Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – We Are Forest Rangers 4

I am Glass, the best friend of former contractor, Gerg. It sounds impressive to say I’m fearless, but I’m really just good at playing chicken. My hobby is teasing Gerg, the silly leader.

I had been controlling the contractor behind the scenes and doing well until yesterday. However, things were not going well due to Baldy, who was battered and bruised by letting the Aix boy escape.

I snatch the report that Evanston brought trembleingly from Gerg.

“Gerg, can I borrow this?”

“So, what’s written in it?”

Patrol Duty Report:

Subjugation: Shadow Wolf 1, Orc 1, Goblin 5

Barrier: New-type Barrier (0/24), Old-style Barrier (3/12)

Ammunition and Equipment Damage: Magic Gun 15, Recovery 2

Note: Encounter with Orc General and Retreat

“This is terrible. It’s worse than children’s errands.”

I felt dizzy. Although they tried to portray an effort, the content was so terrible that it was unbearable to watch. It was at a level where I couldn’t decide whether to shake with anger or laughter.

If they had just used ten of those expensive magic guns, they could have taken down the Orc General. Instead, they used fifteen and only managed to subjugate seven enemies, including goblins that were hardly worth using them on. And they even missed their shots

I wish they had just died.

I disappointed with such failure, even though I did rely on Aix myself.


When I sighed and waved my hand, Gerg punished them.

“We have to retrieve Aix boy to fix this.”

“I know. I’m waiting for a report. He’s so slow.”

As the atmosphere for playing cards faded, I paused and waited leisurely for the loser to return, listening to Evanstone’s screams.

“Message! Message!”

The crystal glowed!

They were calling me from the ordering department.

Did they get worried because the report was delayed? That’s unexpected.

“Yes, this is Gerg.”

“Oh, Gerg. The budget for Isel’s captain’s ceremony is running short, so we need to cut costs. Can you take care of it?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Report how much you were able to cut as soon as possible. I don’t want to get in trouble either.”

“I will contact you later.”

“Call ended!”

“Oh, that was completely different. I’m relieved that everything is normal.”

Once the light from the crystal disappeared, Gerg regained his energy and started to get angry.

“Darn it, budget cuts again!”

Everyone is nervous about who will be let go.

This organization may be coming to an end.

But, the chicken game cannot be stopped yet.

“Oh, you’re back. Your timing is bad. Are you feeling unwell?”

“Gerg-san! It’s bad. Aix, he!!”

“Huh? What happened?”

For some reason, he has soot stains on his face and his eyes are glazed over and restless. I remain silent and watch the two of them go about their business.

“Listen, the guild master became a mining slave.”

“Huh? Why? He’s the leader of the adventurer guild! And what does Aix have to do with it?”

This was unexpected to me too.

“The slave driver said that the one who made him a slave was a viscount, but the guild master muttered something like ‘Aix-Aix.’ The voice of resentment still lingered in my ear.”

Could it be that Aix had fallen into the darkness?

“In other words, Aix manipulated the lord. Who the hell is he?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.”

There’s not enough information.

“Well, let’s forget it. So did you manage to get Aix’s weakness out of the guild master?”

“No way! Even if I tried, the guild master had the slaver ring on and had a dead look in his eyes!”

Yes. It’s confirmed that Aix has fallen into darkness.

I’m a little shocked.

Well, things can change in five years.

In that case, is this guy who was trying to uncover secrets also in trouble? Okay, let’s cut it off.

“… In other words, it’s a warning. If you get too close to the secret, this is what will happen. It’s like the mentality of a demon. It’s more cruel than just killing.”

Oh, even a stupid Gerg noticed it. It’s fun to watch his growth.

If he realises his mistake of cutting the budget here, he will pass.

“And the sentence is said to be 11 years.”

“That’s a long time, but so what? That’s pretty normal, isn’t it?”

Yes, it should be normal, but did the loser remember something? He started shaking.

“No, that’s not it! The scary part is not that. It seems that the original sentence was only one year. And horrifyingly, the next day when he got motivated, he was told that it was extended for 10 years.”

“10-year extension? Ah, crap, I remember now! The boy’s specialization was…”

“Is that true?”

“It’s true.”

I’m sweating cold.

Shit, I remember! Aix-boy was also a magician.

“I’ve never heard of a change in the sentence. That’s a message that you might not get out for the rest of your life.”


Evanstone began to tremble.

“What’s wrong, Evans? Why are you suddenly shaking?”

“If I remember correctly, Aix is a mage. His specialization is… effect duration extension.”

In other words…

“Gghhhh, what an obsessive bastard. How much does he want to extend it?”

Gerg hit the nail on the head!

That’s bad, we’re in trouble.

What do we do!?

“So, what about the proposal to rehire Ex?”

The bald guy said something.

I want to kill him.

Yes, you do! Great job picking back his thinning hair, Gerg. I think he’s great at this kind of resourcefulness.

That’s how to honour an Orc.

So he has the same sensibility as a monster.

“What? This baldy guy! Of course there is no such thing. Listen, don’t you dare involve us. Being hated by such a dangerous person will only lead you to get along with the Guildmaster in the mine! Damn it, what should I do?”

Everyone trembled in fear.

Sigh. If I let them keep thinking like this, their only option will be to run away.

I speak up: “Let’s just pretend it never happened.”

“What do you mean, pretend it never happened?”

That’s right, there’s no way it will be exposed anyways.

“Gerg, the person in charge only looks at the documents. They don’t know anything. We did our job successfully this month without any issues, so there’s no problem.”

Huh? Was my explanation difficult to understand?

Yes, it was.

Oh, did you finally understand?”

“That’s right. Hey, Evanston, submit the report from six months ago.”

“Oh, and Evanston, make sure to report about the new barrier losing its effect and the stampede that my be occurred for insurance purposes. Also, fire the incompetent reporter for cost-cutting. Add these three points.” (Glass)

Let me add this follow-up.

“I-I understand.”

The administrative worker, Evanston, rushed out.

Ah, Gerg must be really angry.

I unconsciously rushed to resume the game because I wanted to see what will happen if he gets even angrier.

It’s my nature to want to walk on dangerous bridges. Maybe it’s because I almost died that day.

Tap, tap. I hit the table with coins.

“Anyway, let’s restart quickly, Gerg. I got a good card now.”

“Tch… how annoying.”

Gerg’s face is displaying the same pattern as before. This time, it says “I won’t fall for it”. Pffffft.


“Oh, damn it. This guy folded.”

Wow, he detected the mark attached to the Joker. It’s definitely fun to tease Gerg.

Sigh, but this time the situation is dangerous.

I might really die.

What should I do next month?

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