Chapter 42: Who Controls the Fate of the Vast Earth

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The soldiers attacking Cheng Dalei stopped in their tracks and looked up at him, their hearts pounding. They had heard of Cheng Dalei’s Five Thunder Technique, and if it was true, they might be blasted into ashes.


Huang Sanyuan and Xu Shenji, who were waiting on the wall, had long prepared for this. They poured finely ground chili powder over the soldiers’ heads, creating a red mist that made their eyes and noses sting and tears flow.

“Why is this Five Thunder Technique red?” Gao Feihu asked, puzzled.

“Maybe it’s fire thunder?” Gao Feibao suggested.

“But shouldn’t fire have flames?” Gao Feihu was even more confused.

“This is the work of a god. What do you know?” Gao Feibao said.

Cheng Dalei was using the chili powder as a smoke bomb, and it was incredibly effective. The soldiers couldn’t even open their eyes, let alone launch an attack.


Cheng Dalei shouted and charged forward with Lin Shaoyu. They were facing infantry who were unable to form a formation, so they couldn’t effectively block the cavalry. Moreover, the hill was filled with traps, and as soon as they left the safe zone, they would fall into a trap.

The soldiers’ fighting spirit was being challenged by the constant deaths of their comrades. They involuntarily looked at Lu Heng, who was fighting against Qin Man. He was their last hope.

Lu Heng was an excellent soldier and fully qualified to be a centurion. His stick technique consisted of only three moves: swing, smash, and poke, but his large size gave him significant power.

Unfortunately, he met Qin Man today.

Qin Man was a top-level soldier, and after leveling up, he had already mastered the Five Petal Spear. When he thrust his spear, five plum blossoms would bloom in the air, both real and illusory. If one couldn’t distinguish between the real and the illusory, they would only face death.

Moreover, Qin Man’s strength was not weak at all.

With just three moves, Qin Man easily deflected Lu Heng’s anger. After all, anger was useless if one lacked the skill to back it up. Then, Qin Man’s big spear flashed by Lu Heng’s ear, and Lu Heng felt his ears buzzing. Qin Man then slammed his spear down heavily, and Lu Heng was directly knocked off his horse.

Most people could not see this scene clearly due to the distance, but someone shouted in panic, and fear spread among the soldiers.

“General Lu has been killed!”

“General Lu is dead!”

“General Lu is dead!”

With their fighting spirit destroyed, the soldiers fled in a panic. Killing them was not much more difficult than killing a group of pigs, or even easier.

This is a story that has been proven time and time again in ancient and modern wars.

Lu Heng rolled on the ground and quickly mounted his horse, but Qin Man rushed at him with his spear, intent on taking his life.

“Wait,” Cheng Dalei rode up and said, “Let me deal with him.”

Lu Heng’s facial muscles twitched, and the pain in his right arm made it difficult for him to grip his weapon. He handed his iron rod to his left hand and shouted, “Come on!”

Cheng Dalei galloped closer, and the two horses collided. He swung his large axe, shouting, “I’ll split your head open!”

Although this move was fierce, it was nothing special in Lu Heng’s eyes. He blocked it with his stick, but he neglected the fact that he was using his left hand and had lost some strength.

Cheng Dalei followed up with another move: “I’ll poke your ear!”

Lu Heng instinctively leaned back, and the horses’ heads collided. He was thrown off his horse.

This was the second time today that Lu Heng had been thrown off his horse, but only the second time in his life. If he were a honorable general, he would have killed himself on the spot.

How humiliating!

Yes, the humiliation he inflicted on others when he entered Black Bull Mountains today had come back to him tenfold. After experiencing it firsthand, he realized that it was not easy to bear.

Cheng Dalei sat on his horse and looked down at him with an annoying gaze.

What a damn annoying look!

Lu Heng stood up and shouted, “Brothers, kill with me!”

“Forget it, you don’t have any brothers!”

Lu Heng was stunned, looked around in confusion, and realized that his soldiers had already fled, leaving only a dozen corpses behind.

Can a general without soldiers still be called a general?

Lu Heng did not expect to fall into such a predicament. Even though the provocation from the Toad Gang was somewhat unexpected, it was only a matter of time before he crushed them. But things took a turn for the worse.

Perhaps death was the only way out of this situation.

He charged at Cheng Dalei with his stick, but was knocked down by Qin Man’s spear. He got up and charged again, only to be knocked down once more. He charged and was knocked down again…

Meanwhile, Cheng Dalei watched him, his expression unchanged, but his gaze became colder and colder.

Lu Heng suddenly realized that Cheng Dalei did not want to kill him, but to shatter the thing he was most proud of.

Anyone who boasted of their strength should be crushed for all to see, anyone who thought they were superior should be trampled into the mud, and anyone who was arrogant should be humiliated.

Death was indeed the best way to wash away humiliation, but it was not an easy choice.

It was a choice between living in humiliation or dying with dignity, that Cheng Dalei presented to Lu Heng.

After countless charges, Lu Heng chose the former.

“Go back and tell Xue Banchuan that he can take any road he wants, but if he wants to pass under my Toad Mountain, I won’t allow it.”

Lu Heng raised his head; this was his last way of maintaining his dignity. “Aren’t you afraid of retaliation from Black Stone City?”

“Let them come.”

Lu Heng glanced at Cheng Dalei, mounted his horse, and left in a sorry state.

Cheng Dalei stood on his horse, scanning the valley soaked in blood. The aftermath of the battle remained, and the group of people led by Gao Feihu stood dumbfounded, each with an incredulous expression.

He actually did it.

At some point, two figures appeared on the wall of the Toad Mountain. It was Li Xingzai and Li Wan’er, who had been captured in the Toad Mountain.

Looking at Cheng Dalei’s figure standing tall under the scorching sun, a smile appeared at the corner of Li Xingzai’s mouth.

“Wan’er, do you remember the poem he wrote?”

“How could I forget?” Li Wan’er looked at Li Xingzai’s back and slowly said, “Ask the vast earth, who is the lord of the land?”

“Yes, how could we forget? But with only nine words, if it were to spread, I wonder how many talented scholars in the empire would stop writing. I also wonder what kind of spirit it takes to write the entire piece,” Li Xingzai couldn’t help but recite it again, “Ask the vast earth, who is the lord of the land?”

Huang Sanyuan came to Cheng Dalei’s side and said, “Boss, it’s been counted. There were a total of ten carts of goods, and we don’t know what’s inside them. There are also several batches of horses.”

“Bring the goods back up the mountain, bury the bodies, and send the heads to the Zhu family stronghold intact.”


[Ding! The tenth robbery mission is complete.]

Cheng Dalei had already completed nine out of ten robbery missions, and this time it happened to be the tenth. Following closely behind was another system prompt that caught Cheng Dalei’s attention.

[Ding! The trigger condition has been met, and the Fear Point System is now activated.]

[Ding! When the Fear Value reaches 10,000, you will be granted the authority to establish a recruitment platform.]

[Ding! The current Fear Points are 3,000.]

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