Chapter 41 – Heavenly Sutra, Yun Qiluo’s Sorrow.

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Listening to the successive beeps in his ears, Su Shi could not help but freeze.

“With so many beeps I wonder how many plot points are gained?”

The Netherworld Rakshasa Sect’s reputation was increasing.

This was understandable.

After all, he was displaying his talent in public, and that was unprecedented Holy-grade perfect.

Coupled with the success of the previous operation in the Southwest Region, it was inevitable that people would be in an uproar.

Not to mention in the Underworld.

In a matter of days, Su Shi’s name would be heard throughout the Nine Regions!

As for the “big decision” made by Yun Qiluo, supposedly she wanted to make him the main heir.

This would indeed have a huge impact on the storyline.

It made sense that twenty plot points were given.

But what he can’t understand the most is ……

“Cen Yiren underwent an inner transformation?”

Su Shi cupped his chin and frowned, “That cruel she-bear also changed?”

Thinking about how Cen Yiren acted just now, it seemed like she was not the same as before.

Although still loud-mouthed, she did help him.

Su Shi shook his head and thought no more about it.

Focusing his attention on the system panel.

[Host: Su Shi]

[Status: Full of Qi and blood, refreshed]

[Talent: Holy-grade Perfect]

[Cultivation Base: Early Stage of Golden Elixir Realm]

[Cultivation Method: The Breathing Technique of Netherworld (Great Success), Netherworld Divine Cultivation (Small Success)]

[Plot Points: 101]

Although he was already mentally prepared, Su Shi could not help the excitement in his heart when he saw the high three-digit plot points.

This time, he had obtained a total of thirty-five points, plus the sixty-six points he had accumulated earlier.

That was 101 points!


Su Shi revealed a smile, “So it seems like showing off this time is not a bad thing?”

Although it was said that the bird that takes the lead gets shot first.1

But what if he is Kun Peng covering the sky?2

As long as he grows fast enough and strong enough, then no one can target him!

So much plot value, enough to spend on the shop.

Opening the shop, there was an assortment of dazzling items.

[Illusionary Yin Infinity Method, price: 500 plot points]

[Nine ghostly demon phase incarnation, price 998 plot points].

[Heaven and Earth Yin and Yang Illusionary Heart Sutra, price: 888 plot points].

[Heavenly Azure Wind Blade (equipped with Peerless Sword Intent), price: 666 plot points.]3

[The Great Wilderness….]

Countless supreme treasures and mystical abilities appeared in front of his eyes.

Any one of them spreading out would be enough to make the world go crazy!

Su Shi did not hold back as his eyes darted past.

These items, while appealing, are completely beyond his current capabilities.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.4

What he needed now was something that could increase his strength quickly.

At this moment, Su Shi noticed an object shining with faint light in the corner.

[Heavenly Sutra (recommended), price: 100 plot points].

“The system will still actively promote it?”

After taking a closer look at the item description.

[Heavenly Sutra: Auxiliary merit].

[After understanding it, the spiritual energy will run by itself according to the set route, the speed of cultivation depends on the host’s own talent].

“Run on its own?”

Su Shi’s pupils shrank.

He knew what this meant.

As long as he understood the Heavenly Sutra, his spiritual power would be able to operate automatically, and his cultivation would continue to improve without the need to meditate and practice.

“Then, won’t I not need to cultivate all the time!”

“Such a good item, and it’s only sold for a hundred plot points?”

Su Shi smacked his lips for a while.

The price was actually quite reasonable.

The Heavenly Sutra was merely an auxiliary merit, not directly increasing strength.

The exact effect also depended on the Host’s own talent and cultivation method.

Except that Su Shi happened to be a Holy-grade perfect talent and cultivated the Demon Empress’ own Netherworld cultivation method!

It was as if it was tailor-made for him!

Su Shi did not hesitate to click purchase.

The plot value instantly disappeared, leaving only 1 miserable point.

A flash of spiritual light drifted to his eyebrows, and the sky was suddenly illuminated with clouds and shadows between spiritual platforms as mysterious energy flew up to comb his dantian meridians.

It was as if the spiritual energy in his body had been given some sort of guidance, traveling automatically along the route of his Netherworld Divine Energy.

Su Shi took out a spiritual stone.

The spiritual energy was quickly absorbed and incorporated into the meridians, continuously improving his cultivation.

“This sutra is suitable for lazy people!”

Su Shi was extremely satisfied.

No matter walking, eating, or even sleeping, he would continue to cultivate automatically, there was no need for him to do it all himself.

Free your hands and enjoy life!


Just then, a voice transmission from Yun Qiluo suddenly sounded in his ears:

“Su Shi, come to Rakshasa Palace.”

Su Shi’s smile froze and he bowed his head, “Yes.”

He was so excited now that he almost forgot about it.

The Demon Empress had summoned him, most likely for the position of Chief Disciple.

Chief Disciple meant high status, and almost unlimited resources.

But at the same time, he would also be bound to the chariot of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect becoming a thorn in the side of another power!

“Sikong Lanyue, Feng Chaoge, Chen Wangchuan ……”

It was not a good thing for him to venture into the eyes of these great powers now that his wings had yet to flap.

Besides, accompanying a sovereign was like accompanying a tiger.

The Demon Empress’ personality and temperament were too elusive.

Although she treats him well now, no one knows what will happen in the future.

Moreover, in front of Yun Qiluo, he feels exposed, as if she can see all his secrets.

“I know that I shouldn’t have treated her to sweet gourds back then.”

Su Shi muttered in his heart.


Rakshasa Demon Palace.

Yun Qiluo sat on the phoenix chair, looking at Su Shi who stood with his hands dangling in front of her.

“You have proven yourself, I believe that after today, there will be no more opposition in the sect.”

Holy-grade perfect.

If this kind of talent could not become the chief disciple, then there was no one else in the world who had this qualification.

Su Shi bowed his head and said, “Your Majesty, please think twice, this subordinate’s ability is very little and I’m afraid I’m not qualified to be Chief Disciple.”

Yun Qiluo’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, “You don’t want to follow me?”

“Your Majesty has misunderstood.”

Su Shi shook his head, “This subordinate only wants to become a minor commander and open up territory for Your Majesty on the frontlines.”

The air became silent.

After a long time passed, Yun Qiluo’s low voice sounded.

“You said that mountains and seas cannot be leveled, but now that you have stepped on them, why do you still not dare to approach me?”

Su Shi froze for a moment and raised his head to look.

He only saw that the Demon Empress who had lived to kill, was gently biting her lips at this time, and there seemed to be a watery mist covering her bright eyes.

There seems to be a faint hint of ……



1. The person in the limelight bears the brunt of attack.

The figuratively means the person who takes the lead or who is outstanding in the field is more likely to be targeted at or attacked upon.


3. (Chinese: 青锋剑, Qīng fēng jiàn; English: Azure Wind Blade) The sword’s vigorous qi was accompanied by the faint green light from the blade’s cold tip. The aura in the air changed in an instant. Qingfeng was emanating surges of green glow. The Qingfeng sword was originally the ancient divine sword. It’s said that it’s very efficient to slay ghosts. When the sword struck, it brought with it a powerful airflow.

4. The original sentence is “一口吃不成胖子” litteraly means: One can’t get fat from eating a single mouthful, (fig.) goals cannot be achieved in an instant.

It means that everything should be well thought out, step by step. Don’t rush, emphasize the importance of perseverance and persistence.

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