Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Justice

Su Hao didn’t want any more fourth-level students causing trouble behind him, so he decided to solve everything once and for all. The idea of climbing up the levels step by step was not only a waste of time but also quite annoying.

When his reputation as “Wu Xiangwu” intimidated everyone, the trouble would likely disappear.

In the novels and TV shows he used to watch, the protagonist would defeat one adversary, only for a bigger one to appear, and this cycle of strange events continued. It used to be entertaining to watch, but he didn’t enjoy it when it happened to him.

With all the small and big problems he faced every day, he wondered if he should even bother with studying or martial arts anymore. So, he preferred to resolve all the issues at once. Otherwise, when would he have time to learn all the knowledge recorded in the bounce space?

For example, he hadn’t had time to study the topics of photon computers and quantum computers lately. As long as there were no breakthroughs in the underlying logic and computing power, his “Universal Light” couldn’t undergo significant upgrades, limiting its potential benefits.

Therefore, a quiet learning environment and plenty of time were what he needed most.

Moreover, he had plans to break through to become a master martial artist, which required even more focus.

However, after asking a few people, he learned that under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t encounter fourth-level students at the academy because they would have joined various exploration teams or guard squads for internships.

Su Hao felt relieved. He had already defeated first, second, and third-level students, so there shouldn’t be any more trouble ahead.

But today, he had impulsively kicked the egghead girl’s egg, so there would surely be retaliation. He needed to be prepared and, if the opportunity and capability arose, perhaps even deal with the forces behind her.

“So, next, let’s quickly rise to become master martial artists, just in case.”

With that in mind, Su Hao approached Fatty and He Qingqing, and people around them moved aside.

“Fatty, Qingqing, let’s go!”

Just as Su Hao and his group were about to leave, a sudden shrill voice stopped them.

Su Hao turned to see the short-haired girl he had defeated earlier. He had a vague memory of her because she was the only elite martial artist among the many students.

Su Hao furrowed his brow and said lightly, “What’s the matter? Do you have something to say?”

Ye Xiaomeng was furious. “Who are you? You came here out of nowhere, caused a scene, and now you’re just going to leave? What do you think this place is, and what do you think we are? Your punching bags?”

“Punching bags?” Su Hao looked her up and down and continued, “You’re not even worthy.”

“You…” Ye Xiaomeng pointed at Su Hao, too angry to speak. If she could beat him, she would have gouged his eyes out on the spot.

Su Hao added, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be on my way.”

“Stop!” Ye Xiaomeng shouted, running up to block Su Hao, and coldly said, “You must explain yourself, or I’ll die right here, and I won’t let you leave.”

Su Hao suddenly laughed, a cold smile on his face. “Explain? Don’t you find it ridiculous?”

Ye Xiaomeng was puzzled.

Su Hao continued, “Just now, a group of third-level students, including you, blocked the door of a first-level female dormitory with the intention of using force to coerce a young girl into being your ‘companion’ for a month. If she refused, you’d beat up her roommates to intimidate her. Do you want to tell me whether they deserved to be beaten?”

Ye Xiaomeng finally understood what had happened and her face turned pale. She asked, “Where are they?”

Su Hao smiled and replied, “Oh, I already disabled them. Otherwise, were you planning to resolve it?”

Ye Xiaomeng protested, “They caused trouble, and they should be punished, but why did you have to beat all the third-level students? Isn’t this just venting your anger?”

Su Hao explained, “You’re mistaken. You haven’t understood the reason behind this incident.”

With a furrowed brow, Ye Xiaomeng asked, “What reason?”

Su Hao continued, “You’re the strongest among the third-level students, right?”

Ye Xiaomeng nodded directly.

Su Hao mocked, “The reason lies with you.”

“What do you mean?”

Su Hao shook his head and said, “You’re an incompetent strongest. You possess immense strength far beyond your peers, but you don’t know how to wield it. You may not realize it, but as the strongest in a group, you should lead by example, fully uphold your will and justice, and make the whole group act according to your will, unleashing the group’s greatest power.”

“And what about you? What role do you play? Do you deserve the title of the strongest among the third-level students?”

Ye Xiaomeng stared wide-eyed, looking worried.

Su Hao continued, “Today, this incident happened. If it weren’t for me, what do you think would have happened? How do you think it would have affected the mental state of that first-level student?”

“Yes, those who committed the wrong were indeed the thugs, but as the strongest among the third-level students, tell me, should you have intervened? And what about the others who are also third-level students? Are they innocent? Should they have intervened?”

Su Hao raised his voice, “Let me tell you! Those who stand by and do nothing are even more despicable than those who commit wrongdoings!”

With that, Su Hao took a step forward and punched Ye Xiaomeng hard, sending her flying.

He didn’t need to put much thought into dealing with these kids with no clear sense of right and wrong; he could just make up anything to completely intimidate them!

Moreover, he wasn’t wrong. In a world where the weak depended on the strong for survival, if the strong didn’t act responsibly, the environment for the weaker ones would be miserable.

Ye Xiaomeng sat there, dazed and unresponsive. She didn’t get up and stared blankly at the sky, muttering to herself, “I didn’t act… Did I do wrong?”

Even the second-strongest student, Xiao Yushu, was shaken by the turn of events. “Should I take responsibility? Did I make a mistake too?”

Even the self-proclaimed genius, Jin Dayan, stared at Su Hao’s departing figure in a daze, seemingly lost in thought.

At this moment, Su Hao’s words had completely changed everyone’s impression of him. They seemed to understand something, yet also not quite.

It seemed like they had figured out the ‘reckless Wu Xiangwu,” yet also hadn’t.

With just these words, everyone’s impression of Su Hao completely changed, and a thought emerged in their minds: Perhaps, the reckless Wu Xiangwu wasn’t as arrogant and overbearing as they had imagined?

“This guy is interesting!”

From a distant rooftop, a middle-aged man in a cloud-patterned white robe chuckled.

This person was none other than Xiao Jixuan, the headmaster of the Lingyun Martial Arts Academy. He watched the entire farce from beginning to end.

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