’s mansion! The truth will be revealed!”

This route was not working, so he decided to take a detour.

Not facing the officials directly, but making Lin Beifan reveal himself.

“You want to search my house again?” Lin Beifan exclaimed, “Sir Yao, have you become addicted to searching people’s homes? I just became the second-ranked scholar not long ago and you come to search my home! I just moved and you’re already searching my home! Even though you’re a censor with the power to supervise officials, you can’t act recklessly like this!”

“Are you afraid, Sir Lin?” Yao Zheng asked, indifferent.

“The innocent need not fear, of course I am not afraid! But Yao Zheng, you have accused me of wrongdoing over and over again, even mud will ignite after being insulted three times! If you still can’t find anything, what will you do?” Lin Beifan shouted.

Yao Zheng was urged on by Lin Beifan’s provocations, and he bowed deeply, saying loudly: “Your Majesty, I am willing to pledge my own life as a guarantee. If nothing is found, I will resign and never again involve myself in politics!”

The empress clapped her hands and said: “Good! Let’s go to Lin Beifan’s mansion again!”

About half an hour later, the empress and her officials arrived at Lin Beifan’s mansion.

Li Shisl Shi was confused when she saw Lin Beifan coming with a group of people.

“Husband, who are these people?” she asked.

“My Lady, these are all civil and military officials of the court and my colleagues! This beautiful and remarkable woman is the current Holy Empress, Empress Wu!” Lin Beifan explained. “They’ve come to search our home!”

When Li Shi Shi heard that the empress and officials had come to search their home, she became weak and afraid.

The thing she had been worrying about had happened so quickly?

Lin Beifan tightly held Li Shi Shi’s hand and reassured her: “Don’t worry, there’s nothing to worry about! Quickly greet Her Majesty!”

Li Shi Shi was accustomed to big events and quickly calmed down.

She looked up at the beautiful woman dressed in imperial robes and felt a sense of inferiority.

She bowed slightly: “This commoner Li Shi Shi greets Your Majesty, long live Your Majesty!”

Xiao Cui and Dali also bowed with her.

“Everyone, please rise!” The empress extended her hand and smiled at Lin Beifan, “Such a beautiful and charming wife! Sir Lin, you’re so lucky!”

“Thank you for Your Majesty’s compliments, being able to marry Shi Shi is also my good fortune!” Lin Beifan smiled.

Li Shi Shi felt at ease seeing Lin Beifan’s joking with the empress and officials.

Especially when she heard Lin Beifan admit to being with her in front of the empress and officials, she was filled with sweetness.

The empress looked around and asked in confusion, “Is this all the people in your household, sir?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, they’re all here!” Lin Beifan introduced, “This is my beloved wife, Li Shi Shi, and these two are the housekeeper and maid named Dali and Xiao Cui, they’re all very close family!”

“Why don’t you invite more people?” the empress asked.

Lin Beifan sighed, “With all due respect, Your Majesty, we couldn’t afford it before! Although we have some money now, I’m used to living a simple life, and a few people are enough for us to be self-sufficient, so we didn’t bother!”

The empress felt sorry again, “You’ve worked hard, sir. How about I arrange some palace maids and guards for you?”

The officials were confused again!

Damn it! Hasn’t she given enough favor? Now she’s even sending people! Your Majesty, can’t you act more dignified?

Lin Beifan felt flattered, “Your Majesty, I appreciate your kindness, but really, there’s no need!”

As someone who could run away at any time, how could he bring more people?

Plus, they belonged to the empress, so he dared not accept them!

The empress persisted, “Are you sure? The ones I arrange for you will be the best palace maids and the most excellent guards! Don’t worry, their wages will be paid by the Imperial Household Department, so you won’t have to pay a penny!”

The officials could not hold back and stood up one after another. “Your Majesty, since we’re already at sir Lin’s mansion, let’s finish the search and go back to the court meeting!”

“Yes, Your Majesty, this is a major matter! Let’s not worry about other trivial matters!”

“Your Majesty, please prioritize national affairs!”

… The empress was very unhappy. She just wanted to reward Lin Beifan with something to win him over, why was it so difficult?

She waved her hand helplessly, “Go ahead and search! But be careful, don’t mess around and don’t break anything here, understood?”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The officials followed the order and rushed in. Yao Zheng was also a little uneasy, so he went with them to search.

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